Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day Of School !!!

Well to say it has been an eventful few months home would be a massive understatement! Obviously the main objective was to come back and get my new album done. This of course was never going to be a quick job, especially considering that I am working with a lot of perfectionists. 
Joe Csibi my producer, brought together a serious amount of musicians, arrangers and songwriters to work on it, and I honestly think it is my best yet. With age you learn a lot, and looking back over the past few albums Ive done, Im honestly able to say a lot has changed. Growth as a singer, recording artist and a performer has always been my objective, and Im proud to say that is all going according to plan. For better or worse, you shall be the judge of that!

Now that its all done it has been sent to LA to get the finishing touches and I hope to have it available to you all very very soon! One or two deals in the air, and either way, good auld will have it available to you. That being said, I will be letting you all know the track list for the album very soon. But as you know, I like to give a little teaser. 
You already know This Is The Moment is the title, so obviously thats there. I mentioned in a previous blog that Phil Coulter played piano on my version of his hit Scorn Not His Simplicity. A beautiful touching song written about his son. Then for any who were listening to my interview on RTE radio during the week, you would have heard me mention that I am after recording one of my all time favourite songs All My Loving by Lennon and McCartney. I recorded this because when listening to the lyrics to such a joyful upbeat song, I realised that it was in fact a very sad song about leaving your loved one behind, which on many occasions I have had to do. When I can relate to a song, then that is generally enough for me to be confident in being able to deliver it. Needless to say, I have put my own spin on it, so Beatles fanatics like my mother, will either love it or hate it! Unfortunately, thats how the cookie crumbles! 
Then the last track I will tell you about today, is a song I fell in love with the first time I heard it. As Im sure many of you reading this have lost loved ones in the past, and with it being the only guarantee in life, will lose loved ones in the future, this song really touches home. When I sing it I think of my Grandfather who, like my grandmother, was so close to me and my sister. He was always so proud when he would come to hear me sing, and often would tell my sister and I that we would never know how happy we made him. I only hope he realizes how happy we were to be around him. I also think of my father, who tragically died a couple of years after him. I rarely talk about it as it is something my whole family had to deal with. Maybe one day I will sit and tell you the story, but for now, I am happy in the knowledge that the two men are "just a breath away", and that every time I shall sing "To Where You Are" they will be very much in my thoughts. I am blessed in the ability to release my emotions through song, and I hope with these recordings and more, you will all be able to share those feelings with me. 
The rest of the track list will be released as we come closer to the album hitting the shelves! 

On Wednesday morning I was up early to bring my nephew/godson to his first day at "big boy" school. I was incredibly proud when he came into my room in his uniform and asked if I could make his hair look like mine!! God Love him!! However, It was even stranger seeing him wear the same uniform I wore all those years ago. Kate had been back a few days in her school at this point,and has taken to it like a duck to water.No fear with her. She is so confident and outgoing that she is just taking it in her stride. 
So we dropped her first to school, then went with Jack to his. When we walked in to Willow Park school, the waft was the exact same as it was the day I walked in as a young terrified boy.  However there was no more blackboards, all computer now! And the class rooms were far more high tech than when I was there. 
His new teacher is a lovely lady and very welcoming. Indeed she remembered me from all those years back, and was delighted that she had my nephew in her class. Although, she did say there would be no special treatment!! When leaving him in his class alone, trying to catch another boys eye, I felt a lump in my throat and hoped that the following years ahead for him would be as enjoyable as they were for me. I hoped he would be quick to make friends, and that the lessons he learned would not be a struggle early on. Mad thinking like this when he isnt even my son! Although Im sure you have gathered at this point, we are a very close family. So he is as close to a son as I have, and always will be! 

Im at the point now where I am looking forward to getting back to our apartment in NY and hitting the ground running with all that is coming up in the next couple of months. With the new album, I hope it opens a few doors and indeed introduces me to more people who may in turn become fans. 
I am hoping to make a few tv appearances if they will have me on, then its all go for the tour in November. To say I am nervous would be an understatement, but this is the path I have chosen, so without sounding like a broken record, I want to move on. Before I do that, I will ask you all to do your very best in spreading the word for me. The next few months for me are critical and I hope I will look back in years to come and say "wow. why did I ever worry?"

This Friday coming, I have been invited on the top Irish tv show to perform. Its called the Late Late Show, and although I have been on it twice before, I am still very excited about it. Being involved with the Irish rugby team has been a real honour and getting to perform Irelands Call on the show, is going to be great fun. 
The plan is that the next day I will be on a plane to NY to meet back up with Domi and our temporary house guest Louis! 

I do hope you have all battled through the horrific weather conditions and that you and your loved ones are safe. 
I look forward to seeing you all very soon 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 



  1. Perfect. It's always good to read your posts, Paul.

  2. Thanks Paul! My Christmas gift-giving will be all taken care of as soon as your cd is released. And, may I ask again if you have an update on ticket sales for Toronto? We are trying to arrange our travel plans but no outlet to purchase tickets. Can you help?

    And, just keep doing what you're doing and you will reach heights you haven't even considered, I'm absolutely sure.

  3. Paul, as usual your blog is so personal I feel like you are having a conversation with just a few close friends. I'm so looking forward to your album, and yes, I did hear the mention of you recording All My Loving. I'm probably a bit older than ur mum but very much a Beatles fanatic. I'm sure you will do it justice and that old cookie will crumble just fine.

    Your description of your feelings about recording "To Where You Are" brought me to tears but I look forward to hearing the song & remembering all those I've lost as well. At my age I'm rapidly becoming the "oldest generation" in my family and that means we've lost most of those of my parents generation. With that loss comes responsibility to the younger ones to be their role models. Sadness is part of live so we must embrace the fond memories to keep the tears at bay.

    As for your nephew, I love hearing you talk about him as well as Kate. I have no kids of my own so my nieces & nephews have always been "my kids" as well. This weekend I'm keeping both of the youngest ones & taking them for a lovely day of fun and sun at the dive quarry. I'm not teaching so they are the focus. I'm also starting to teach the 10 yr old to dive. What a special treat that is.

    I'm spreading the word as much as I can about the tour and of course will be seeing you several times during it. Also planning to use your CD as Christmas presents so shopping will be easy for me this year.

    Safe travels to you as you return to your 2nd home in NYC, and best of luck on your 9/11 memorial performance. I know you will be fabulous!

    xxoo, pat

  4. Thank You Paul for the updates. We will spread the word as always, "That Hey This Paul Byrom is GREAT" Give a listen and buy a ticket near you!..

  5. Thanks for the blog. I cant' wait for the CD and to see you in Baltimore this fall!

  6. Thank you Paul for your blog. I always feel like a just receive a letter from a dear old friend when I read it. I'm so glad that things are moving along so well and that the album is almost ready.

    I love to hear about your family you always write with such passion about them. Like you I'm very close with all my nieces and nephews and always felt like they were mine. I guess that is just part of being a close knit family. As for your grandfather and father I'm sure that they have the biggest smiles two men can have not just because for your singing but because of the wonderful person you turn out to be!

    Have a safe trip back and know that we are all waiting for you here!!!!!!

    Hugs and kisses Jo-Ann

  7. Great blog, your fans seriously want to see you succeed in attaining all of your dreams, waiting for the release of This Is The Moment and hoping you will find a way to include the South in your tour. Best of luck.

  8. Thank you for another moving blog. I find it sad and scary that you are discussing your reason for singing To Where You Are today of all days. I am getting ready to head to upstate NY today for my grandmother's funeral. We had specifically requested that song for my grandfather's passing nearly 3 years ago and will be hearing it again tomorrow. I look forward to hearing your spin on it and hoping that it will elicit the happy memories of family members who have passed on.

    May God bless you and your family and prayers for safe travel home to NYC.


  9. Thank you for the great update! The pure emotion you put in your songs will allow you to continue to soar in the spaces few can even imagine!

    --You should have an extra petition to become a "guest teacher" on Glee. That would be an incredible episode or many...

  10. Oh I want to hug your nephew! He sounds like such a sweety! You are going to be great on your own just keep dreaming your dreams.

  11. Busy lad. Tour will go great! Been working it my end. Been pomoting tour @ local private colleges Music Depts.Sent Andrea and idea for mock interview/promo that would be good craic. Hope it works.Saw on CT forum "Addicted to Craic" I'm thinking tshirts. Also "high on Craic"! World needs more craic! I elect you Ambassador! Love

  12. Wonderful Blog! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for being you! ---Shelties

  13. It's always nice to read your blogs Paul and I can't wait for your concert in Portland on Nov. 3. But since I bought a ticket to see you live I won't be able to buy your album right away when it's released. I will once I have money again but I thought seeing you live was more important. Can you tell us how Portland is doing for ticket sales? Anyway I'm hoping to see you in Portland (already have my ticket) and CT in Seattle the weekend before (but I have to somehow convince my dad to buy the ticket as a late 21st bday present and let me take a road trip to see them.. and that might not happen since he may very well get laid off at the end of this month and I still have tuition for college to pay) But hey I'm trying to support all the boys that I love. I know for sure that I'm gonna see you in Portland. Even if I have to hitch hike all 80 miles to get there!

    Anyway I'm glad the album is going well and I can't wait to hear it and I can't wait to see you in Nov!

  14. What a lovely and touching blog Paul. You write so well, and I feel as if we were sitting down having a cuppa and a conversation. How wonderful that you were able to be in Dublin for the start of Jack and Kate's school year, and since it is the same school you went to you will be able to picture Jack as he moves through the year.
    I wish you were going to be on tour in Phoenix this year, but maybe next year. I pray that it all goes well for you, but that is probably not needed as you have such talent, and such a beautiful voice. I'm sure the album will sell well, as someone said Christmas is coming!!
    Safe home, and love to both you and Dom, and yes even Louis.

  15. Your thoughts are so lovely. Glad you are spending time with family. My mom and dad have passed. You sharing your feelings has helped me. Thank you.