Friday, October 19, 2012


So here I am sitting in front of my screen in utter disbelief. A project that I was initially skeptical about and a little uncomfortable with has REALLY knocked me for six. The thought of coming to you all and asking for your support, not just in normal circumstances, but support in a financial manner, really didn't sit well. Then it was explained that with Kickstarter (KS) I could offer incentives so that it would be beneficial for all and that I could give back. I started to warm to the idea.

From that, I had to decide what the target would be. I knew that in order to get this TV special together, I would need a good bit. So therefore, if I was going to go to KS I would need to make it large enough to be beneficial but not too big to be unsuccessful. When I discussed it with my advisors, and decided on $50,000 as a base line figure, I thought, "This will be AMAZING if we get there, but its a HUGE ask".  How stupid of me to ever doubt my fans.

I am so humbled, touched and indeed excited at what lies ahead now. I will continue to raise funds for this project with the hope of making it the best possible production I can. That being said, A friend of mine named Scott said to me today
 "Paul it's never about the budget. It's about the passion, pride and vision. Which you have in spades. "  
This no longer is my production. This is our production. Whether you have donated a dollar or ten thousand.Your involved. Its ours. I will work tirelessly to ensure that its the best I can do. It will be full of guts, pride and passion. I will knock on every PBS station and ask them to air it at least once! Then the hope will be that we will be then coming to your town to perform live. 
What lies ahead, no one knows. Thats the glory of life, but I'm walking into the future full of confidence and energy. When people talk about chasing the dream and living it, then look me up. Im chasing it, and Im living it. Largely because of you,my support network, my friends. 
I cant single out everyone at this moment in time, however I do want to thank Laura McLure for helping me set up my KickStarter project and also Killian O'Sullivan for helping me make the video for the project. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to do all this on my own so help received to date is hugely appreciated and I will never be able to show my full gratitude. That of course goes to all of you too. 
I also want to thank some in the industry that have supported me during this KS project. As I said, when I posted the project, I was worried what those in the industry would think. So when some rallied in behind me, I was so chuffed, and encouraged to keep going. Michael Londra, Damian McGinty, the girls of Celtic Woman, Pat Kehoe, Pat Henning at PBS, Randy Snyder, Phil Coulter, Joe Csibi, my agent Andrea Johnson and my Manager David Hart. Thank you all for your tweets, retweets and messages!  

Finally I want to thank my family in Ireland and Dominique. You have never left my side. When weak, you make me strong.When small, you make me tall. When discouraged, you make me courageous to carry on. When dark, you give me light. When in doubt, you tell me you love me, and that is really all I will ever need. 

Thank you all so much. As Karen Carpenter sang "We've only just begun"! 

Forever in your debt 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 

Paul xxx 

P.S. Its not to late to donate to the cause :

Monday, October 8, 2012

Coat or T-Shirt?!

Coat or t-shirt? That is the question. One of the things I love about living here in NY as opposed to Ireland, is that you are guaranteed four seasons. In Ireland, we get one. Occasionally we will get the one day! So the reason I ask the question is on Friday it was Dominique's birthday and we woke to beautiful weather. We hit Central Park, rented a rowing boat and spent an hour or so on the lake. Needless to say, as I am a gentleman  (cough) I was doing the rowing and it was like working out mid summer. Not complaining, but then I go for a run today and my nipples could have cut glass!!! I suppose its to be expected with the Autumn. Its also occurred to me whilst writing this, that the Irish are  obsessed with the weather. In Dublin you could get on a Dublin bus heading into the city on a sunny day and sit beside an old dear. First thing she will say is "lovely day", and then moan how its too warm. On the way back, it will inevitably be different weather all together, sit beside the same woman, and she will moan how the damp is bringing on her aches and pains and that she would love a bit of heat! We all do it. That being said, its what makes us Irish, and we love an auld chat. Even if it is just about the weather. 

The main reason I wanted to do this blog though today was purely to say how touched and amazed at the support my PBS special project is getting on kickstarter from you all. Not just here in America, but from all over. Canada, Australia, Ireland and a few more! Sometimes 'thank you' seems so watery for the amount of gratitude I have for all your support. Whether its a dollar or more, it is all a sign of support and belief in me, and I often wonder why. Why is it that you all are so consistent? I suppose, I'm just very fortunate. I thank the Lord often for it and pray it continues, because its the days where I doubt myself or hit a wall, I just read some messages, or letters and realise, there is no option but to keep going.
So just be sure, even if we dont hit our target and more, I am eternally grateful for all you are doing. The fact at this point we have raised so much is overwhelming. Encouraging and more importantly comforting that I wont have to sell any body parts as long as I have you folks! 

I have a couple of meetings this week about further sponsorship toward the special, as its much like a spool of wool, the more I have the nicer the sweater! 
Either way, I will cut my cloth accordingly and make this happen. 
Remember folks this will be a fully live show, with orchestra and VERY special and familiar guests. Tickets are available for the filming now and are currently exclusive on KICKSTARTER. 
Here is the link for all that are tempted.

So, Im going to shoot off here, as believe it or not, Dominique has given a list of household chores that need doing before she comes home from work. Im thinking an apron and nothing else may save me, but Im not 100% sure, so best get to it! 

Keep well 
My loves 
My doves 
My eggs! 

Paul x