Saturday, December 24, 2011

Seasons Greetings

I know it has been a while since I have blogged,but between all that was required of my time for the tour and promotion of the new album I never seemed to have the time. However, now as I make my way to Boston for Christmas and have a spare hour or two, I thought I would drop you all a line. 

To start off, I feel I should address my silence on line the past week. Due to the continual unprovoked, nasty and extremely hurtful comments on twitter toward Dominique and indirectly myself, we felt something had to be done. Both Dominique and I understand they have come from a tiny minority, and after a bit of research discovered it was from in fact, one family. What was even more surprising was that it was coming from adults. Needless to say, Im not one to sit and take it. Nor will I ever be. I have no problem with anyone ever criticizing my music or even myself as I accept that not everyone will like what I do or who I am.Thats life. However, these nasty comment were not about me, but about a girl who has been nothing but be loving and supportive of me from the moment I met her through to this very challenging year. It would be all to easy for Dominique to go out with a guy who has a steady job with a secure future. However she chooses to go with her heart and stick with me on what will no doubt be an interesting ride. 
All accusations thrown at her are totally unfounded. If they ever had the chance to get to know her, and not make judgements on a brief encounter (if ever, as we dont believe they have) they would see her for what she is. There is no want in her to ever be in the limelight. She is happy for me to chase my dreams and longs to be in the background. 
I do feel that by even acknowledging these moronic people I am giving them credit, however, the point of it is to assure you, that we know we have huge support and lots of friends across America, Canada and the rest of the world and we are EXTREMELY grateful. The other piece of information is to assure you that I wont accept this behaviour to anyone I love. So on that note Im glad to say we have been in touch with the proper authorities and they have been extremely helpful. They have taken all the communications sent to Dominique and myself from these people and consider it very serious. It is being monitored by them and action will be taken Im assured. This may seem extreme to one or two, but I dont take gambles on the happiness of my family or loved ones.Therefore, I will do whatever I can to protect myself and them. On this occasion, I was advised to stay off twitter whilst they found out more about these people. Thankfully I have been told I can return to social media. Dominique on the other hand is undecided. Although with the mass amount of support she has received and the overwhelming messages of love in recent days, I cant see her staying away!!

Moving on from that, as I said earlier, Dominique and I are on our way to spend Christmas with some very close friends in Cohasset this Christmas. Obviously Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones. Although we wont be home in Ireland for the holiday season, they are very very close in mind and heart. Today I was on Skype to Jack and Kate,and to say they are wired would be an understatement. They both sang their songs for me and showed me pictures from their nativity plays in school. Jack was an angel ( I nearly choked on my breakfast ) and Kate was a lamb (thought they were gentle!! ). Needless to say, I think the casting director at their schools probably wont be moving into theatre, movies or tv anytime in the near future!! I will say though, I was filled with huge pride. 
Christmas to me is all about the children. To see them all so excited about the coming of Santa, and indeed more importantly, the understanding of baby Jesus being born and all he brings to the world. Im not one to bible bash, but I do love that at this time of year, we all take stock as to what and who we are. I also feel that, whether your Christian, Muslim, Jewish or non fate, its a time for all. A time when you can meet up with those you haven't seen in  along time. Whether through distance or indifference. A time that you can use to set aside any ill feeling, and a time for helping those who may be less fortunate than yourself. Many think it important to donate time or money to charity, of which I concur. However I also think its a time to consider those who are lonely. Many sit a lone on Christmas day. Some through their own fault, many because thats just how life dealt them the cards. Either way, I always think Christmas is a time to reach out to them. To show them, they are not alone. In fact it can be said that there are some who are surrounded by many, but are still very lonely. All that is needed is for someone to show they care. That can be the difference to many between a sad time of year and a great time of year. 
Not being home this year for Christmas is proving to be tougher than I thought it would be. Indeed in the past I have been away from my family for Christmas, but only occasionaly. In fact quiet rarely. What I will miss is the smothering of attention that my mom showers on me. She always always made Christmas special. There is always music on in the house. The fire lit. The tree's glowing and indeed the kitchen smelling of everything you can dream of. Coming home after midnight mass and having her pull the ham from the oven covered in honey and brown sugar and helping ourselves to what can only be described as the best sandwich in the world! Then on Christmas morning going to visit the rest of the family and seeing all the toys the kids got, or catching up with family you havnt seen in a long time. Of course the best part was always going to visit Grandma and Grandad. They lived in a small house in Dublin, and when you rang the doorbell, Grandad's huge towering frame would welcome you with the biggest of smiles. He was always so happy to see us. He was proud that his family were all around him, and he got great pleasure in being the host. He would make sure everyone had a drink, young or old, and then a toast would always be made. Indeed as a child, you always assumed that he would be there for ever. That he would always be there to welcome you at the door. That things would never change and you would always be the apple of their eyes. Of course now Im older and time has taken Grandad from us. Although there is rarely much time that passes that I dont think of him.In fact I always carry a picture of him with me. But every Christmas, I wish I was going over to their house and for him to be at the door again. Im sure many of you reading this have very similar stories and memories.Indeed I know Im not the only one who wishes tomorrow they were spending it with loved ones who have passed. Im so proud of the fact my grandma is still with us though. 92 years and still rocking around the Christmas tree! I have always had a very close relationship with her. A bond that is very hard to describe. She often tells me of the day I was brought home and she held me in her arms on the couch in her living room. She feels the same as me, and for that, I feel very blessed. 
I know they will miss me as much as I will them. However,, with the world as it is today, we will be talking to them tomorrow on SKYPE. Or as my Grandma says.....through the telly! 

This year has been a very eventful and exciting year for me. To say I am eternally grateful to you all would be a massive understatement. I hope we will continue to share many more wonderful memories in the years to come, but in the meantime. Enjoy Christmas, create new memories and love the ones you love. 

My warmest and most heartfelt wishes of peace and happiness goes out to you all. 
Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I've always had an affection for this time of year. As I make my way around each day in  New York on what is our first Autumn in this great city. Im struck at how the season is changing. This may sound like Im rambling about something that shouldn't really be all that interesting. However, if, like me, your from Ireland, you will understand that we dont get four seasons. Yes, technically we do. In that it gets colder around now at home, and then slightly warmer around Spring, then maybe a bit of sun in July. One thing is for sure though. It rains ALL year. So to experience the seasons as I am here in New York, is a real treat.

Noticing the leaves change though, spell one thing to me......the tour is getting close!
After almost 9 months of planning, my first solo tour of Northern America is literally three weeks away. As you know there have been many sleepless nights had, and one or two more to be had before it starts.
So where are we now?! Well, obviously tickets are still available. Much as I would love to say its all sold out, there are still tickets available for all the gigs. All details are on this website under "News and Events", with purchase links attached. Needless to say, if you are in reach of the gigs, I would love to see you there. This is very much a tour to show many in the industry, that I can do it here in the States and that I can do it alone. Its also a tour for you to see me in a more intimate setting.
The support I have gotten to date has been incredible, but I am aware that a lot want to see if the support has carried over to my solo performances. I have been very flattered at the news that some are traveling from Europe and Australia to see me. Not to mention the miles many are making in America and Canada. This is overwhelming. Needless to say, I will do my best to put on an evening to remember.

There have been a couple of questions recently about certain aspects of the gigs. So the point to this blog in particular is to address one or two.

For many of the gigs, there is no seating plan, so first come first seated. Details of when doors open are also on all the purchase links.

Photos ARE allowed. However, filming is NOT.

Unless you have won a private meet and greet which has been organised by the "Byrom Babes" by promoting my concerts in their area, or through WQED, there will be no meet and greets for sale for any of the other gigs. However, it is important to state, I WILL BE DOING SIGNINGS OF PAUL BYROM MERCHANDISE by the merch stand AFTER THE EVERY GIG. So I will get to thank you all in person.

There will be NO CREDIT CARD MACHINES at the merch table, so all transactions will be CASH ONLY. Im sorry about the inconvenience, but as I state regularly, this is a small tour with a tight budget. Therefore having these facilities is not an option for me.

Merchandise for the tour will be exclusive to the tour initially. If there is excess at the end. I will at that point look into selling it here on line. There will be 6 items on sale at most gigs. However, if we are sold out of what you are looking for, we can only apologize in advance.

The new album "This Is The Moment" will be available on general release on November 8th. Barnes and Noble at this moment are the only store selling it. On line sales will be done through Amazon and iTunes. If your Barnes and Noble is sold out, PLEASE ASK THEM TO RE-ORDER!!

In other news, Dave Cooke, Celtic Thunders former Musical Director on tour, will be joining me for this tour. I am truly delighted as we get on great and will have many a good laugh on and off the stage. He is a fantastic musician and a great friend. This I think will add to the banter on stage. Plus, its nice for you folks to have a recognizable face on stage with me!
Flights are booked for him and myself. So we will be in Portland well in advance of opening night. Im only today after finalizing all our flight details for the West Coast and then we start on our bus from St.Louis to the end in New Jersey.
Hotels are next on my agenda, so am hoping it wont be too difficult. All of a sudden, Im tour manager, production manager and singer! Im surprisingly enjoying all the work. Its a great learning curve and hopefully when I get to have larger tour schedules with bigger productions, I will have a greater knowledge of what is needed to make all these things happy.
I find myself in front of the laptop screen from early morning till quiet late, but always take a break and head to the gym to clear the head. So far so good.

Before I go, it was a great buzz to see me top the charts on Amazon. A real boost in the arm. It made me realise more than ever before that I have many behind me supporting. I wont lie. I do often worry about ticket sales, album sales, meeting budgets and breaking even. So when I see a chart like that, ticket sales increasing and all the wonderful messages of support, it fills me with energy to do more and strive on.
I am SO grateful to you all. Wholeheartedly, Thank you. I cant wait to get on the road and see you all again in person. I cant wait to sing the songs I love for you. This is going to be fun. At this point, I just want to get going.
Please continue to spread the word for me. Please continue to hand out flyers if at all possible, but more importantly, keep believing.

Thank you
My loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul xxxx

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Im woken this morning by the beautiful powerful rays beaming into my room from the gorgeous sun in the September sky. Much as I love waking to the sun shinning. Today I wake with a very heavy heart. Heavy, because I know it is an exact replica morning of September 9th 2001.
How many woke on that morning full of the joys of live? Thinking about all they needed to do that day. Many lying beside their loved ones. Delighted to have them beside them, or in a room near by.Maybe being woken by tiny feet coming into the room looking for hugs cuddles and some breakfast!
Or those who woke alone, looking forward to meeting that special one in the near future. Dreaming of one day having a family of their own.
Of course their were many who wanted neither and were going about their lives surrounded by family and friends who loved them very much. One thing is for sure, every person Im talking about is being missed this morning.

I didnt know anyone who died on September 11th. Yet I wake this morning feeling like I lost someone very close to me. Im not sure why. Maybe because I live here now? No. Maybe because I used to vist the eyes of the world bar when working as a student back in 2000? No. Or maybe because I know so many good Americans? No. None of these reasons are sitting with me. I think its simply because I am a normal human being. It aches to think of so many dying through such horrible acts of evil. It aches that someone somewhere would plot to take another persons life. To take nearly 3,000 lives.
Not only did they take those lives, but also killed the soul of those who lost a loved one.

Im not all together sure why Im posting this blog. Its not meant as "thoughts of the day" piece. I think its because I need to share with others how sad I always feel on this day. To know Im not alone, and that although I wasn't directly affected, Its alright to be upset by what happened.

Flying in last night to New York, I looked out from my plane window and saw the New York skyline in the evening light.The setting sun was breaking through the clouds, and the rays were dispensed across the city. Like light through a stain glass window. Ive never claimed to be too holy. In truth I could be a lot better. However, when looking out that window, It really looked like God was shinning over New York last night. That all his attention was just on that city for a short while. Like he was checking in and confirming that despite it all, he was still there looking out for us.
I know many like I, were asking on that fateful morning, where was God at 8.47 am when evil took to town. Im sure many still do? Although I have no answer for myself still, I believe all that suffered are at peace now. That blaming God, the government, the intelligence agencies, the airlines etc. etc. None of it will change anything. That those who wish to cause harm on others will do so whether all the above are involved or not.

Again, I have no point to this blog. I just wanted to share how I am feeling this morning. That my thoughts are with all that died, and that all who survived, but still lost a piece of themselves on that morning.  That I pray for all who have been left behind aching and longing for the loved ones they lost.
I ache at the thought of never seeing my loved ones again, and not being able to say goodbye, or to tell them I loved them. So I cannot begin to imagine how so many (too many) are feeling this morning.

I think on September 11th 2001, we all lost a little light in our souls. The world has changed so much since then, and will never be the same.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace. May those who lost their loved ones find some peace, and may God protect us from ever experiencing anything like that again.
Let us never forget.

For now,
My loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day Of School !!!

Well to say it has been an eventful few months home would be a massive understatement! Obviously the main objective was to come back and get my new album done. This of course was never going to be a quick job, especially considering that I am working with a lot of perfectionists. 
Joe Csibi my producer, brought together a serious amount of musicians, arrangers and songwriters to work on it, and I honestly think it is my best yet. With age you learn a lot, and looking back over the past few albums Ive done, Im honestly able to say a lot has changed. Growth as a singer, recording artist and a performer has always been my objective, and Im proud to say that is all going according to plan. For better or worse, you shall be the judge of that!

Now that its all done it has been sent to LA to get the finishing touches and I hope to have it available to you all very very soon! One or two deals in the air, and either way, good auld will have it available to you. That being said, I will be letting you all know the track list for the album very soon. But as you know, I like to give a little teaser. 
You already know This Is The Moment is the title, so obviously thats there. I mentioned in a previous blog that Phil Coulter played piano on my version of his hit Scorn Not His Simplicity. A beautiful touching song written about his son. Then for any who were listening to my interview on RTE radio during the week, you would have heard me mention that I am after recording one of my all time favourite songs All My Loving by Lennon and McCartney. I recorded this because when listening to the lyrics to such a joyful upbeat song, I realised that it was in fact a very sad song about leaving your loved one behind, which on many occasions I have had to do. When I can relate to a song, then that is generally enough for me to be confident in being able to deliver it. Needless to say, I have put my own spin on it, so Beatles fanatics like my mother, will either love it or hate it! Unfortunately, thats how the cookie crumbles! 
Then the last track I will tell you about today, is a song I fell in love with the first time I heard it. As Im sure many of you reading this have lost loved ones in the past, and with it being the only guarantee in life, will lose loved ones in the future, this song really touches home. When I sing it I think of my Grandfather who, like my grandmother, was so close to me and my sister. He was always so proud when he would come to hear me sing, and often would tell my sister and I that we would never know how happy we made him. I only hope he realizes how happy we were to be around him. I also think of my father, who tragically died a couple of years after him. I rarely talk about it as it is something my whole family had to deal with. Maybe one day I will sit and tell you the story, but for now, I am happy in the knowledge that the two men are "just a breath away", and that every time I shall sing "To Where You Are" they will be very much in my thoughts. I am blessed in the ability to release my emotions through song, and I hope with these recordings and more, you will all be able to share those feelings with me. 
The rest of the track list will be released as we come closer to the album hitting the shelves! 

On Wednesday morning I was up early to bring my nephew/godson to his first day at "big boy" school. I was incredibly proud when he came into my room in his uniform and asked if I could make his hair look like mine!! God Love him!! However, It was even stranger seeing him wear the same uniform I wore all those years ago. Kate had been back a few days in her school at this point,and has taken to it like a duck to water.No fear with her. She is so confident and outgoing that she is just taking it in her stride. 
So we dropped her first to school, then went with Jack to his. When we walked in to Willow Park school, the waft was the exact same as it was the day I walked in as a young terrified boy.  However there was no more blackboards, all computer now! And the class rooms were far more high tech than when I was there. 
His new teacher is a lovely lady and very welcoming. Indeed she remembered me from all those years back, and was delighted that she had my nephew in her class. Although, she did say there would be no special treatment!! When leaving him in his class alone, trying to catch another boys eye, I felt a lump in my throat and hoped that the following years ahead for him would be as enjoyable as they were for me. I hoped he would be quick to make friends, and that the lessons he learned would not be a struggle early on. Mad thinking like this when he isnt even my son! Although Im sure you have gathered at this point, we are a very close family. So he is as close to a son as I have, and always will be! 

Im at the point now where I am looking forward to getting back to our apartment in NY and hitting the ground running with all that is coming up in the next couple of months. With the new album, I hope it opens a few doors and indeed introduces me to more people who may in turn become fans. 
I am hoping to make a few tv appearances if they will have me on, then its all go for the tour in November. To say I am nervous would be an understatement, but this is the path I have chosen, so without sounding like a broken record, I want to move on. Before I do that, I will ask you all to do your very best in spreading the word for me. The next few months for me are critical and I hope I will look back in years to come and say "wow. why did I ever worry?"

This Friday coming, I have been invited on the top Irish tv show to perform. Its called the Late Late Show, and although I have been on it twice before, I am still very excited about it. Being involved with the Irish rugby team has been a real honour and getting to perform Irelands Call on the show, is going to be great fun. 
The plan is that the next day I will be on a plane to NY to meet back up with Domi and our temporary house guest Louis! 

I do hope you have all battled through the horrific weather conditions and that you and your loved ones are safe. 
I look forward to seeing you all very soon 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 


Monday, August 22, 2011


Just wanted to post a short blog to congratulate Damian in his success last night. Indeed I feel he won the show for more than just his musicality, and dance ability "ahem". Damian showed from the first day I met him that he was a very hard worker and extremely professional. This shone through throughout TGP shows. When he couldn't get something, he would keep at it till he did. This is a quality that not all possess.
When working at this game, one realizes that having a talent is only the beginning. Its what you do with it that matters.
I know Damian will do very well on the show, and will give it his all, for every waking hour he is on the set. Indeed I trust he will continue to be the gentleman he has grown up to be on and off the set. His life has taken an incredible turn, and Im sure we are all in agreement that we hope he goes on to even greater things.

Congratulations Damian. The very best with everything in your future. You have made us all very proud and indeed installed a sense of Belief to even the more haggard of us in the business.
Dreams do come true for those who believe, and those who want it enough.

Here's to when are paths cross again.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0

New Zealand singing sensation HAYLEY WESTENRA launches
World In Union’

the world’s biggest-selling soprano, Hayley Westenra, launches The Rugby World Cup 2011 Official Album, entitled World In Union, to be released on Decca (a Division of Universal Music Operations Limited) in September.

The new Rugby World Cup 2011 album opens and closes with the title track ‘World In Union’ (based on Jupiter from Holst’s Planets Suite) – which has, over the years, been adopted as the global anthem for all Rugby World Cups. This rousing theme has become the only enduring official song for a major international sports event that is recorded anew for each Tournament, this year’s choice being the hosting nation’s own Hayley Westenra. This coincides with Hayley celebrating 10 years in the music industry.

The 24-year-old singer follows in the footsteps of another of the country’s most celebrated singers, fellow New Zealander Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, who topped the charts with her version for Rugby World Cup 1991.

Hayley has not only recorded the song in English and Maori, as heard on this album, but also in Italian, French and Japanese – each version is expected to be heard played in the relevant countries.

The album continues with 20 more stirring tracks from around the globe, featuring some of the world’s most successful singers, that will both unite and inspire.

Representing ENGLAND is “the Nation’s Favourite Tenor” Alfie Boe with The Band of the Coldstream Guards performing the rousing Jerusalem, and rising star Laura Wright with her tender, acoustic version of Swing Low, a great rugby anthem that is also contrastingly performed by Russell Watson. SCOTLAND’s official theme song Now’s The Time, based on the tune of Loch Lomond, is here sung by Scottish Tenor Luigi Corvi. The traditional Flower of Scotland is also featured, performed by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. From WALES we have none other than The Fron Male Voice Choir with Land Of My Fathers, as well as music from Bryn Terfel and Katherine Jenkins. And IRELAND brings its official song Ireland’s Call featuring Brian Kennedy representing the North and tenor Paul Byrom the South, and introduces new Irish songstress, Mairead, with her rendition of The Fields Of Athenry.

Also included is a recording from International superstar violinist AndrĂ© Rieu from HOLLAND, with singer Mirusia Louwerse from AUSTRALIA. From AFRICA comes The Kenyan Boys’ Choir, and Roberto Alagna represents FRANCE with his version of the French National Anthem.

Rugby World Cup 2011 will be the largest sporting event ever to be held in New Zealand, with over 85,000 visitors expected to flock from overseas – but wherever you are in the world, this album will provide the perfect soundtrack.

About Rugby World Cup 2011:
Rugby World Cup is the crown jewel of the sport and a prominent global property – with television coverage of Rugby World Cup 2007 spanning more than 200 territories, reaching a cumulative audience of 4 billion viewers.  Rugby World Cup 2011 is being held in New Zealand for the first time since the inaugural event in 1987. Teams representing 20 nations will compete in 48 matches across 12 Host Cities between 9 September and 23 October 2011. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer in Dublin etc.

So now that the album is off to get mixed and mastered, I get to focus on other matters.
Top of the list at the moment is applying for a new visa, so that I can return to the States and continue all the work we have in place. Im assured all is in good hands and that its mainly paper work. However this can be painful as you can imagine. Either way, I respect it, and it has to be done. So today I spent a lot of time in the post office and bank getting all thats required. Then sending it all off to my Attorney. Can be quiet draining, but majority of the work is done. Now into the Dublin passport office on Monday to get a new passport as all my pages are stamped to the full. That will be the most painful process of it all as everything goes slow when you get to the Dublin Passport office!

The main reason I wanted to write a blog today, was because now that your all aware of the tour dates for this Autumn, I wanted to explain to those who have been loyal and supportive of me in the cities that I wont be visiting. Please know that I am aware of you all out there. I was asked during the week, "Do I not like the South?". Let me tell you, whole heartedly, nothing could be further from the truth. I would of absolutely loved to have gotten a lot more dates in. However, I am very lucky to have any dates in at all. I have a very good agency looking after me. They wanted me to start small, and build. Get people talking in the industry. Work to the budget I have, and try to cover as much ground as possible. Andrea (my agent) feels that if the small amount of gigs I have sell well, then we will have no problems in the Spring looking for promoters to take a chance on me. I would love to have been able to say I will have as large a tour as I have had with Celtic Thunder. However, to a huge extent, Im starting all a fresh. But  this time, Ive got an army behind me. That army is you!
Please know, I am looking all the time to expand. I want to go to Canada, I want to go to middle America, and down south. So hopefully you understand. Due to promoters and costs coming from my pocket, the tour you see before you on this site, is the best I can come up with for now. I will give my all in these gigs. I will do all I can in order to sell them out. Then hopefully with your help in spreading the word, we will achieve this, and look forward to a bigger show touring in the Spring to many more cities. I feel the love from you all. Believe me, this carries me through the days I feel Im fighting a losing battle. You all mean a lot to me, and I will hope to see many of you on the road.
To those I dont get to see, I can guarantee that my new album "This Is The Moment" will be everything in me, and more. Therefore, you can play it in your car, your house, or on the run whenever you like!
Trust me, I am striving to have as many gigs as possible. As good an album as possible. Therefore, you can all get to experience what it is I do. I dont plan on ever stopping. You are most certainly not forgotten in Europe, Australia, Canada or any of the other parts in America I wont be visiting this year. I'll be doing my best to get to you......soon! Keep following me! I need you, and appreciate you ALL!

In other news, my Uncle is out of hospital and on the road to recovery. He is aware of all your well wishes and has asked me to be sure to thank you all! I am so grateful for all your prayers and well wishes. It is at times like this that Im reminded to take live as a gift and to enjoy every minute. Even if it means dancing around an empty house. Im also reminded that men need to go to the doctors more often to see that all is sitting in the right place and everything is good under the hood! Going to the doctor is not a sign of weakness. Its vital! More vital and important than that, is to tell that person you love, that you do. Who knows when we will get called home. So on that note, thank you all for everything. Cheesy as it may sound, I do love all of you and value all your support immensely.
If your a fan of me, and give a damn about me, then you can be damn sure, I give a damn about you. We're all in this together. Lets stick together and enjoy the ride.

Keep well, keep happy, keep dancing! Turn the music up LOUD and have a dance in the house. Alone or with whomever is near!! HAM IT UP!! YNWA

My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul xxxx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer In Dublin

Well to any of you sweltering in the heat during what may be a fantastic summer. Let me assure you, I left New York in the heat and humidity of a July day, and landed in the wet and windy Dublin. I thought it was November, and asked an air hostess, "exactly how long was that flight?"!!!

Needless to say, when the weather is good, its hard to be cooked up in a studio, so Im not too upset at the fact that the weather is not great at the moment. Once it is finished, I will want some blue skys, sun and a farmers sun tan!! 
Things are going great with the album so far. The orchestra came in on the weekend and added what I can only describe as "lush" to the project. I am without doubt positive that this will be the best album I have recorded to date. Between big belters to soft ballads, I truly believe this is the album for EVERYONE! 
Between today and tomorrow I will be working with my creative team on the album design and lay out. So pictures are been taken and there is a definite theme to the cover. They really are incredible with the ideas, and anything I throw at them, all I get in response is "Sure, no problem". Its fantastic to be back in the driving seat and creating again. Tomorrow is the final photo session, so happy about that. Ive never been and never will be, comfortable in front of the photo camera.

Saturday, my cousin is getting married, so all the family will be at that. Aside from my Uncle, whom you have all been praying for in recent days. He got bad news and will be operated on this Thursday. He is a young man, thats full of life and humor. So the thought of anything happening him would never have crossed our minds. We are a very close family. So naturally, we are all devastated, however, we are remaining positive. My Grandma at 92 is reminding us all that life is to be fought for. And my Uncle will fight. 
On a brighter note, we shall all attend the wedding to support my cousin and wish her well as she sets out in life with her groom to be! 
Sunday I shall play golf with my old school friends before the final week of recordings in Dublin. 
The final stage is me and the choir. I am so psyched to get into do my actual vocals. I have prepared like a prize fighter for this, and all I want is the bell to ring. I am also very excited about the choir that coming in. Fantastic group and they will add that extra umph to the songs. 
All going well I will be finished on Wednesday, and I can finally relax. Knowing that all I can do is done!

The tour dates that have been announced are selling well, but could of course be doing better. So if your in the area of the announced dates, please please please spread the word. The better the tour goes, the better my chances are for many other things in the future. If it fails, I'll be heading back to Ireland!! No pressure!!!!! 
With regard to other cities. There are approximately another 6 to be announced. I know I said I would be announcing another couple today, but I actually did that yesterday. I jumped the gun as I am as excited as you all are! So from now on, as I hear about them, you shall hear! 
I know there are a lot of people asking will I be coming to their town, but obviously, i wont be able to on this tour. However, as I said earlier, if this tour goes well, then there is a strong possibility of a Spring tour, which would be bigger and wider! So lets  all hope for the best! I believe in you all. You have never let me down before. 

Between the new album and the upcoming tour, and without the comfort of Celtic Thunder to fall back on, I need you more than ever. All I can say is, that this is the biggest gamble I have ever taken on myself. I have taken it because I know you will all be there for me. 

I thank you in advance for everything. I am doing it all with you in mind. I hope you will be happy with the results. 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs! 


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"This Is The Moment"

After nearly 5 months of planning and a year of deciding repertoire, Im finally in Windmill Studio's, Dublin recording my new album "This Is The Moment".
Its always an exciting few days when one starts, as its the first time you hear the arrangements of the songs you are planning on doing. Im very lucky on this project in that I have my trusty right hand man, Joe Csibi working with me. We are also delighted to have a few originals from two of the top songwriters in the country. You will find out more about this coming closer to the release!

At this stage its all very basic in that we bring in pianist, drummer, guitarist and bass player. Sing them through, then put them down on track. At which point, when your happy, you bring in the orchestra and percussion. Then finally, we add the choir and backing vocals! So just when they all think its over,  to annoy all around me, I decide to re record my vocals!!

Anyway, I thought I would just drop by and let you know all is going to plan, and by early Autumn you shall hear the labours of my work. I appreciate all your support and thank you for it.
Some of the tour dates are now up on this page too under the "news" section. Im expecting to add another eight or nine to that list in the near future, so bear with me. The dates announced will go on sale this coming Friday the 16th. Once again, with the tour, I thank you all for your support in advance and hope to see many of you on the road with me.  Remember, these are small venues, so tickets are limited and hopefully will sell out quickly, and much like my grannies pies, once they are gone, they are gone!!

Keep well
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs



Monday, June 27, 2011

Mad week

I was lying in bed last night and was thinking to myself about all I had to do in the last week or so in New York. I head back to Ireland on the 5th of July to record the new album and touch base with a few business contacts back home. Mainly because of the fact I am hoping to get this new album released to a number of regions, including home! When in bed, I generally do all my thinking, hence why I have my ipad on my locker. Much to the annoyance of Dominique, when I wake in the middle of the night to write something down. 

One of the things I was thinking about was doing a blog for yourselves, and also to follow up on my tech guy to organize that video chat I was mentioning! The blog is easier, but the video could be a lot of fun so I have been on to that already today. Should know more this evening. 

It has been a very busy few days as there has been a lot going on here in the city, whilst also trying to tie things down for the Autumn release. It started all last Wednesday when I got word that a guy I went to school with was in town giving a talk to IN-NYC. Its an organization based in the city which helps Irish based companies network. In order to help this along they sometimes bring in some well known Irish faces to give a talk about their field of expertise. With Brian O'Driscoll, its rugby. He has played for our National side for nearly 12 years and has captained our side to the world cup. He is still playing and winning all around him. When it comes to rugby, Ireland are a serious force to be reckoned with. 
After the event, which was based in the beautiful NY Athletic Club, which overlooks Central Park, we headed to a bar in the meat packing district. It was great to spend some time with him and chat about the priests in school and all the banter that was had back then. He is a thorough gentleman, and completely unaffected by all the success he has had. My old school, Blackrock College, are extremely proud. As are we all. 
The following night, my close friend Isobel McMahon was named as one of the most influential Irish women in New York. As her boyfriend was out of town, she asked Dominique could she borrow hers!! 
It was a great opportunity for me to meet and mingle with some very influential people in the city. So off I went. The event was based in the Irish Consulate, which has the most amazing view of the city I have ever seen......for free!!  I was very proud of Isobel and delighted to see another school day friend get recognized for her work. 
Needless to say, I met a lot of people and a lot of contacts, of which are all willing to help when needed! Little do they realize, it will be sooner than they think!!! muuuuuuaaaaahhhhhaa hhaaa haaa!!!!(evil laugh)

All of a sudden I find the weekend upon me and decided I was going to take it easy and get back to the music work. Ive got to the stage now where I just want to get into studio and sing. There has been a lot of planning and organizing, and now I just want in! I was talking to my Musical Director and he was telling me he had the orchestra booked, and the choir too! Needless to say, we are pulling out all the stops for this album! He is up to his eyes with arrangements, but assures me, all is well on schedule. So much so that if a potential deal falls into place, you may have the album a tad earlier than I expected. 

Word on the tour is that we are pretty much complete, and are now working on announcing it all at the same time. This means making sure the ticket sellers are all ready to go. I feel that all should be named at once so that you all have options on which gig you would like to go to, as opposed to getting a ticket, then finding out later than I will be playing in a venue closer! Cant have any angry birds!!!! 
It also looks like I have the tour bus sorted and am finalizing my musicians as the days go by. 

All in all, things are good, and I am happy with how its all panning out. Had a little hic cup last week on the album title, but not to be deterred, its staying the same, and says all about what this album is! 

I will be on to you again before I go, and will have news for you on the Q,n,A asap! 
Off to Boston tomorrow to spend some QT with Dominique before I leave. Looking forward to seeing some old friends! 
The Count down is on!!!!

Keep well my loves 
                my doves 
               my eggs

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping In Touch

Where in the world is the year going? I cannot believe it is nearly July and I am getting ready to record my third album since 2005. After months of planning, negotiating, meetings and decisions, things are finally falling into place. I know an awful lot of you understand that it takes more than an idea and desire to put together an album. However it never seizes to amaze me how much time it takes to piece it all together.
Once in the studio, it all falls into place very easily, as thats when I am most comfortable....singing. 

At the moment, I have been spending the last couple of weeks working on the material for the album. There will be a mixture of originals and of course a few that you will all know, accompanied by one or two you may or may not have ever heard of before. I will tell you, it is not an all Irish album. There will of course be one or two, but not many. This is an album for everyone as I feel that my fan base has grown over the years to many more than just people of Irish decent. 

Saying that, there are already plans a foot for early next year and a more Irish type album then. In the meantime, we will go on a journey with this one. I have spent the last few days brushing up on my Italian, which thankfully is never much of a struggle. Spanish on the other hand, is a totally different kettle of fish. Trying to sing with the tongue behind the teeth on occasion is proving to be truly awful. Im trying to sing, but instead spitting! Hopefully I will get it under my belt as the song I am hoping to sing sounds so much better in Spanish than in English. I will keep working on it! 
Due to the fact that I am in studio with my producer and Musical Director Joe Csibi, on the 5th of July, I am being very well behaved. No drinking, no fast food, gym and steam room every day. Healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and also one that can hit a few top notes without wearing any of Damians tight jeans! 
This took a hitch last weekend though when Damian invited me into the premier of The Glee Project. I got to meet all the gang he has been working with and we ended up having a great night all together. I gotta say I was a bit nervous when I saw Damian in the bottom three, but sure, who could kick out a young boy from Derry who wants to be a girl!!! Its what Glee thrives on! So from now on, Damian will forever be Jessie's girl!! Needless to say, I am rooting for him 100%. The future is rosy for the boy, I hope! However, none of us will ever really know whats around the corner for any of us in the music business! 

What I do know is that the Paul Byrom Tour (yet to be named officially), is coming fast. I am aware you all want to know sooner than later, and I am bursting at the seams to tell you all what I know at this stage, but all I can tell you is that we are 80% there and hope to be able to make an announcement by the end of the month or early July. I am excited but nervous. Any gigs I did at home or before now were always with a full orchestra. I think its obvious that due to it being my first tour, I wont have the orchestra with me this time. I have to start almost from scratch here, and it really feels odd. Like Ive stepped back in time. Although my mother often reminds me that this time, I have large groups of friends following me now in America and Canada and that I shouldn't worry as much. I do hope she is right!! Anyway, I can tell you that the tickets will be reasonable and that there will be a chance for me to meet you all after the gig. I can also tell you that I have concerts both sides of America. As for my Canadian friends reading, I am pushing hard for some gigs up your way too, so hopefully they will fall in to place also. Its not for the want of getting to you all, its the means! 
With the concert itself, there will be a mixed bag of material in the show and certainly something, I hope, for everyone's taste. 

In the meantime, I am working away every day on my "homework", and also trying to run the office. When I lived in Ireland, I would have received a lot of help from my sister Amanda and often my mom too, but now I am running it all on my own. Dominique tries to help out, but has a job of her own to maintain, so her time is limited. Plus, its important to find time where work isn't an issue and we get to do things together, just for the sake of it! 

This brings me to my final point tonight, I have received so many wonderful gifts in my P.O. BOX(like the BYROM BABES COOK BOOK!!!)  and read so many touching letters, that it amazes me how much you all care. You have been so supportive since you became aware of my music in Celtic Thunder. Some of you have been on the journey from the start and some only jumping on board now. Either way, I appreciate you all. 
However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain contact with you all on a regular basis, whether through facebook, twitter, myspace, my official website or by letter. This does not mean that I dont read everything, because I genuinely do. I enjoy reading the letters, messages and of course getting the generous gifts! Its just that I could actually spend 24hrs a day, on line or responding to post. I set aside time weekly to do this, but for some this may not be enough. My priority now is and always will be, making music for you to enjoy. All the rest sometimes has to take a back seat. If not, I wouldn't get any deals done and wouldnt learn any new songs or eventually get to record some. If you havn't heard from me on a certain site, I am most certainly not ignoring you. If you havn't received a response, it is most definitely nothing personal. I do post a lot on twitter as it is the easiest way. I am always aware you are out there and always aware of you support. I appreciate you all. I am utterly grateful to you all, for so much, so know, that the only way I can ever repay you all, is by making the best music I can. All the social websites are only a way of keeping in touch every now and again, its not what I do for a living. Singing is. I hope you understand, and for those who dont, all I can say is, hopefully I will get around to responding to you soon. 

I am now off to do some work on the album cover, as that is next on the to-do list! 
Thinking of ideas for that are also proving to be as difficult as the Spanish! I'll get there though eventually! 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves
My Eggs 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Historical Times

To say that we are living in historical times would be a massive understatement. When we look back on the last ten years it has been so incredible. So many things have happened in the world that has shaped a very different future for so many. Whether its the poor in Thailand who had all they owned in life washed away on that faithful day the Tsunami stroke their world, or the thousands of innocent civilians making their way to work on that sunny morning in September here in the U.S only to meet their maker instead of returning to their loved ones at home. All the lives affected since, in the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq. Thoughts also go to the people affected by Hurricane Katriana, who to this day, for one reason or another are still struggling to recover. What about Haiti, wow, mother earth is an angry lady. There are no words. In more recent times, the Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand reassure us that she is still angry and more powerful than any army in the world or any amount of money a Government may have. 
Of course it hasnt all been bad. I know that one of the happiest memories in my life was when the Good Friday agreement was struck in Northern Ireland. Having an affect on so many lives. For too long people suffered at the hands of terror on my shores of Ireland and those of England too. Lets never forget, that innocent lives were lost on both sides of the trouble in Ireland and the UK. So when the likes of George Mitchell came over under the instruction of President Bill Clinton and through the work of all parties in Ireland and the Uk and decided enough was enough, well many people rejoiced. Peace at last. Yes there are still a lot of angry and hurt people who lost loved ones through the troubles who will take time to get over the pain, if ever. However what we have now is a will for both countries to move forward. There will be those who will do their utmost to derail what we have achieved, but thankfully, there are too many good people living in my country and my neighbours to let that ever happen. We shall NEVER return to those times again. 

So why, Im sure are you asking am I going on about these things. Well for no other reason than I think it important to sometimes sit back and look at the world we are living in today. What have we created and how can we change it. Yesterday for the first time in over 100 years, a head of the British Monarch touched down on Irish soil. It was hugely momentous and one that would never have been contemplated 10 years ago. To have her come and pay respects to Irish history and to those who died creating a better future for all that live in it today, was hugely significant. I was extremely proud watching it all unfold, and hope that the remainder of her visit on my island will be a pleasant one. When talking to my Grandma yesterday on the phone, she said that she too was very proud. A woman of 92 years of age, who has seen Ireland grow and develop through its formative years, was delighted to have the Queen in her country. That for me questioned why the handful of thugs that we're demonstrating on the Dublin streets yesterday would have an issue with her visit. What harm would it do to mend bridges. Im sure if asked, a lot of them wouldn't know. When interviewed on a Dublin radio station last night, one of the thugs couldn't even name the 6 Counties he wanted the Queen to give back. MORON! 
Needless to say when the Queen dined tonight at Dublin Castle, hosted by our President Mary McAleese, I was sensing from Twitter and Facebook, Ireland was turning a page in what has been a turbulent past.
To move on to lighter matters. How over whelming it is to sit and read all the letters and open the gifts you have sent me since arriving here in New York. For any of you who doubt it, I open all the letters myself and read them all. If it was someone else doing it, as has been accused, many of you would have received responses sooner than now. The delay is due to the fact that I want to read them all, and find many of the stories told to me extremely interesting. Some funny and some very moving. It saddens me that there a some out there who are very lonely. Who find music to be their only friend or comfort. Why is that? I often ask. I was blessed with a wonderful family and great friends, so ask how come I get that, and so many dont. If my music can bring solace to this people, it makes whatever I do so worth while. 
I have been trying to reply to one and all in recent days, but am quickly realizing that this maybe a task too far. Today I sent over 100 letters in the post, yet Im not even half way through. Its not going to be a case where I will pick and choose who to write to because of the best story, or the best gift, but I will have to come up with some sort of plan. In the meantime, I will continue my task of finishing the job I started.
I want you to know that I appreciate it all. Genuinely. Today I received $5.00 in a card from a kid to buy myself a coffee. I was utterly touched by how one could be so generous. So whether you send a letter, a card, or a gift, I appreciate them all and thank you for them. I often get great encouragement from reading your letters and thoughts. So keep them coming. I will get around to reading them all at some point. This I promise.

I feel it important to take a moment to talk about the recent departure of Ryan Kelly from the Celtic Thunder group and from public life in general. I know many of you were shocked and saddened by the news. As was I. I was unaware of his intentions. I have got to know Ryan well over the four years working with him and we have shared many a great laugh together. This I expect to remain intact. I do know that Ryan is a very private person and that whatever reason he felt he couldnt continue is for him to divulge in his own time. Being in the public eye is difficult. Its not one I complain about as it is something I knew came with the territory of being a professional singer. I was fortunate to have had experience of this lifestyle prior to joining Celtic Thunder. For some in the group its easier than others. Im not for a moment suggesting Ryan struggled with this. In fact I know he appreciated the support and adoration he got from many of his fans, as we all did. However, sometimes it can get tough due to a handful. For this I hope is not the reason Ryan needs time away. 
Whatever it is, I do want to thank him for all his support and friendship over the years. I want to wish him well in whatever road he decides is best for him, and hope that both himself and Anna find true happiness together. I can assure you all the rumours that have been brought to my attention are untrue. He is not joining the army, or going to the jungles to save the Rainforest, or expecting twins, or adopting orphans, or joining the Greenpeace fight against whale fishing. He just wants time out, and for those who love his music and indeed himself, Im sure you'll give it to him. We will ALL be here for him when and if he decides to return. Of this Im sure.
As for the GLEE project. Where to begin!! I dont watch the show Glee so when the wee man was here in New York visiting, I had to have him explain it all to me. Im still confused. There's no shooting, no murders to be solved, no text voting, its all about high school??!! OK! Great. 
Damian is very excited and I know they are exciting times ahead for the fella. How he copes with it all, we will have to see....on a weekly show!! I wish him the best, as if its needed to be said. I feel there are great things ahead for him. How super cool would it be if he got on the OMG, LOL!!! 

I know the boys are in studio recording new stuff as I type. I wait like the rest of you, to hear it. It is changing times for Celtic Thunder, and after spending 4 years building and developing the show and the brand, I can only wish them continued success.

Now, Im off to reply to some more mail and make my dinner. Dom is working, so one has to figure out what to eat. 

Keep well my loves 
my doves 
my eggs


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just hello

Hey everyone!
Thought I would just drop in and say hello to all in the world of Celtic Thunder. Ive had a fun and compact couple of weeks.
Damian arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks back and stayed with me for 10 days. It was great to spend some time with him and just hang out without having to worry about a gig or recording to do. Hanging just as mates. I suppose now that I am flying solo, its nice to still be in contact and to know that we will more than likely be friends for live.
He is going through a very exciting period of time in his life and career, and aside from being delighted for him, I am very supportive and hope it all goes great. It couldnt happen a harder working, nicer guy.
Who knows whats around the corner for any of us, but thats the beauty and the beast of the music business.

Things are going great for me too and i have signed with one of the biggest Agencies in the world call the Agency Group, who are now in the process of finalizing my Autumn tour. They have a lot of major acts on their books and people who sing in the same field as I do. This bodes well for me, knowing I have people who understand me, represent me.
The new album is being recorded in July, and due to be released pre tour.
Last night i popped in to a fundraiser for my favourite charity of choice I got chatting to John O'Shea, the CEO and he had my skin crawling at some of the atrocities going on in the far regions of the world. How some leaders and dictators get away with this is beyond words for me. Uganda, Darfur, Niger to name but a few. Its amazing that our governments turn a blind eye. Shame on them and anyone else who does. The world needs to know its loved now more than ever, and I believe the best way to do this is to help those less fortunate.
However this is not a blog to promote anything Im doing. The purpose of this blog is just to drop by, say hello and tell you that I am thinking of you all and often think how lucky I am to have so many supportive and genuine fans.

I have been very busy since coming to New York and will continue to plug away. All the time having a laugh and creating a lot of some great memories like last week!

I am off to Central Park tomorrow to enjoy a well earned day off with Dominique, who is working equally hard. The two of us have been made feel so welcome here in the U.S. Life is good. Sometimes its important to wake up in the morning and tell one self that.

Keep well
My Loves
My doves
My Eggs


Sunday, April 3, 2011

G'DAY mate!

G'day! What a brilliant couple of weeks Ive had. To be honest when Sharon asked me to take part in the promo work in March, I was very hesitant. Simply because I had a lot to do myself and that taking, essentially a month out to go back promoting Celtic Thunder wasnt on my schedule at all! However, the thoughts of having the craic with Neil for a couple of weeks on a bus alone and a trip to the Southern Hemisphere was too hard to turn down. I also knew that I would be able to get the majority of what I needed to get done, done whilst on the road. The rest could wait!

When first we started the trip in Seattle, it was evident from the get go, that I was going to be the quiet one of the pairing on air........NOT!! Neil and I, were like a good cop, bad cop combo! He was calm collected and chatty, whilst I was like a raging lunatic, desperate for people to pick up the phone and pledge. I was also a man who had no boss no more, so was totally up for having a laugh on air. Honestly, Im not sure what some of the presenters thought. A lot rolled with it, others were very scared! Either way, we both had a lot of fun going from Seattle all the way across to the east coast. It was also a great chance to catch up with many fans. I also enjoy the banter with the fans and often feel it would be great fun to mix it up with a couple of bottles of wine at the stations! Could you imagine! PBS would never be the same.
Whilst out and about a lot asked and wondered about what my plans were. I was delighted to be able to tell all about my pending album and plans for some gigs in the Autumn. One thing I said was that as soon as I know anything, ye will know everything!

In the throws of going from one PBS station to the next, I was off to Boston for a very special gig! On the 16th of March I was asked to perform the American national anthem in the world famous TD Gaaaaden! Although I had performed anthems for a number of countries to large audiences on many occasions, this was different. Im not sure why. Maybe it was because it was my first major appearance in America on my own, or maybe it was because I hoped it symbolized the beginning of some fun times ahead. Either way, before I walked out on the court to perform, I was more nervous than I had been for a long time. It was at this point I realised that there is definightly a chemical imbalance in my head. Why in Gods name would anyone in their right mind want to walk out infront of 10's of thousands of people and sing a countries national anthem. No normal person would want to do that. To stand with a big spotlight on you, like a scene from Basic Instinct, and have all these faces looking at you waiting. Waiting for you to perform something they had all grown up saying nearly everyday of their life. Something that, if messed up, would be totally unforgivable. Something that, after a certain Super Bowl performance, was now at the point of people just wanting it to be sung as written and meant. All these things were running through my mind At a million miles a minute! Then I was announced and I was on my own. Heart thumping and stomach churning. When all of a sudden I was half way through it, and absolutely loving it. The adrenalin was pumping through every vein in my body, the crowd was cheering, the vibe was electric from the crowd to myself and back at them. I sang it like it was my own anthem. With pride and passion, and I didnt care if anyone liked my version or not. I just gave it welly! Then at the end, the place went wild. At which point, I realised exactly why I do what I do for a living, and wouldnt change it for a moment. I was buzzing after it. Definightly a highlight in my career. Hopefully the next time I go to do it, I wont be as nervous, and will give an ever better rendition. Never, straying from how it was written though. This I can promise you! Word is, I will get that shot for game one of the playoffs......ooohhh yea!

The following day, I was already back in NY for the St.Patricks day celebrations. I had a lunchtime engagement on the Adrian Flannely radio show in the city and then was free for the remainder of the day. Its hard to put into words the celebrations in New York on this day. Ive seen nothing like it ever. Everyone is bloody Irish, and half are drunk but lunchtime! Fun times for a lot of people, however part of me dislikes the fact that us Irish are associated so heavily with drink. I myself enjoy drink and a good time, within reason. However, I also know that drink has a very dangerous side, and has turned many a good person into a wreck of a person. Alcohol should be enjoyed, but respected. It can be quiet a dangerous thing when not respected. Some of the scenes I saw that day were hilarious, but one or two sad scenes too. I hope that for some of these people, it was only a once off event. Although my senses tell me different. Ireland is a wonderful country. Full of culture, music, literature and history. I hate that so many associate getting drunk with the Irish. But no amount of ranting by some tenor in a wine bar (ironically) is going to change that! Either way, we had a lot of fun in New York on Paddy's day, and one where I was proud, and VERY proud to be from where I am. It makes me smile and beam that so many that are not Irish, want to be. That for such a small country, we have spread the shamrock far and wide, and that so many are doing so much good for our little nation. We are small in number, but large in heart!

With that pride, I boarded a plane to New Zealand to promote Irish music in the Southern Hemisphere. I had never been down there before, but many of my friends and some of my family had been and I was hearing nothing but great things about the countries and the people down there. When we got to New Zealand, all I wanted to do was go meet the Maori people. They are so steeped in history and culture I just wanted to sample some of it. So I rented a people carrier and drove a small group of us 3 and a half hours out to meet them. This was one hell of a day. Great laugh and great sites. The one thing that occurred to me was how similar it was to Ireland. Truly green and full of sheep and cows! Although the moo from the cows had a different accent!
After four days we headed to Sydney, and I couldnt believe the fact our hotel was right by the harbour. I was going to do as much as I could in the short space of time I had off. The schedule was going to be full on as the buzz and excitement from the tv and radio stations down there was impalpable. They all wanted a piece, and we were totally on for giving it to them!
On day one I showered quickly and grabbed my camera and ran out the door. Then went back to the room to get dressed......I was that excited!! First stop for me was to go to the Sydney bridge. Then when I heard you could climb it, there was no stopping me. It was $200 to do it, which I thought was very OTT, but I felt it would be a once in a lifetime experience and that I would regret it if I didnt. Needless to say when I reached the top, I was delighted and proud of my achievement. I was in a nice group of ten climbers, but oddly enough, one was afraid of heights! I thought, darling, have you not read the memo? What are you doing up here!??!!! That being said, she was very brave and got up and back without a panic attack.
Later that evening, Emmet called my room and suggested we go to "The Barber of Seville" in the Opera House. I love Rossini, so thought, brilliant, lets do it! Needless to say, there were no other takers on the offer, so off the two of us went! AMAZING is all I will say on this.
After a couple of days of touristy things it was time to work, and work we did. We met many presenters and hosts and all were really fun and so laid back. Very similar personalities to the Irish and exact same sense of humour. All they do is take the mic outta each other, much like us. It made the whole experience so much fun.
As the trip was winding down, I knew it could be a long time before I saw the boys again, so a night on the town was on the cards. Needless to say we had some great laughs, and right in the middle of it all was Sharon. She maybe the boss of CT, but she is also a friend and some good times were had with her over the last month or so. She works very hard for Celtic Thunder, and I am delighted it is paying off for her.

The flight back was going to be long and one I wasnt looking forward to. Especially when I saw an infant sit two rows in front of me. I knew from the way he looked at me, that he was not happy about being on a plane. Then for 14 hours, he would often let us all know how unhappy he was. Frustrated as I was, I was also sympathetic to the parents who tried everything to keep him happy. Its a tough job being a parent, so those of us who are not, need to give them a break sometimes and just get on with it, in the hope than one day I will travel with a minnie me, and that those around will understand how tough it is.
After nearly a day and a half of travel, I got back to New York and back to the one I love. Im also back to start pressing those who have promised much and are yet to fulfill. No more mister nice guy. its time to get Byrom out there!

Love you all, and appreciate all your support. Please dont ever give up on me

My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey there 
Just a quick note to let you all know that when talking about traveling this month, I had already been asked to cover Damian this month due to his commitment to his studies. This is something I whole heartedly believe he needs to do. Therefore I would hate to see Sharon and Phil have trouble filling commitments to some local PBS Stations. 
As I have said many times, I will always be a part of Celtic Thunder so am willing to help out when needed. This does not mean I am  going back on what i have intended to achieve this year and for yeas to come. Solo projects are still priority but as I am on "Heritage" I feel I can talk about it as well as anyone. 
I also look forward to visiting Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks. Even though I dont have Damian with me. 
I look forward to seeing you all at some of these stations on this promo trip and I will post the stations I am visiting on the "news" section with in the next few hours. 

My album and solo tour is still in the making so hang tight and thanks for everything.

Keep well 
My Loves My Doves My Eggs 

Paul xxx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What a fun time of year it is to sit in on a night. With the BAFTA'S the Golden Globes, The Grammy's and of course the OSCARS! I always find them so much fun. Aside from the fact I am a movie buff and love a night at the cinema, I always enjoy watching the reaction of those who DONT win. They have to sit there and pretend they are not upset or bothered. WHY? If it was me and I was up for an award and was then beaten by someone who turned up in an egg I would be livid! It must be so hard to do it. Sit there and smile. I enjoyed the other night whilst watching the Grammys, the little boy Bieber, dressed like the Milky Bar Kid, sat there waiting on his newcomer award(which he seems to be up for every year), and when he didn't win, he was seen turning to his nanny and asking who was the winner. He never even heard of her. BRILLIANT! As for the style. My Lord some really try very hard and fail miserably. This too always makes me smile. I would give my right arm to be at an awards ceremony like these, however, i don't have an inner filter. Never did, never will. So therefore if Lady GOO GOO passed me I would probably have my jaw around my ankles. Or if Rihanna was on stage grinding like a cheese grater on stage I would be in shock. Dominique often has to tell me to stop staring. I often think I'm being subtle, but she reminds me that in all walks of life I am as subtle as a brick. Needless to say, I strive to make it to the Grammys or the Oscars. Maybe one day. Which if it happens, trust me, I will be on Twitter that night too! 

So whilst we all watch these different award ceremonies and flick from station to station, I have been made aware of the fact that the much loved Public Broadcasting Stations face huge cuts from funding. WHAT?ARE YOU SERIOUS? These stations are the fabric of American society. They are the stations that people turn on for some intellectual stimulation. For some culture, and some education. From a child we all used to watch Big Bird and Elmo teach us how to say banana and get to grips with the letter 'C' or even 'X'!!! To what benefit does American society achieve by the government cutting their budget. To expect Harry and Agnus, the average American, to donate more than they already are, to keep their local PBS station alive is too much. 
When I was growing up in Ireland, I was made aware of PBS obviously from Sesame Street, but in recent years I was brought to the attention of The Irish Tenors. This was a huge show for PBS and in return they got to perform to the greater American public. So when I was approached by Sharon and Phil to join Celtic Thunder, the first question I asked was, will PBS be showing it. When I was told they were, I jumped at the chance as I knew it was a fantastic opportunity to get my voice heard by many. It became an instant partnership with Celtic Thunder and the two bodies benefited so much from being friends. This of course was helped by the countless amounts of donations made by people in the community whilst watching our broadcast. To think that many of these stations will suffer financially due to the proposed cuts is unimaginable. From what I gathered when we visited many of the stations, they were already existing beyond their means. Im not sure why I am ranting so much, and I am sure one or two will tell me to mind my own business. However, this is my business. PBS gives the like of myself, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Rue and countless others to showcase our talents in what has become an increasingly difficult business to survive in. 
From Maine to Spokane, PBS is the heart of many communities, run by the heart of many communities for the better of their communities and society in large. Yea we all enjoy main stream tv and cable. However what PBS offers to us in this day and age is an extremely valuable thing. It makes us think. Makes us question, makes us sit up and listen when some fresh face comes on with a song in their heart. Gives artists of all size and experience the chance to be heard. This in turn enriches our society. 
Surely to GOD, there are other area's in this country that can handle cuts and fight through these tough economical times. I fear many PBS stations wont. No point crying over spilt milk. Now is the time to lobby your local politician and tell them YOU CARE. I don't for a moment think that cuts are not necessary in many sectors in order to bring some economical stability. However, I urge the decision makers to be very careful in what it is they cut. The Arts are an intricate part of any society in any part of the world. PBS is something Americans should be very proud of. Its yours and when its gone, its gone. As will the likes of many shows and artists. 

Now that I have that off my chest, I will fill you in on what I have been up to. Dominique and myself are now fully settled. It takes time and sometimes we need to pinch ourselves as its hard to imagine we are living here in the States. Everyone has been so welcoming and so encouraging. The messages of support I get regularly on Facebook/Twitter/myspace and this website are incredible. I will admit, there are days when I doubt myself, and all I do is sit and read some messages. They pick me up very quickly and encourage me to continue. At the moment I am working on getting a solo album sorted and ready for release hopefully around September time. I know that seems a long way off, but trust me, between choosing songs, having them arranged, recording them, mixing and then setting up marketing and distribution plans, it will be upon us in no time. Its also hard when you are doing it as your own boss. No longer can I sit and be told where to be and what to sing. Its all up to me now. Much as I enjoy this, I know how much work it takes. So although you may not see the fruits of my labour yet, you will very soon. I promise. I am not here to take pictures and sight see. I am here to create a picture!! 
I was so proud to see so many vote for me on ABC's website for Dancing With The Stars, and although it wasn't noticed by the big wigs, I promise we will be giving it a push come the fall as I will be more than settled and ready to take them all on! Thank you so much for your efforts and all I can say is that Byrom and his Babes will be heard by America whether they like it or not. Its Fightin talk I tells ya!!!

Valentines Day came and went, but this year was one of my best. Simply because Dominique and myself had the day together. We walked Central Park in what was a lovely day. The temperature was nice and we really felt we were in springtime. After a low key dinner and desert I surprised her with tickets to see "Chicago". A show that she wanted to see for a very long time. Needless to say it was fantastic. The choreography was sensational with one or two very good singers. However, I have not seen as much flesh since biology class!! This I may add is not a complaint. It just made me feel the gym was going to have to be a regular fixture in my life from here in!! The ticket prices were reasonable but when you order a coke and a packet of M&M's and are quoted $9.00 I nearly lost a stone there and then. Broadway eh? Milk ya for all they can. I still love it though and look forward to the next visit. 
Its a funny date. Part of me hates it because I don't believe I should be told that on any certain day I should have to tell Dominique that I love her. She knows. She knows that I know, that I am a very lucky guy and that I would walk over hot coals for her. That she is mine and everything else is unimportant. That no matter what, we'll get through it. Through good and bad. She shouldn't have to wait till February 14th to be reassured of this. The other part of me loves it, because you see men flutter all over town trying to find something to reassure their lady that they are in love and that they cherish them. Men are not great at this. Never have been or never will be. Simply because we try desperately hard to be macho. However, when Feb 14th kicks in, we know that our romantic side can be let free and no one will take any notice or make fun. Those that do, are generally single and jealous. So whats the harm in one day a year, letting everyone spread the love. I love it. Always did, always will. For even when I was single, I made a move on that girl I always liked. The excitement of dropping a card, or receiving one. Opening it and not knowing who it is from. Sometimes I'm sure there are those who would rather not have found out, but either way its good for the soul to fancy someone so much that they need to share it with them. BRING ON VALENTINES DAY FOR ALL!! So, to any of you singletons, if you didn't make the move this year, do it next year. What's there to lose. Life is for living and loving. All too soon it comes to an end. For those more adventurous, its not too late to tell them either. Who needs a Hallmark card. Most times the person you fancy, knows it and hopes something will happen. Take the bull by the horns ( no pun )GO FOR IT!!! Then come back here and tell us all! We love a bit of scandal and love a good romantic story. Its great for the bones. 

I must go now and clean the dishes. This is something I have had to get used to since moving here. I miss my dishwasher and car sooooooooooo much! Next week I am visiting home for my good friend Andy's wedding. I am a grooms man so am VERY excited. I am also going to be doing some work, but more about that in the next blog as I don't want to give away too much and be stuck for something when I come back to the land of the free! 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves
My Eggs

I appreciate all your support and need it now more than ever. 

Dom and Myself in Central Park on Valentines Day

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Panama Canal 2011

After experiencing New York snow and all that goes with it, I was delighted to wake this morning to the confirmation, that this time next year, I will be cruising as a "special guest" with Phil Coulter on his Tranquility Cruise. It is due to go from the 16th of January from Fort Lauderdale, FL for eleven days.
The cruise line company is Holland America and the ship is the Zuiderdam. For those interested in coming on what always proves to be a fantastic trip, I will post a link as soon as I have one. I hope to see you all there!!

Things are moving fast for me since leaving the tour at the end of December. Obviously there has been the campaign for Dancing With The Stars, and hopeful as I am, I feel we may be struggling. This is not to say I  have given up as I believe it would be a great thing for me to do. Mainly because I think it would be great fun but also because it would be a good career move too.

With regards to a new album. Things are already in motion and I hope that I will have a deal soon. These things take time, however, rest assured I am working around the clock to ensure I have one out before I hit the road with some gigs. The gigs are being worked on too, and as like everything else so far, you will hear it first here on this site.

Heritage is soon to be released and much like you, i will be looking forward to sitting in one night and enjoying it as a "Thunderhead"! My commitment to Celtic Thunder stays strong and I hope the show and album goes really well. I met Sharon whilst George and Ryan were here and they were all very excited about it. The PBS station visits start soon and I must say I will miss going from one to the other having the fun on air. From talking to Sharon, there will be a lot of ground covered on this trip!

Today I head to price some mac's as the hole on my screen from a candle burning through is really beginning to annoy me. I thought I would be able to ignore it, each day its annoying me more and more! So, like ripping a plaster off a hairy arm, I am going to have to just go and get one!
After that, its the gym, as I have been trying to get back in shape the last couple of weeks and its been harder than I thought to get motivated!!

Tonight will possibly be a night at the cinema as I haven't been in a couple of weeks and I am having withdrawal symptoms..........any suggestions?????!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, keep well and warm
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boston Celtics

So after a visit to Ireland I thought I would write you a short little blog to fill you in.

I gotta say the idea of flying all the way to Dublin and back for a stag weekend seemed like a great idea at the time. Im not sayng I wouldnt do it again, but next time I will make a week out of it as its too far to go just for a weekend.
Long gone are the days in Ireland where a stag was a one night event. Now its a whole weekend! Myself and the boys I went to school with are still the very best of friends. There is a group of 20 of us that are still very tight so needless to say, when we get together it is a lot of laughing and play acting. Not to mention a lot of drinking! Much and all as I enjoyed it, I am still wrecked from it! At 31, two nights in a row is a stretch.
We went to a lovely place called Carlingford and I would strongly recommend it to anyone visiting Ireland.
I came back yesterday to New York and slept for the majority of the flight. This I was delighted about. However, for long distance flights, I dont recommend Delta. Very cramped. Cramped is only good if your cramped up against someone you love!!!!

Since coming back I am licking my wounds from the weekend. Went to bed early last night  and slept for Ireland. So well in fact I got up today full of intentions and got a lot done. However, got my schedule mixed up and missed an appointment in Manhattan. Not cool. On the up, we got a lovely plant for our living room.Theory is if we can keep it alive for a few years then we can consider kids!!!!! As for the appointment, All is good, as it was re-scheduled. I made up an excuse as good as "the dog ate my homework''. Either way they bought it!!!!
My main news which goes with the title of this blog.....I can confirm I will be singing the National Anthem for the Boston Celtics on the 16th of March in the Garden! I am so super excited. Its my first biggie of the year, so lets hope it aint the last!! Delighted to share this news with you all as you have all been so supportive in everything Ive done so far.

With regards to DWTS, I am going to get my people to contact ABC soon, so the more votes in, the better. I do appreciate the campaign and I promise if I get on, i will make it worth your while!!

Off tomorrow to IKEA to buy more furniture. Fun until you get home and try to assemble it!

Love ya all
My loves
My doves
My eggs!