Friday, October 19, 2012


So here I am sitting in front of my screen in utter disbelief. A project that I was initially skeptical about and a little uncomfortable with has REALLY knocked me for six. The thought of coming to you all and asking for your support, not just in normal circumstances, but support in a financial manner, really didn't sit well. Then it was explained that with Kickstarter (KS) I could offer incentives so that it would be beneficial for all and that I could give back. I started to warm to the idea.

From that, I had to decide what the target would be. I knew that in order to get this TV special together, I would need a good bit. So therefore, if I was going to go to KS I would need to make it large enough to be beneficial but not too big to be unsuccessful. When I discussed it with my advisors, and decided on $50,000 as a base line figure, I thought, "This will be AMAZING if we get there, but its a HUGE ask".  How stupid of me to ever doubt my fans.

I am so humbled, touched and indeed excited at what lies ahead now. I will continue to raise funds for this project with the hope of making it the best possible production I can. That being said, A friend of mine named Scott said to me today
 "Paul it's never about the budget. It's about the passion, pride and vision. Which you have in spades. "  
This no longer is my production. This is our production. Whether you have donated a dollar or ten thousand.Your involved. Its ours. I will work tirelessly to ensure that its the best I can do. It will be full of guts, pride and passion. I will knock on every PBS station and ask them to air it at least once! Then the hope will be that we will be then coming to your town to perform live. 
What lies ahead, no one knows. Thats the glory of life, but I'm walking into the future full of confidence and energy. When people talk about chasing the dream and living it, then look me up. Im chasing it, and Im living it. Largely because of you,my support network, my friends. 
I cant single out everyone at this moment in time, however I do want to thank Laura McLure for helping me set up my KickStarter project and also Killian O'Sullivan for helping me make the video for the project. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to do all this on my own so help received to date is hugely appreciated and I will never be able to show my full gratitude. That of course goes to all of you too. 
I also want to thank some in the industry that have supported me during this KS project. As I said, when I posted the project, I was worried what those in the industry would think. So when some rallied in behind me, I was so chuffed, and encouraged to keep going. Michael Londra, Damian McGinty, the girls of Celtic Woman, Pat Kehoe, Pat Henning at PBS, Randy Snyder, Phil Coulter, Joe Csibi, my agent Andrea Johnson and my Manager David Hart. Thank you all for your tweets, retweets and messages!  

Finally I want to thank my family in Ireland and Dominique. You have never left my side. When weak, you make me strong.When small, you make me tall. When discouraged, you make me courageous to carry on. When dark, you give me light. When in doubt, you tell me you love me, and that is really all I will ever need. 

Thank you all so much. As Karen Carpenter sang "We've only just begun"! 

Forever in your debt 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 

Paul xxx 

P.S. Its not to late to donate to the cause :

Monday, October 8, 2012

Coat or T-Shirt?!

Coat or t-shirt? That is the question. One of the things I love about living here in NY as opposed to Ireland, is that you are guaranteed four seasons. In Ireland, we get one. Occasionally we will get the one day! So the reason I ask the question is on Friday it was Dominique's birthday and we woke to beautiful weather. We hit Central Park, rented a rowing boat and spent an hour or so on the lake. Needless to say, as I am a gentleman  (cough) I was doing the rowing and it was like working out mid summer. Not complaining, but then I go for a run today and my nipples could have cut glass!!! I suppose its to be expected with the Autumn. Its also occurred to me whilst writing this, that the Irish are  obsessed with the weather. In Dublin you could get on a Dublin bus heading into the city on a sunny day and sit beside an old dear. First thing she will say is "lovely day", and then moan how its too warm. On the way back, it will inevitably be different weather all together, sit beside the same woman, and she will moan how the damp is bringing on her aches and pains and that she would love a bit of heat! We all do it. That being said, its what makes us Irish, and we love an auld chat. Even if it is just about the weather. 

The main reason I wanted to do this blog though today was purely to say how touched and amazed at the support my PBS special project is getting on kickstarter from you all. Not just here in America, but from all over. Canada, Australia, Ireland and a few more! Sometimes 'thank you' seems so watery for the amount of gratitude I have for all your support. Whether its a dollar or more, it is all a sign of support and belief in me, and I often wonder why. Why is it that you all are so consistent? I suppose, I'm just very fortunate. I thank the Lord often for it and pray it continues, because its the days where I doubt myself or hit a wall, I just read some messages, or letters and realise, there is no option but to keep going.
So just be sure, even if we dont hit our target and more, I am eternally grateful for all you are doing. The fact at this point we have raised so much is overwhelming. Encouraging and more importantly comforting that I wont have to sell any body parts as long as I have you folks! 

I have a couple of meetings this week about further sponsorship toward the special, as its much like a spool of wool, the more I have the nicer the sweater! 
Either way, I will cut my cloth accordingly and make this happen. 
Remember folks this will be a fully live show, with orchestra and VERY special and familiar guests. Tickets are available for the filming now and are currently exclusive on KICKSTARTER. 
Here is the link for all that are tempted.

So, Im going to shoot off here, as believe it or not, Dominique has given a list of household chores that need doing before she comes home from work. Im thinking an apron and nothing else may save me, but Im not 100% sure, so best get to it! 

Keep well 
My loves 
My doves 
My eggs! 

Paul x 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn Gigs

After what has been a fun filled month, I thought it would be nice to keep you all up to speed as to what I have been up to.

Labour Day weekend was where it all started, and as Dominique and I are Irish, we were unaware of this holiday. Needless to say, when Dominique came home from work mid week and said she had the following Monday off, we soon found out that Labour Weekend was something we were only too happy to celebrate. When on Friday evening Dom finished work we headed straight to Boston. As many of you know we have a few friends up there and generally speaking, when we get a chance, we always pop up. This weekend was no different. On top of the usual excitement of heading to Bean town, Dom was even more excited due to the arrival of our friends baby, Declan. We had a fantastic time with them. On the Saturday, we went out around the harbour in our friends boat, having a few drinls and enjoying the sights of one of America's finest cities. Then half way through the day, we decided it was time to do some tubing. As I am not hugely found of the water, I was initially unconvinced how fun it would be, but after seeing Dom and a few others do it, I was not gonna be "that guy". For those that dont know what tubing is, well its basically a big rubber tube, tied to the back of a speed boat. You hang on to it and hope not to fall off! Lots of laughter when others do, not so much when you find yourself in the air heading toward the water at high speed!!

Thats me in the middle, hanging on for dear life!!!

After all that, we headed back to the house and hit up the BBQ! It was one of two we had over the weekend, on top of a day at the beach and a radio interview promoting my upcoming gig in Cambridge the following weekend on WROL.
On Monday evening, we headed for home, and like always, we left reluctantly as both Dominique an I have fallen in love with Boston. That being said, as soon as you land in NY, you realise why it is we live here and love it more! We were only back and it seemed we were heading up again, only this time it was for work, and the first of my Autumn gigs this year. Where better to start than in MA. The venue was a place called the Regatta Bar, and although it was unfamiliar to me, I was told it was in Cambridge and well known, so good for any following I had in the Boston area. Needless to say we had a great turn out at despite the best efforts of the resident sound man, it went well. 
Unlike last year where I had one gig after another for pretty much two and a half weeks, the gigs I have are spread out, so it is kinda weird doing a gig like that in Cambridge, then nothing for another couple of weeks. The main reason being, is that it is cheaper than renting one of the big touring buses and paying people to be on the road for X amount of time. The down side is that you cant get in to a flow or routine. Either way, Im delighted to have any gigs at all. As I have been told by my agent that in the year of an election, it is hard to sell anything, let alone tickets!  
Between that gig and my next one in BB KINGS, we had visitors over from Ireland. Frank and his wife. Frank and I went to school together and then after school, shared a house for nearly five years together. So to say I was delighted to have him and his wife come visit, would be an understatement. It was a short visit, but none the less, fun filled. 
Not soon after they left, I was back into work mode, and focusing on the upcoming gigs in NY and Baltimore. I know I keep saying it, but the year is flying in, and I cant believe that my September gigs are all done already! 
Doing a gig in NY is always quiet nerve wrecking, as there are often industry people attending. On top of that, there is always the fact that your show is miniscule in comparison to all the show that are going on around you in the city on that given night. People have many options, so therefore, getting them to come to BB KINGS would be tough. Needless to say, the support I have out there, did not let me down, and I walked onto the stage to a great crowd. The gig went great, but due to the fact that there was another show on at 11pm I had to be off the stage at 9:30pm. However as many of you who have come to my show can testify, there is no time keeping to it!! That being said, we finished up only fifteen minutes late and all were happy in the venue. The new Swanky made his debut and sold very well. He seems also to considered "Daddy Swanky" over the original little fella. Either way, he is finding himself in many homes already. 
On Saturday, Dominique and I went up to Baltimore for my gig on the Sunday. We went up early as it is a city neither of us got the pleasure of spending much time in. We stayed in town close to the venue I was performing,"Soundstage", and were blessed with great weather. The place was buzzing. All down by the water there was many lovely restaurants and shops. So we just strolled for the day. Its also an incredibly historical city, and indeed the home of the American National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner". 
On Sunday morning, my mission was to find a place that was showing the Liverpool match, and much to my delight (not so much Dominique's) we found an Irish bar that was serving Irish breakfast from 8am and showing the game. When we walked in, we discovered we had stumbled upon the Liverpool's supporters club of Baltimore! I couldn't have been more at home. Unfortunately the result didn't go our way, but on a day when fans were remembering 96 fellow supporters who had died 23 years ago whilst attending a game, the result was irrelevant. It also brought home the fact that, as important as results may seem to fans, there are more important things in life. It is just a game. 
The gig later that night went great, and as always, the crowd in Baltimore were really up for a good night and a few laughs. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige! It was a gig I didn't want to end. After, like all my other shows, I came out and met all that attended. It was so great seeing so many familiar faces, and indeed one or two new ones. 
Im now back in the comfort of my apartment and although Im not due on stage for a while longer, I look forward to it immensely. When Im on that stage, Im as happy as I ever am. Receiving the support I do, encourages me to keep going and plugging away for more concerts and gigs. Constantly trying to come up with new ideas and ways of getting my music out there. 
Like for example, the Kick starter project I have set up. Many of you have been so generous in your donations to the cause already, and I know many more are intending to. For those who would love to come see my show, its important to know, that the best chance I have of getting to your town is with the support of the local PBS station. They indeed can only support if I have something to air. So this is the main reason I need a special. Im hoping that with this special, we can look forward to a 30 date plus, tour next year. Im a performer, so unless Im performing, Im not happy. I'm as anxious as you are to get to your town. So please, help spread the word for this project and pledge any amount at all. We have 32 days left and are 40% of the way there. If we don't hit our target, the money is not taken from the pledgers, and I receive nothing. You can of course alter your pledge even after you've made it, and most importantly, anyone can pledge from any part of the world!This is the only way you can pledge toward the project. Sending money to your local PBS station wont get to me.
Finally, some have asked who David Hart is, well he is my manager, and therefore had to be put in as part of the billing on the project. I hope this answers some of your questions that I have seen over the past week. Here is the link for any who are willing to help

Thank you again for all your support, I will never be able to fully say how grateful I am 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer End!

So I'm reliably told that come Labour Day weekend, it spells the end to the summer, and wearing of white!! That rules out my new suit for the upcoming gigs!! However, Im hopeful we will get another few weeks of sun and fun before the Autumn really kicks in.
Its funny, much as I love the summer, I always enjoy the Autumn too. I often find myself to be very pensive around Autumn. Leaves fall, colours around you change, and indeed it gets a tad colder. I suppose with the leaves falling, I often think of those past. How the seasons can represent ones life. Its also a time for me to ask, whats the plan for the remainder of the year. What have I achieved so far in the year, and what I want to do before Autumn next year.
Autumn is also a time when the majority of acts take to the road and tour. I suppose being honest, I would have loved to be announcing a big tour for this Autumn. However these things take time to build, and although I have many of you asking for me to come to your local towns and cities, it takes a touch more. Hopefully it wont be much longer before you all get to come and see me live.
I don't know about you, but for me, this year has flown by. I cannot believe it is September already, and that Christmas is fast approaching. I suppose its a good sign that I have found the year fly as it suggests I've been busy. As many of you already know, I am working desperately hard to get my own PBS special together. This is a lot harder than you can ever imagine. Especially as the stations we are in talks with emphasize the fact that funding for their stations is at an all time low, and may drop even further in the not so distant future. Funding is all down to me. That being said, I am very hopeful of being able to pull it off. The special may not have a huge set and laser lights. However, what it will have, and this I can guarantee, is great music and something for everyone.
The support I have received from you all in regard to this has been amazing and hopefully you will all be able to get involved in it somehow in the not so distant future. However whether or not you do, its great to know that there are people out there rooting for me. Trust me, there are days when I wanna give up the whole thing and walk away. Days when you feel your hitting your head against a brick wall and going no where. Days where finding the belief in yourself to keep fighting the fight are near to impossible.That being said, those are out numbered by the days where I feel I can conquer the world.Least of all, America and Canada. Much of that is down to you, your support, and that of my family and friends.
It was about this time last year we were getting ready to release THIS IS THE MOMENT. I was nervous as to how it would be received. Should I have ever doubted you?! No.1 on the World Billboard Charts and Amazon, cemented my beliefs in you all. So now its a year on, and I am anxious to get more stuff out. That will happen soon, I promise.
Last month, I had the great pleasure of returning home to do my own concert in Dublin's National Concert Hall. It was that very stage at the age of 12, I made my professional debut. Appearing as Amahl, in the opera "Amhal and The Night Visitors" with our National Concert Orchestra.
It has always been my home venue. The one I am happiest performing in. Although this time around I was unsure if we would have a great crowd, as I havn't done a solo concert in Dublin for some time. I was afraid no one would remember me. That time moves on, and so do peoples interest. Yet on the night we had a full house. I was overwhelmed. There is nothing like returning to your home town and being welcomed with open arms. Long may that continue. Dublin will always have my heart.
Its funny, I often do wonder, for those who don't follow me here or on social media, how they keep in touch as to what Im doing. Im aware that many don't, and often find out news months after I've been to their town. This is something that I am aware of and I suppose often makes me wonder how many fans of CT still turn up expecting me to come out on stage!! When I don't, what do they say? What do they wonder?!! Hopefully in time, all will know what I am doing and all will be delighted to support and come along to my shows.  
In the meantime, I can only hope that those of you reading this and keeping in touch, will spread the word for me.
I start the few autumn dates I have, this Saturday in Boston at the Regatta Bar. I cant wait. There is no happier man than me when I know I am going to be going on stage. Meeting you all after the show and hearing all your feedback. Boston is a great city to start the Autumns gigs as it is often hailed as the 33rd county of Ireland. There is a huge amount of Irish there. On top of that, singing regularly for the Celtics, I have adopted it as one of my favourite cities. I just spent the weekend up there with Dominique and some close friends. On Saturday, we went out onto the water on a friends boat and spent the day on the water. Swimming and tubing were all done, and I am glad to say I stayed on! BBQ's were had and one or two laughs!
Life is far too short. Notice how quick this year has passed. Time with friends and family should be cherished and made as often as possible. If not possible, a phone call to those you love should happen regularly. Whether it be a long call, or a quick hello. The fact you thought of them and did something about it will mean the world to them. Who knows, t could be the difference between a bad day and a great day for them.
I look forward to seeing some of you this Autumn, and for the rest of you, I hope it wont be long. I miss not seeing you all regularly, but I know its only a matter of time before we meet again soon

Keep well and keep happy

My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home visits

In all the years traveling back and forth to the States, I have always travelled Aer Lingus. I rarely if ever check the prices as I am always of the opinion, when one can, one should support companies from home. Especially during these times of recession. However, recently, I have noticed that the prices of gas have dropped yet the prices of their flights were rising. So for the first time I looked elsewhere. Now when flying back and forth to Dublin from New York you only have three choices for a direct flight. One is already mentioned, the second is Continental and the third being Delta. Once before whilst on Celtic Thunder duty I was flown Continental. Never again. Small plane from the 80's does not bode well for a relatively tall man. Indeed there is always the option of first class, but as mentioned, I was not paying. Not that I could afford it even if I wasnt. So I swore I would never do it again with them. This time round, I checked Delta, and they came in a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. Needless to say, I thought, lets do it Byrom. I felt guilty for not supporting the national airline of my homeland, but until they learn to be competitive, I need to look elsewhere. Plus, its not like I get anything more for my money that a shamrock on the wing, and trust me, even thats looking a different shade of green these days! 
So before I went to the airport, I checked in and choose my seat,which many of you know always ends bad for me. I seem to always go for seats that are in the kindergarden part of the plane, which I never realised existed until my past 8 flights. Im possibly just unlucky, but I always seem to be behind, in front or beside a child. Now again, anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE children.Possibly because I am one at heart, but I get the company of "that" child on the majority of my flights. (I must insert here,that I am not talking of babies,we all know its difficult to control a baby, and I always feel for parents who have a crier.)  Im not sure its the child I have a problem with, or the modern thinking parents who feel it will serve the child better not to reprimand him/her and ignore them. Therefore not giving the child pleasure of attention. I know I travelled a lot as a kid and let me tell ya, I dare not budge. Colouring books and crayons were at the ready. There was no game consoles or personal movie systems. Im not sure really what my point is here, but I just find it utterly inconsiderate to other passengers to have to sit through 7 hours of an unhappy child without some attempt to restrain it. I know also that the majority of the comments flying at me from this will be from mothers telling me that one day it will be me and that I should consider them. I do often. I try to keep that in mind, and indeed try to imagine what I would do differently. I have no idea, so please don't go there. Im just venting and possibly, hopefully opening a discussion amongst you all. 
Anyway, I digress (as always). So I check in the night before. All grand, aisle seat picked, and am checked in and ready to go. Seats and my knees get to know eachother early on. I take out my noise reducers (which after the last paragraph clearly dont work,I hear you say!!) Pick my movie (We Bought A Zoo......dreadful) and dose off. Only to be woken as I often am by a trolley cart testing the strength of my knee caps! Little or no sleep got and I land in Dublin. First time since April. Flying from 90 degrees everyday to what can best be described as apocalyptic weather is never good for the soul. However I dont know why I was so shocked as I grew up in Ireland and know what the weather is like in July. What is harder to figure out was why I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. When I was met at the arrivals gate by my sister, she burst out laughing and told me she had my coat in the car! 
At this point I will say, one should never come to Ireland expecting good weather. We are not a sun destination. We have far more to offer than that. So give us a shot and come visit. I am also thinking that this is why we enjoy a pint so much, as there is nothing better than sitting with great company in an old pub around a fire looking out at the rain. Thats who we are. Its why our country is so green and grown. I wouldn't change it for the world, but its been a while since I went from such heat and sun to the utter extreme's in July! So worth mentioning. 
This trip home I flew solo as Dominique doesn't get much time off at work. Days off are a lot less than what workers in Ireland are entitled to. In fact in a recent world survey, Germany and France top the poll of amount of days off, and surprisingly, the US is bottom of the list with an average of 5 days off. Just a useless fact for you! Anyway, I was due to attend my cousins wedding in Monaghan, and as they asked me to sing and that I set them up in the first place, I couldnt let them down. The reception was in the beautiful Castle Leslie, as many of you would have seen as a bonus feature on one of the CT video's.
The party went till the sun came up and I was in bed by 6am!Since this was the first wedding I was attending since my own proposal to Dominique, I was noticing every little detail, and it all started becoming very real, knowing that soon it would be my turn! 
The following day I was off to Leitrim to join my school pals as one more of us is taking the plunge, so a good stag was on the cards. There are not many of us left on the shelf so none of us want to miss a stag as there are not many excuses left for us all to leave our wives, girlfriends and children in some case for a weekend with the boys. Needless to say, what goes on stag, stays on stag, so I will end here. However I did wake up the next day in wet clothes from head to toe! Thats all your getting! Next stag is mine and I am scared!  
During the following week I spent most of it with my family and catching up with them. Its so nice everytime to go home and have them all around me. Mom's cooking doesnt help with the fitness regime, but when I say she is one of the best cooks ever, I do not lie! Grandma is looking stronger on every visit home and that is purely down to the dedication of my mother to give her the best of everything in her twilight years. It is an incredible task for anyone to take care of a loved one. Be it, elderly, disabled or ill. I have the utmost respect. I've said it before and I'll say it again. My mother has a HUGE heart and wouldn't have it any other way. 
On Thursday last, Dominique arrived home in the early hours of the morning. I collected her from the airport, and even still, after nearly five years together, my heart pounds when I see her come through those gates at arrivals. Even after 6/7 hrs in a plane, she looked radiant. We went to her home and had a big Irish breakie with her parents and family then started out in what would be a jam packed visit. As Dominique only got two days off this year and probably wont be home again with me till our wedding day, we needed to do and see a lot! Including friends and family.  We visited a number of venues, met the priest and booked the church. Even got an engagement party in there as well. Everyone was so excited to see her, as Im always back! The girls get very excited about the ring, and I got real joy out of the fact they all thought I did very well in picking it! 
On Sunday, I was at the airport dropping her back for her return to NY. The weekend was all over in the blink of an eye. I was flying on Monday due to schedules and airline. I felt so bad putting her on a flight alone,but knew I would be seeing her the next day. 
When I arrived at the airport early on Monday morning, I realised I forgot to check in on line, and when the lovely girl behind the counter informed me that in order to assign me a seat I would have to pay €40.00 for the pleasure, I laughed. I thought she was joking. Well then she informed me that "flying is a serious business and Delta don't joke", I declined the offer of paying on top of the €800 I had already spent to get a seat. I was confused. Was I going to be sitting in the toilet for the flight? In between two burly men? Standing in the aisle? Amongst the kids (sure why change now)?serving drinks and food to the customers who were smart enough to check in, or wealthy enough to pay at the desk? Or worse yet, down below with the chickens and goats?!?!? 
All these things were going through my mind,but my stubborn streak would not give in and I told her I would take my chances. Well when my mom rang as she always does before I board, I told her my dilemma and she assured me I did the right thing and "ya never know, you might get bumped up to first class". I laughed out loud as we all know what my luck is like when flying. 
I went to the desk prior to boarding and asked the assistant what do the plebs like me do when waiting to find out our fate for the next 7 hours, and she said all the seats were taken and that I would have to make do with what was left........1ST CLASS! I couldn't believe it. I snatched the ticket and ran to the toilet before she changed her mind. I knew she couldn't come in there! I looked at the ticket and there it was, seat 1E. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt like Charlie did when he opened the chocolate bar and discovered the golden ticket. I was off to Wonka's factory!
I boarded and settled in to my seat. All the time waiting for someone to come up to me and say, excuse me sir, are you having a laugh? This is not your seat. Instead I was greeted with a menu and a glass of champagne. I was living the dream. For the next 7 hours I was that person up there in 1st class that I always wanted to be, yet could never justify spending the cash on. I always thought it was silly money,it is, but after sampling it, I could see what the attraction was. It was the best flight of my life. I will NEVER check in on line when flying Delta again! I felt after all the years of unlucky child roaring, feet in my back, men farting flights I took, God decided, today Paul, it ends. Enjoy, and by God I did. I got some sleep in my fully reclined chair,watched a fantastic movie called "The Best Marigold Hotel", had beautiful food, without the needles in my sandwich and each time I used the toilet, I caught myself smiling in the mirror. Nothing beats winning!! 
Anyway, now Im back to reality and expect never to enjoy flying home as much as I did yesterday. As a thank you to Delta, I booked my flight home in August with them and although I know I will not be as lucky as I was this time, I will still smile at the thought someone else is experiencing the trip I did! 
For the next two weeks I will be annoying management and agent about getting more dates in the diary for the US, and hopefully even Canada, but what has been explained to me is that few promoters in America will touch me unless I have the support of the local PBS station. Indeed this cant and wont happen till I have something to air for them, so priority at this moment in time is finding the funds and creative team to get one put together. It has always been a dream of mine to get my own PBS special, and hopefully I will. If not, my American dream of touring the states on a regular basis my come to a shuddering end, and I wont let that happen till I have drained every possibility. Life here is great for both myself and Dominique. Much as I miss and yearn for home, my family and friends, this is where I see real things happening for me. For us. I would love nothing more than to spend the next few years here. Starting out married life here, maybe, God willing, having children here. Without putting the cart before the horse of course! Though the stark realism is that a lot of it is out of my hands. The net few months will be critical to both of our American dream. Lets keep the positive thinking going and I will continue to fight the fight and chase the dream. After all, its meant to be......right? 

Keep well, 
My loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Its always hard to know where I left off with my last blog. I suppose the easy thing to do would be to go read the last one, however, when I get a mood to write a blog, I just sit and start. So excuse me if I repeat myself every now and again.

We are living in a world where Facebook and Twitter and general social media are all encompassing. Its easy to forget that not everyone is on it, or following it everyday. So with that in mind, when I sit to do these blogs, I have to remember that a lot of news that many read on twitter etc, is not everyone.

Its been a very fun and interesting few months for me. "Operation Paul Byrom" has really shown its potential since being brought into operation. We got a lot of names of producers and hosts of many local stations across the States, Australia and Canada. With that came quiet a few interviews leading up to and after St.Patricks Day. It amazed me how delighted a lot of the shows were to have me contact them. In return, they gave me great air time and played the album. This Is The Moment is still priority no.1. Trying to let people know its out and also trying to bring in one or two new fans who may not of heard of me before. So, all I can ask you at this moment in time, is to keep spreading the word for me amongst friends and family. Sometimes its the closest circle that may not of heard of me.

In April, I returned home to take part in a commemorative concert for the Titanic. It was 100 years ago this year that the boat set sail from Southampton. Stopping off at Rochespoint in Co.Cork, Ireland, and picking up many passengers from Cobh, which at the time was called Queensland. Unless you live under a rock, you'll know that sadly the boat never made it to New York, and over 1500 lives were lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Whilst taking part, I learnt a lot about the boat and some of its famous passengers. Some of the stories would make the hair stand on the back of your neck. In particular, the young mother of 5 from Athlone, who joined the ship to meet her husband in New York, and indeed died at sea with all her little ones. Only to be identified by the prescription drugs in her pocket. Or the owner of MACYS store, who had put his wife on a lifeboat, for her to get off again and say that she had spent her life with him, and that she would end it with him. They were last seen sitting on two deck chairs hand in hand. Too many stories of love lost. Stories that showed how strong love is amongst families and lovers. Devastating accounts of how so many more could have been saved if not for class and sex. Indeed there were many lives lost well after the tragedy. Not as well documented, but of people that took their lives due to post traumatic stress. Struggling to deal with their conscience or indeed struggling to deal with lost love. It truly was a tragic story of epic proportions, and I suppose that is evident in the fact that so many to this day remember those lost at sea.
The concert was beautiful. There was myself and three female soloists and choir and full orchestra. The narrative was put together by Brendan Graham, composer of Isle of Hope and You Raise Me Up. Indeed those songs were in the show along with some beautiful originals and a twenty minute requiem piece written by Joe Csibi. The concert took place on the harbour, and although it was cold, the attendance was fantastic, warm and respectful. Then on the final night, the night of the 15th, when the boat came to its devastating end, the final concert was ended by 100 rescue flares being let off from the harbour. This symbolized each year that has passed since. It was truly a lovely experience to be involved in.

Being home for the concerts was fantastic because I also got to properly release the album at home. So this involved a few radio performances and newspaper interviews. More importantly than all though, was that I was able to spend some quality time with the family and some close friends. Waking up every day and coming down the stairs to see mom and grandma there was fantastic. Of course the breakfasts and dinners my mother laid on were second to none, and when I say she is the best cook I have ever known, I would not be lying. Mom has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Nothing is ever a problem, and she would give everything to you, even if it meant going short herself. I often find it strange how so many talk about good qualities in others, yet rarely say it to their faces. Its good to do it. Its important to let them know how much you think of them. Life passes us all too quickly, and more often than not we never get to say what we want to those we love, and to those who matter. So Im taking this chance to say Thank You Mom. You really are my rock, and everyday I think of you and remember that everything I have is because of you. I am the man I am because of you. Remember that ALWAYS.

Celebrating my birthday with Grandma was also a highlight. At 93, she is as elegant, beautiful and classy as Im sure she was all her life. Im a lucky man to have so many wonderful women in my life. My sister was always around too, and with that comes Jack and Kate. Seeing them everyday was such a joy. I suppose the more you spend away from family, the more you want of them when you come home. Because of that, I will always long to go home and spend time.
That being said, Im loving living here in America at the moment. Life is really falling into place for me here, and everyday I feel a great sense of happening. Things are happening. They may not seem like so, to many, but what goes on behind the scenes you will never know. Turning up and singing is the easy part. Its getting the gigs and the right venues with good promoters is the hard part. Needless to say, gigs will be announced for this year, so those who are not going to be at the Sellersville "sell out" gig next week, do not stress. I am doing my best to ensure I will be coming to a town near you soon. Thats the hope. Thats the goal. One thing I am looking to make sure of, is that when I do gig. Its in nice and appropriate venues/theaters. I would rather do nothing that do it half ass. So watch this space.
We are also trying to piece together a PBS special, and when I have more info about that, I will let you know.

In the meantime, thank you all for your continued support. I always do, and always will appreciate it.

Keep well
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Thursday, March 22, 2012

St.Patricks Celebrations

I genuinely believe that St.Patricks Day is celebrated like no other, here in Northern America. I suppose thats probably down to the estimated 74 million Irish Americans that live here. Of course not all are 1st generation or directly from there, but it makes no odds to us. We are delighted and proud to have so many associated to our country and so many proud to be. Ireland truly is a very rich country. Obviously I dont mean financially, as that is something we most definitely are not. However, I measure wealth in many forms. Indeed it is well documented how rich we are when it comes to music. From the beginning of time, we have always taken great pride in our music. Many of us we're brought up eating and drinking the stuff. Most learnt an instrument, and if not, they would learn to dance or sing. Through our colourful history, we have almost always documented it through song and music. Of course, we are also a country of poets and writers and they too have created works that have been respected and cherished the world over. Whether it be from "The Book of Kells" to "Ulysses" or even to the modern rom com  "P.S I Love You", it is always great to see that fine tradition carry on. Im not sure how or why we are so expressive as a nation, because I dont believe we as a people are too open. For long periods of time our country was kept firmly under the thumb of the Catholic Church. Beliefs were that of Rome or nothing. Feelings amongst men we're never shared and women just knuckled down and kept the family together through good and more often than not, bad times.
I suppose as time passes, and times change, we learn its ok to be open and talk about feelings and fears. Emotions, both happy and sad. However, through the mediums of literature and music, it will always be the best way to express oneself.
Through this export, Ireland has resonated with many people in many countries. I suppose you dont have to be Irish to understand what oppression is, or starvation is, or over coming adversity. Being Irish, we understand what it is to lose a loved one. More than most. To this very day, many families bid fare well to their loved ones who are boarding planes to far off lands, in hope of finding work and a better life. There was a period where we as a country thought that time was in the past, but sadly we are back in the thick of it again.
Many small towns and cities are losing their young at an alarming rate. We have one of the finest education systems in the world, and some of the brightest academics graduating ever year. Only to lose them to other countries. This is truly heartbreaking.
I write this as one of the young who have left home. Im certainly not one of the bright sparks I talked about above, but with me its not much different. I like so many, love Ireland and love being surrounded by family and friends. I love my walks down Dun Laoghaire pier in the summer, or sitting in an ould Dublin bar in the throughs of winter. Driving from Dublin to anywhere in the country in a matter of hours and going from city life to the rural kingdom of Ireland. These are all things that I often yearn for. So why did I leave? Im certainly not moaning. I love my new home. I left because I dream of bigger and better. Sometimes it takes a while, but eventually I realized that if I was to achieve half of what I dreamed of, I would need to leave Ireland. How long for? Only time will tell. Though I, like so many, hope that returning to home for good, will be an option down the long and winding road.
So when St. Patricks Day comes around, it gives you a great sense of pride. Pride at the fact that even those who have no Irish in them, feel the need to celebrate the day thats in it.
I had a fantastic lead up to the day itself. On the Thursday before, I was invited to take part in the New York Parade Gala event at the NYAC. There were some other fantastic acts involved like Celtic Woman, and Michael T English. Friends from the industry Im glad to say. I met some wonderful people at the event and was delighted with the reaction my performances got. I was indeed honoured to perform the American National Anthem and a couple from my new album This Is The Moment.
The following evening I was invited into the Feinstein Lounge in NY for a beautiful intimate evenings performance by Linda Eder. Im delighted that she is with the same management as myself so got to meet her after. A lady with a wealth of experience and talent.
Then Saturday came round fast at it was a VERY early start to the day. Dominique and I had been invited to the Grand Marshals breakfast at 7am and to say I needed a couple of coffee's would be an understatement. No sooner had I a slice of bacon in me, when I got asked to sing. This I was not expecting. So indeed, excuses never work when called upon to sing amongst the Irish, and Carrigfergus got a little bit of a belt. Thankfully I was well received and was able to hit all the notes. From there we went straight to the home of St.Patricks Day in America, that of course being St. Patricks Cathedral for 8 am mass! Again, been a while since I was at mass that early. There was an amazing collection of people there from all over the States and Canada, and the mass was celebrated by Cardinal Dolan. Who I have renamed Fr.Cool! Simply because of the way talks to the congregation. Keeps it light, with a point to his sermon. Needless to say, they got the point across on many occassions that they needed money! Somethings never change I suppose!! I felt like shouting back, "DONT WE ALL"!!! The music and celebration was second to none and it really was a celebration of all things Irish.
After that I went straight to do a radio show on Madison Avenue and Mr.Bloomberg went on just before me. It was great to meet him and indeed I sensed he felt to be wary of me, as one never knows who will be the next Mayor of the city!!!!

I finished work around lunchtime, and went to hang with some friends who have lived here for nearly 10years. Not a regular occurrence, but the day being in it, a pint of Guinness was had. I have been off the drink for lent, but Paddy's Day is always the exception! Especially after a day of pressing palms. I would hate to be a politician having to canvas all the time. DRAINING! I only have a certain amount of "nice"!!!!

One thing both Dominique and I both commented on was the amount of drunk people littering the city on the day. What was glaringly obvious was that the majority were not Irish. It was a shame as it clearly sends out the image about us. It seemed a lot we're young students who used the celebrations for a chance to come to the city and drink a lot. I must make the point, Irish enjoy a drink...or two, but we are not all alcoholics! Either way, its not something for me to lose sleep over. Just an observation.

Now that all the Patricks Day celebrations have piped down and normality is resuming again, I am working hard on my material for the Titanic gig I have in Ireland in April, and I am also pressurizing my agent to finalise dates throughout the States. We are also looking at the potential of some in Canada. Im aware of the support I have up there, and want to return the favour by doing some gigs there. Theatre's are harder to book than pubs and indeed if I was equipped for pub gigs I would do them. Problem is, I have always been a concert performer, and hope I always will. point being, that if there is a sniff of a chance we can get venues, we will.

I have no doubt it will be a busy year, and I am taking it one day at a time. Belief in oneself can often be hard to find, but Im blessed with a fantastic girlfriend, a wonderfully supportive family and indeed the finest and most dedicated fans/friends in the world. So on those days when I struggle, they generally roll in behind me, and carry me to a stronger brighter place. For that, I will always be grateful. We will succeed. For those who quit, never win, and for those who win, never quit.

Be well, be safe and be happy.
Thank you all

My loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul x


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So since posting here about OPB (Operation Paul Byrom), I have received overwhelming amounts signing up. It is pretty amazing to see so many willing to help from what has now become the four corners of the earth. It was an idea that I wasn't sure of working, but we have got off to a flying start, and let me tell all who have signed up. you are part of an exciting and very effective group. I am always delighted to see little fan groups on Facebook and Twitter as it is hugely flattering, However, OPB is about getting things done and getting my music out there.
Our first two missions were about local publications and radio stations. I gathered all the information received and mailed them all individually. The response has been very very favourable and indeed enthusiastic, with bookings for radio interviews coming in thick and fast. This is without doubt the most effective way of building up support.
As the interviews or appearances come in, I will be posting them on the "News and Events" section here on the website.
I always said that the only way my solo career was going to pick up, would be by getting airplay. This is now happening thanks to so many of you.
There is a lot done, and a hell of a lot more to do. I really believe we have a great system now and I think we can achieve an awful lot.
When I was with Celtic Thunder, getting promotion was easy as I was part of a big production with the backing of a major label and indeed a well oiled machine. So going solo and not having that has proven to be an eye opener as to how to get any notice. Needless to say, now through OPB, I am building up some great contacts with very positive results.

All I wanted to say was Thank You, and lets keep trucking along. There are many things in the pipeline that I am hoping will come off. All of which I cant say anything about right now, but be sure and know that I am not resting on my laurels and as soon as anything comes in, you will all be the first to know.

Who knows whats around the corner, but whatever it is, I look forward to facing it all with you by my side!

Keep well and healthy
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Monday, February 13, 2012

Operation Paul Byrom

Well hello there boys and girls!! Its been a while since I did a blog but I suppose with the world of Twitter and Facebook, you all know what I'm doing pretty much all the time!

It has been an interesting few weeks to say the least. Starting off with the most important information. After a traumatic accident involving my grandma, Im delighted to say she is on the road to recovery and fast approaching her 93rd birthday. She is currently in hospital going through physio and getting stronger. Once they feel she is strong enough, she will be let home and back to normality. However, despite it protestations, we will all be keeping closer tabs on her. I was extremely worried as I am very close to my grandma. I always have been. During my summer holidays as a child I would spend many weeks on end with my grandparents and my Grandma and I would often head into town for the day to look through the shops. I would always end up heading home with a new piece of lego as a treat. Although we wouldn't head home without heading to mass at the Pro Cathedral and then a glass of Guinness for Grandma and a soft drink for me. Then onto the bus and home we would go. They are cherished memories of mine, and therefore my Grandparents will always have a huge part of my heart. That being said, I want to thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers at a time when I was hoping that Grandma's years of devotion would be repaid. I head home in April for a performance to commemorate the Titanic leaving Cobh Harbour. Therefore I will be able to celebrate my birthday with her as its within days of each other. Everyday is a blessing with family and I cant wait to see them all soon.

Things are good with me, and the cruise of the Panama Canal in January was a total blast. It was so great getting to spend time with so many of you and sharing a lot of laughs. Indeed it was also great getting a bit of sun on the bones whilst New York was getting some snow. It certainly broke up the winter for me.
Since coming back I have been working hard with my management and agent to plan out the coming year. We have a lot of exciting plans and are hoping at least half of them come off. Needless to say, any of you that know me, know that I will continue pursuing the dream and trying to get my name out there.

This brings me to the headline of this blog. I need your help. You have all been so effective in getting my name out there and in spreading the word on what I am doing. However, I really feel with all the commitment shown by so many of you, we can achieve a lot more. IF WE WORK TOGETHER. So here's my thinking. The one thing we could do is have certain projects where we are all working together. We have had a lot of great ideas by some of you, so if we work in numbers we could achieve these. Rosie O'Donnell clearly knows all about me now. The strength in numbers.
In the past we have called them street teams, and indeed that idea is kinda what we are talking about. However, I rather call it "Operation Paul Byrom". Something we are all a part of. We are not different teams, we are one. One dream, one mission. I need people who are prepared to take the bull by the horns in there local area and try to get my music out there. I know the power of you all. You are all so committed, loyal and genuine. I wouldn't have been able to take a punt on myself if I didnt believe I would have your support. So here I am, asking you to step up. THIS IS THE MOMENT. Are you with me? If so, please email me at 

I hope to hear from many of you. From all over the world. The more the merrier 

Thank you and God bless 

My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 

Paul x

Sunday, February 12, 2012

News & Events


March 6th
McGonigal's Pub
Barrington, IL

March 8th 
Edgewood Country Club
Pittsburgh, PA

March 11th
The Inn at Ragged Edge
Chambersburgh, PA

March 12th
Philadelphia Irish Center
Commodore Barry Club,

March 13th
"An Irish Heart" with the Atlanta Pops
The Plaza Arts Center

March 14th
The Smith Center for Performing Arts
Las Vegas 

March 17th

March 22
Culhanes, Deer Lake
Jacksonville, FL


"Paul Byrom brilliantly reprises his role here as the evil villain"

"wickedly good Paul Byrom"

"Lord Beautface played brilliantly by Irish Tenor Paul Byrom"

"“Easy listening – which the young love ironically and the old love wholeheartedly – is on an upward curve and ‘Velvet’ which reached No. 2 in the albums charts, may just have been the making of Byrom – this show case performance, featuring a 26 piece orchestra has long been a sell-out.:”

“He does not interpret the music so much as channel it, his voice a dark, lustrous force of nature. Around him, the orchestra conjures a crashing swooning swell; listeners may feel as if they have passed through the silver screen and into a forgotten Hollywood musical.”

"Tenor Paul Byrom returns in another hilarious performance"

Grammy Award winner Julie Gold, composer of "From A Distance":
I LOVED From a Distance and feel you gave it a personal and respectful and unique performance.  THANK YOU for honoring me in such a way.
Gorgeous voice and sweepingly elaborate and beautiful production."

Musical Composer, Frank Wildhorn:
"Love your version of This Is The Moment...great passsion"