Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn Gigs

After what has been a fun filled month, I thought it would be nice to keep you all up to speed as to what I have been up to.

Labour Day weekend was where it all started, and as Dominique and I are Irish, we were unaware of this holiday. Needless to say, when Dominique came home from work mid week and said she had the following Monday off, we soon found out that Labour Weekend was something we were only too happy to celebrate. When on Friday evening Dom finished work we headed straight to Boston. As many of you know we have a few friends up there and generally speaking, when we get a chance, we always pop up. This weekend was no different. On top of the usual excitement of heading to Bean town, Dom was even more excited due to the arrival of our friends baby, Declan. We had a fantastic time with them. On the Saturday, we went out around the harbour in our friends boat, having a few drinls and enjoying the sights of one of America's finest cities. Then half way through the day, we decided it was time to do some tubing. As I am not hugely found of the water, I was initially unconvinced how fun it would be, but after seeing Dom and a few others do it, I was not gonna be "that guy". For those that dont know what tubing is, well its basically a big rubber tube, tied to the back of a speed boat. You hang on to it and hope not to fall off! Lots of laughter when others do, not so much when you find yourself in the air heading toward the water at high speed!!

Thats me in the middle, hanging on for dear life!!!

After all that, we headed back to the house and hit up the BBQ! It was one of two we had over the weekend, on top of a day at the beach and a radio interview promoting my upcoming gig in Cambridge the following weekend on WROL.
On Monday evening, we headed for home, and like always, we left reluctantly as both Dominique an I have fallen in love with Boston. That being said, as soon as you land in NY, you realise why it is we live here and love it more! We were only back and it seemed we were heading up again, only this time it was for work, and the first of my Autumn gigs this year. Where better to start than in MA. The venue was a place called the Regatta Bar, and although it was unfamiliar to me, I was told it was in Cambridge and well known, so good for any following I had in the Boston area. Needless to say we had a great turn out at despite the best efforts of the resident sound man, it went well. 
Unlike last year where I had one gig after another for pretty much two and a half weeks, the gigs I have are spread out, so it is kinda weird doing a gig like that in Cambridge, then nothing for another couple of weeks. The main reason being, is that it is cheaper than renting one of the big touring buses and paying people to be on the road for X amount of time. The down side is that you cant get in to a flow or routine. Either way, Im delighted to have any gigs at all. As I have been told by my agent that in the year of an election, it is hard to sell anything, let alone tickets!  
Between that gig and my next one in BB KINGS, we had visitors over from Ireland. Frank and his wife. Frank and I went to school together and then after school, shared a house for nearly five years together. So to say I was delighted to have him and his wife come visit, would be an understatement. It was a short visit, but none the less, fun filled. 
Not soon after they left, I was back into work mode, and focusing on the upcoming gigs in NY and Baltimore. I know I keep saying it, but the year is flying in, and I cant believe that my September gigs are all done already! 
Doing a gig in NY is always quiet nerve wrecking, as there are often industry people attending. On top of that, there is always the fact that your show is miniscule in comparison to all the show that are going on around you in the city on that given night. People have many options, so therefore, getting them to come to BB KINGS would be tough. Needless to say, the support I have out there, did not let me down, and I walked onto the stage to a great crowd. The gig went great, but due to the fact that there was another show on at 11pm I had to be off the stage at 9:30pm. However as many of you who have come to my show can testify, there is no time keeping to it!! That being said, we finished up only fifteen minutes late and all were happy in the venue. The new Swanky made his debut and sold very well. He seems also to considered "Daddy Swanky" over the original little fella. Either way, he is finding himself in many homes already. 
On Saturday, Dominique and I went up to Baltimore for my gig on the Sunday. We went up early as it is a city neither of us got the pleasure of spending much time in. We stayed in town close to the venue I was performing,"Soundstage", and were blessed with great weather. The place was buzzing. All down by the water there was many lovely restaurants and shops. So we just strolled for the day. Its also an incredibly historical city, and indeed the home of the American National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner". 
On Sunday morning, my mission was to find a place that was showing the Liverpool match, and much to my delight (not so much Dominique's) we found an Irish bar that was serving Irish breakfast from 8am and showing the game. When we walked in, we discovered we had stumbled upon the Liverpool's supporters club of Baltimore! I couldn't have been more at home. Unfortunately the result didn't go our way, but on a day when fans were remembering 96 fellow supporters who had died 23 years ago whilst attending a game, the result was irrelevant. It also brought home the fact that, as important as results may seem to fans, there are more important things in life. It is just a game. 
The gig later that night went great, and as always, the crowd in Baltimore were really up for a good night and a few laughs. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige! It was a gig I didn't want to end. After, like all my other shows, I came out and met all that attended. It was so great seeing so many familiar faces, and indeed one or two new ones. 
Im now back in the comfort of my apartment and although Im not due on stage for a while longer, I look forward to it immensely. When Im on that stage, Im as happy as I ever am. Receiving the support I do, encourages me to keep going and plugging away for more concerts and gigs. Constantly trying to come up with new ideas and ways of getting my music out there. 
Like for example, the Kick starter project I have set up. Many of you have been so generous in your donations to the cause already, and I know many more are intending to. For those who would love to come see my show, its important to know, that the best chance I have of getting to your town is with the support of the local PBS station. They indeed can only support if I have something to air. So this is the main reason I need a special. Im hoping that with this special, we can look forward to a 30 date plus, tour next year. Im a performer, so unless Im performing, Im not happy. I'm as anxious as you are to get to your town. So please, help spread the word for this project and pledge any amount at all. We have 32 days left and are 40% of the way there. If we don't hit our target, the money is not taken from the pledgers, and I receive nothing. You can of course alter your pledge even after you've made it, and most importantly, anyone can pledge from any part of the world!This is the only way you can pledge toward the project. Sending money to your local PBS station wont get to me.
Finally, some have asked who David Hart is, well he is my manager, and therefore had to be put in as part of the billing on the project. I hope this answers some of your questions that I have seen over the past week. Here is the link for any who are willing to help 


Thank you again for all your support, I will never be able to fully say how grateful I am 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer End!

So I'm reliably told that come Labour Day weekend, it spells the end to the summer, and wearing of white!! That rules out my new suit for the upcoming gigs!! However, Im hopeful we will get another few weeks of sun and fun before the Autumn really kicks in.
Its funny, much as I love the summer, I always enjoy the Autumn too. I often find myself to be very pensive around Autumn. Leaves fall, colours around you change, and indeed it gets a tad colder. I suppose with the leaves falling, I often think of those past. How the seasons can represent ones life. Its also a time for me to ask, whats the plan for the remainder of the year. What have I achieved so far in the year, and what I want to do before Autumn next year.
Autumn is also a time when the majority of acts take to the road and tour. I suppose being honest, I would have loved to be announcing a big tour for this Autumn. However these things take time to build, and although I have many of you asking for me to come to your local towns and cities, it takes a touch more. Hopefully it wont be much longer before you all get to come and see me live.
I don't know about you, but for me, this year has flown by. I cannot believe it is September already, and that Christmas is fast approaching. I suppose its a good sign that I have found the year fly as it suggests I've been busy. As many of you already know, I am working desperately hard to get my own PBS special together. This is a lot harder than you can ever imagine. Especially as the stations we are in talks with emphasize the fact that funding for their stations is at an all time low, and may drop even further in the not so distant future. Funding is all down to me. That being said, I am very hopeful of being able to pull it off. The special may not have a huge set and laser lights. However, what it will have, and this I can guarantee, is great music and something for everyone.
The support I have received from you all in regard to this has been amazing and hopefully you will all be able to get involved in it somehow in the not so distant future. However whether or not you do, its great to know that there are people out there rooting for me. Trust me, there are days when I wanna give up the whole thing and walk away. Days when you feel your hitting your head against a brick wall and going no where. Days where finding the belief in yourself to keep fighting the fight are near to impossible.That being said, those are out numbered by the days where I feel I can conquer the world.Least of all, America and Canada. Much of that is down to you, your support, and that of my family and friends.
It was about this time last year we were getting ready to release THIS IS THE MOMENT. I was nervous as to how it would be received. Should I have ever doubted you?! No.1 on the World Billboard Charts and Amazon, cemented my beliefs in you all. So now its a year on, and I am anxious to get more stuff out. That will happen soon, I promise.
Last month, I had the great pleasure of returning home to do my own concert in Dublin's National Concert Hall. It was that very stage at the age of 12, I made my professional debut. Appearing as Amahl, in the opera "Amhal and The Night Visitors" with our National Concert Orchestra.
It has always been my home venue. The one I am happiest performing in. Although this time around I was unsure if we would have a great crowd, as I havn't done a solo concert in Dublin for some time. I was afraid no one would remember me. That time moves on, and so do peoples interest. Yet on the night we had a full house. I was overwhelmed. There is nothing like returning to your home town and being welcomed with open arms. Long may that continue. Dublin will always have my heart.
Its funny, I often do wonder, for those who don't follow me here or on social media, how they keep in touch as to what Im doing. Im aware that many don't, and often find out news months after I've been to their town. This is something that I am aware of and I suppose often makes me wonder how many fans of CT still turn up expecting me to come out on stage!! When I don't, what do they say? What do they wonder?!! Hopefully in time, all will know what I am doing and all will be delighted to support and come along to my shows.  
In the meantime, I can only hope that those of you reading this and keeping in touch, will spread the word for me.
I start the few autumn dates I have, this Saturday in Boston at the Regatta Bar. I cant wait. There is no happier man than me when I know I am going to be going on stage. Meeting you all after the show and hearing all your feedback. Boston is a great city to start the Autumns gigs as it is often hailed as the 33rd county of Ireland. There is a huge amount of Irish there. On top of that, singing regularly for the Celtics, I have adopted it as one of my favourite cities. I just spent the weekend up there with Dominique and some close friends. On Saturday, we went out onto the water on a friends boat and spent the day on the water. Swimming and tubing were all done, and I am glad to say I stayed on! BBQ's were had and one or two laughs!
Life is far too short. Notice how quick this year has passed. Time with friends and family should be cherished and made as often as possible. If not possible, a phone call to those you love should happen regularly. Whether it be a long call, or a quick hello. The fact you thought of them and did something about it will mean the world to them. Who knows, t could be the difference between a bad day and a great day for them.
I look forward to seeing some of you this Autumn, and for the rest of you, I hope it wont be long. I miss not seeing you all regularly, but I know its only a matter of time before we meet again soon

Keep well and keep happy

My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs