Saturday, December 24, 2011

Seasons Greetings

I know it has been a while since I have blogged,but between all that was required of my time for the tour and promotion of the new album I never seemed to have the time. However, now as I make my way to Boston for Christmas and have a spare hour or two, I thought I would drop you all a line. 

To start off, I feel I should address my silence on line the past week. Due to the continual unprovoked, nasty and extremely hurtful comments on twitter toward Dominique and indirectly myself, we felt something had to be done. Both Dominique and I understand they have come from a tiny minority, and after a bit of research discovered it was from in fact, one family. What was even more surprising was that it was coming from adults. Needless to say, Im not one to sit and take it. Nor will I ever be. I have no problem with anyone ever criticizing my music or even myself as I accept that not everyone will like what I do or who I am.Thats life. However, these nasty comment were not about me, but about a girl who has been nothing but be loving and supportive of me from the moment I met her through to this very challenging year. It would be all to easy for Dominique to go out with a guy who has a steady job with a secure future. However she chooses to go with her heart and stick with me on what will no doubt be an interesting ride. 
All accusations thrown at her are totally unfounded. If they ever had the chance to get to know her, and not make judgements on a brief encounter (if ever, as we dont believe they have) they would see her for what she is. There is no want in her to ever be in the limelight. She is happy for me to chase my dreams and longs to be in the background. 
I do feel that by even acknowledging these moronic people I am giving them credit, however, the point of it is to assure you, that we know we have huge support and lots of friends across America, Canada and the rest of the world and we are EXTREMELY grateful. The other piece of information is to assure you that I wont accept this behaviour to anyone I love. So on that note Im glad to say we have been in touch with the proper authorities and they have been extremely helpful. They have taken all the communications sent to Dominique and myself from these people and consider it very serious. It is being monitored by them and action will be taken Im assured. This may seem extreme to one or two, but I dont take gambles on the happiness of my family or loved ones.Therefore, I will do whatever I can to protect myself and them. On this occasion, I was advised to stay off twitter whilst they found out more about these people. Thankfully I have been told I can return to social media. Dominique on the other hand is undecided. Although with the mass amount of support she has received and the overwhelming messages of love in recent days, I cant see her staying away!!

Moving on from that, as I said earlier, Dominique and I are on our way to spend Christmas with some very close friends in Cohasset this Christmas. Obviously Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones. Although we wont be home in Ireland for the holiday season, they are very very close in mind and heart. Today I was on Skype to Jack and Kate,and to say they are wired would be an understatement. They both sang their songs for me and showed me pictures from their nativity plays in school. Jack was an angel ( I nearly choked on my breakfast ) and Kate was a lamb (thought they were gentle!! ). Needless to say, I think the casting director at their schools probably wont be moving into theatre, movies or tv anytime in the near future!! I will say though, I was filled with huge pride. 
Christmas to me is all about the children. To see them all so excited about the coming of Santa, and indeed more importantly, the understanding of baby Jesus being born and all he brings to the world. Im not one to bible bash, but I do love that at this time of year, we all take stock as to what and who we are. I also feel that, whether your Christian, Muslim, Jewish or non fate, its a time for all. A time when you can meet up with those you haven't seen in  along time. Whether through distance or indifference. A time that you can use to set aside any ill feeling, and a time for helping those who may be less fortunate than yourself. Many think it important to donate time or money to charity, of which I concur. However I also think its a time to consider those who are lonely. Many sit a lone on Christmas day. Some through their own fault, many because thats just how life dealt them the cards. Either way, I always think Christmas is a time to reach out to them. To show them, they are not alone. In fact it can be said that there are some who are surrounded by many, but are still very lonely. All that is needed is for someone to show they care. That can be the difference to many between a sad time of year and a great time of year. 
Not being home this year for Christmas is proving to be tougher than I thought it would be. Indeed in the past I have been away from my family for Christmas, but only occasionaly. In fact quiet rarely. What I will miss is the smothering of attention that my mom showers on me. She always always made Christmas special. There is always music on in the house. The fire lit. The tree's glowing and indeed the kitchen smelling of everything you can dream of. Coming home after midnight mass and having her pull the ham from the oven covered in honey and brown sugar and helping ourselves to what can only be described as the best sandwich in the world! Then on Christmas morning going to visit the rest of the family and seeing all the toys the kids got, or catching up with family you havnt seen in a long time. Of course the best part was always going to visit Grandma and Grandad. They lived in a small house in Dublin, and when you rang the doorbell, Grandad's huge towering frame would welcome you with the biggest of smiles. He was always so happy to see us. He was proud that his family were all around him, and he got great pleasure in being the host. He would make sure everyone had a drink, young or old, and then a toast would always be made. Indeed as a child, you always assumed that he would be there for ever. That he would always be there to welcome you at the door. That things would never change and you would always be the apple of their eyes. Of course now Im older and time has taken Grandad from us. Although there is rarely much time that passes that I dont think of him.In fact I always carry a picture of him with me. But every Christmas, I wish I was going over to their house and for him to be at the door again. Im sure many of you reading this have very similar stories and memories.Indeed I know Im not the only one who wishes tomorrow they were spending it with loved ones who have passed. Im so proud of the fact my grandma is still with us though. 92 years and still rocking around the Christmas tree! I have always had a very close relationship with her. A bond that is very hard to describe. She often tells me of the day I was brought home and she held me in her arms on the couch in her living room. She feels the same as me, and for that, I feel very blessed. 
I know they will miss me as much as I will them. However,, with the world as it is today, we will be talking to them tomorrow on SKYPE. Or as my Grandma says.....through the telly! 

This year has been a very eventful and exciting year for me. To say I am eternally grateful to you all would be a massive understatement. I hope we will continue to share many more wonderful memories in the years to come, but in the meantime. Enjoy Christmas, create new memories and love the ones you love. 

My warmest and most heartfelt wishes of peace and happiness goes out to you all. 
Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs