Friday, December 24, 2010


Amazing to think Christmas is upon us again. Where has the year gone?  It amazes me every year how quickly it comes around. Its without doubt my favourite time of the year. The music, the decorations, the goodwill and the children riddled with excitement.
Tonight I got to chat to my niece and nephew on Skype and they were up the walls. They had both had their baths and were in their all in ones ready for bed. I had them both sing their favourite carols and tell me what they had asked for. My niece wanted make-up, however Santa felt at three years of age, she didnt need it. So she ended up asking for Peppa Pig and Jack went with Star Wars. What made me most proud though was that they were both wrapping toys they were giving to the poor too. Amanda (my sister) is trying to teach them the importance of considering others less well off at this time of year. So to hear Jack and Kate tell me this without promt, I Was VERY proud. This is the first Christmas I wont be with them, and much like the rest of the family I am missing them a lot. More than I thought I would. But hey, I am also very thankful for who I am with and that I have someone to love this Christmas, and more importantly that she seems to love me too!!
I always get nostalgic around this time. The big softie inside bursts to get out. The music always stirs up so many emotions inside. Memories of my days as a child. Going caroling and then getting ready for midnight mass. My mother working on the Ham on Christmas Eve and the Turkey stuffing for the oven first thing on Christmas morning. The table all laid out in preparation for the family gathering. My Grandad and Grandma coming over and Grandad being the self professed best bar man in Ireland! And Grandma pretending to be interested in whatever latest toy I had got from Santa.
Dad and Mom always, always provided for my sister and I. We never wanted for anything, and now as Im older I realise how much they must have sacrificed in order to do that.
I often think of those who are not with us anymore and feel them closer to me at this time than any other. My Grandad, my father, my cousin, my friend Seb and so many more. Where they are many will differ in opinion. One thing is for sure, they are in my heart and in my thoughts.

So as I sit here writing to you all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for everything. The gifts, the well wishes, the prayers, but above all the support. Since meeting through Celtic Thunder, you have all been so welcoming to me. I really feel as I settle in to New York that this is my home from home. America and Canada has offered a lot to me. I look forward to 2011 and all it brings to me. I hope this time next year we will all be sitting with those we love celebrating all we have in the world.

Have a fantastic time wherever you are and remember that its days like today and tomorrow that we will look back on in years to come and wish for again.

Have a happy and Peaceful Christmas
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul x

A pic of myself in Times Square today!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Settling In!

Since arriving in New York, it has been nothing but full on! Full on in every way possible.Between trips to LA and Chicago I am really feeling like a gypsy. Always on the go and living out of a case. More than anything, I am looking forward to unpacking.
Today we got the keys to the new apartment. My new home! Unfortunately it is just a shell at the moment. So as some of my Irish friends are gone home for Christmas, we are staying in the Chelsea area and minding their little 5 month old French bulldog, Louis. This works great as we were in Chicago all weekend as I was doing a private gig then came back to NY as my friend Isobel went away. It also means I can kit out the new apartment without sleeping on an inflatable mattress. The thoughts of going from appearing in Radio City to sleeping on an inflatable would be a serious wake up call!!

Louis is a lunatic. He is only five months old and has issues figuring out that i dont like picking up his little presents left around the apartment! They come is in all different shapes and sizes and with them comes a wide variety of my language skills. My patience is being tested, however I find it hard to get annoyed with him as he really is a cool dog! Plus I only have him for a few more days. His mom will be back and I will have my apartment finished by Sunday. If only he liked walking we could go for a few festive drinks in Time Square!

Im really looking forward to Christmas this year, even though I wont be with my family. With the help of Skype though, we will be very much in touch on the day! Shopping for gifts is still high on the agenda and I couldnt be in a better city to achieve my to do list!
Another priority is to go see the Rockettes in Radio City. This I am very much looking forward to and will fulfill this tomorrow! All fun and lots of frolics between now and New Years.
I will keep you all posted and will chat to you before the main event this Saturday.

Keep well and keep calm,
Remember what Christmas is all about

Till then
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The End

To say the last couple of days has been memorable would be a massive understatement. Leading up to the final concert of the tour I was really taking everything in. Enjoying every minute and savoring everyone's company. I promised I wouldn't get upset as it was the end of something great, but the beginning of hopefully something greater. Plus its always nice to leave as opposed to being replaced!!!

On Wednesday night when I was in the middle of Irelands Call I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned around. To see the whole audience holding up farewell signs for me was one of the most amazing things I ever saw. I was stumped.

Then Friday came at Binghamptom. Ironic in that it was where we performed our first concert in America as Celtic Thunder, and where I would finish my time in Celtic Thunder. I went full circle so to speak. We had a near to full house and again the gesture made by the fans, the band and the guys was incredible. Right at the end the band struck up "Auld Lang Syne" and the boys and Sharon all wished me well. Followed by the fans presenting me with a massive sign saying "you'll be missed Swanky". I do however feel I need to apologize to the front couple of rows as I sprayed my bottle of Champagne all over them. Im sure they weren't too happy.WOOPS!!! Im not sure what the future has in store for me or Celtic Thunder, but I wish the boys all the best. I can say it now that Ive left, but it is one of the hardest working groups in the industry, and the show wouldn't have an inch of the success if it wasnt for the effort and commitment and personalities of Damian, Keith, George, Ryan and Neil. The success lies firmly in the fact that people like them as individuals and as a collective group. I hope they never lose sight of that. The bond I have with them is one that will never be broken by distance. Of course it goes without saying Sharon and Phil put it all together and are equally imperitive in the success. It is after all their brain child. I wish them all nothing but success and happiness.  
Needless to say we partied till the wee small hours of the morning. My head was pounding on Friday morning. Nothing that a couple of hours sleep wouldn't heal en route to New York City.

After three hours on the bus Dominique and myself found ourselves with all our life in 4 suitcases hailing a cab in our new city, our new home, our New York. Accompanied by our little helper Damian, who has decided to hang around and help me find the best Starbucks in the city. To be honest, I think its a case where neither of us want to say goodbye. He's the little brother I never had. Someone I have watched grow in the last three, nearly four years. Someone I have had great fun with and someone I am immensely proud of. He has turned into a complete gent and someone I am glad to say will be a friend for life.
That said, we hit a KARAOKE bar last night with some friends of mine in the city and never got selected to sing. We were both disappointed but then remembered the last time we got to sing in New York was at Radio City so weren't too disappointed!
On Saturday we viewed a couple of apartments and I have it down to two. So hopefully by mid week we will have a new pad. In the meantime its hotel life! I also got a mobile (or as you would say it here, a cell). Opened a bank account and joined a gym. Not bad. By next month I expect to be mayor! If Arnie can be governor, why cant I?
Its going to be a busy month, but an exciting one. I am loving it so far and I will keep you with me all the way here on this site.

Thank you all for so much. I am overwhelmed by the support you have given me. I will never forget you all and look forward to seeing you all soon. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER.

If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere!!

My loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 to go!

So here I am staring at the final three performances with Celtic Thunder. I have been doing everything and anything not to think about it. Sad and all as it will be in Binghampton, I am VERY excited about the next twelve months! The messages of support and encouragement from all my fans have been so touching and welcoming and if I ever had a fear of losing you all by leaving Celtic Thunder, I now know you are a hell of a lot more loyal than that! Thank you! 

Aside from the business end of things, I am getting my head around living in the States. When I look at the doom and gloom of the economy in Ireland at the moment, I feel now more than ever, I am doing the right thing. I love Dublin, and it will always be home. Though for now, home is going to be ..........NEW YORK! 

I have seen many lovely places over the past few years across America and Canada, but as for work reasons, the Big Apple is the correct and obvious choice. Myself and Dominique are currently going around looking at beds, matresses (which come seperately oddly enough)pots pans, couches, tvs, etc etc......
This is not the part I particularly like! Although not surprisingly, Dominique LOVES IT!

Anyway, I just thought I would drop by and say hello and tell you that from here in, I will be posting at least one blog a week here on the site. It will be all about my new life in America flying solo! Im sure you will find some of my observations amusing, so keep tuned in and I will hope to have exciting news about gigs VERY soon! Album ideas are also being worked on, so hang tight peeps, its going to be an exciting fun, and sometimes emotional ride! 

Love ya all 
my loves 
my doves 
my eggs! 
p.s a pic from the night of filming in the Helix all those years ago!  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Site

So here it is

After a lot of work from Sinead Lawless and Dominique Coulter, I have my new website!
Im very excited by it as its totally different to any I have had before. I will be more hands on with it and will be keeping it updated regularly.

If you want to follow my blogs from here in, this will be the only place you'll see them!

I am starting a new chapter in my career as a soloist so all details will be here and all tour dates too!

Thank you for all your support through my career and I look forward to hearing what you think of the site!

For now
Take care
My loves
my doves my eggs


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About Paul




                                              MAY 2021
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Paul Byrom is often hailed as one of Ireland’s top crossover tenors. The Dublin-born singer has been in the music industry for over 20 years. Paul recorded his first album "The Golden Voice" as a boy soprano aged 14. His second release, entitled VELVET, was in 2005 and reached #2 in the Irish music charts which has led to many appearances on Irish Television and Radio, including "Celebrity Jigs and Reels" where he reached the grand final. He also appeared for a short while in Ireland's longest running soap "FAIR CITY". Paul went on to release his Christmas album entitled "I'll Be Home For Christmas" in 2008, which charted in the Classical Billboard Charts and continues to sell well.

His talent as a singer has taken him far and wide, and some of the many highlights include performing for dignitaries such as Emperor Akihito of Japan, Former Irish President's Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson and most recently for United States President, Barack Obama and Speaker of The House, John Boehner.  

Paul is an avid sports fan and performs regularly at large-scale and high profile sporting events such as six All-Ireland Finals in Croke Park,and many International rugby games in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. Internationally, he has performed Anthems for the Pittsburgh Steelers, The Phillies, The Brooklyn Nets and Barcelona FC. He is very proud now to be a regular at TD Garden, for the Boston Celtics basketball team.

With many years of experience doing stage musicals, pantomime, light operas and oratorio, in 2007 Paul became one of the original soloists in the hit show Celtic Thunder. He toured North America and Australia with the group and had six #1 World Billboard albums. Along the way, Paul has been extremely lucky to have developed a strong following, and he now has an annual bus tour that goes around Ireland, where he takes them to his favourite spots and performs for them along the way. 

He has since left the production and his following album "THIS IS THE MOMENT" debuted at No.1 on the World Billboard Charts and was shortlisted for a Grammy Nomination.
This was followed by his first solo tour of North America and is fortunate to continue performing for audiences throughout America. It's safe to say, Paul has gone from strength to strength. In 2013 Paul filmed his first solo TV special for Public Television called "THIS IS THE MOMENT LIVE" in Pennsylvania with his orchestra. 
The show has since been aired throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.

Paul's last album THINKING OF HOME reached the top of the iTunes,Amazon and World Billboard Charts and he was subsequently named for the second time in three years, The Irish Tenor Of The Year by the Irish Music Association.

To purchase Paul's latest albums his store on this site or visit, iTunes or Spotify