Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Its always hard to know where I left off with my last blog. I suppose the easy thing to do would be to go read the last one, however, when I get a mood to write a blog, I just sit and start. So excuse me if I repeat myself every now and again.

We are living in a world where Facebook and Twitter and general social media are all encompassing. Its easy to forget that not everyone is on it, or following it everyday. So with that in mind, when I sit to do these blogs, I have to remember that a lot of news that many read on twitter etc, is not everyone.

Its been a very fun and interesting few months for me. "Operation Paul Byrom" has really shown its potential since being brought into operation. We got a lot of names of producers and hosts of many local stations across the States, Australia and Canada. With that came quiet a few interviews leading up to and after St.Patricks Day. It amazed me how delighted a lot of the shows were to have me contact them. In return, they gave me great air time and played the album. This Is The Moment is still priority no.1. Trying to let people know its out and also trying to bring in one or two new fans who may not of heard of me before. So, all I can ask you at this moment in time, is to keep spreading the word for me amongst friends and family. Sometimes its the closest circle that may not of heard of me.

In April, I returned home to take part in a commemorative concert for the Titanic. It was 100 years ago this year that the boat set sail from Southampton. Stopping off at Rochespoint in Co.Cork, Ireland, and picking up many passengers from Cobh, which at the time was called Queensland. Unless you live under a rock, you'll know that sadly the boat never made it to New York, and over 1500 lives were lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Whilst taking part, I learnt a lot about the boat and some of its famous passengers. Some of the stories would make the hair stand on the back of your neck. In particular, the young mother of 5 from Athlone, who joined the ship to meet her husband in New York, and indeed died at sea with all her little ones. Only to be identified by the prescription drugs in her pocket. Or the owner of MACYS store, who had put his wife on a lifeboat, for her to get off again and say that she had spent her life with him, and that she would end it with him. They were last seen sitting on two deck chairs hand in hand. Too many stories of love lost. Stories that showed how strong love is amongst families and lovers. Devastating accounts of how so many more could have been saved if not for class and sex. Indeed there were many lives lost well after the tragedy. Not as well documented, but of people that took their lives due to post traumatic stress. Struggling to deal with their conscience or indeed struggling to deal with lost love. It truly was a tragic story of epic proportions, and I suppose that is evident in the fact that so many to this day remember those lost at sea.
The concert was beautiful. There was myself and three female soloists and choir and full orchestra. The narrative was put together by Brendan Graham, composer of Isle of Hope and You Raise Me Up. Indeed those songs were in the show along with some beautiful originals and a twenty minute requiem piece written by Joe Csibi. The concert took place on the harbour, and although it was cold, the attendance was fantastic, warm and respectful. Then on the final night, the night of the 15th, when the boat came to its devastating end, the final concert was ended by 100 rescue flares being let off from the harbour. This symbolized each year that has passed since. It was truly a lovely experience to be involved in.

Being home for the concerts was fantastic because I also got to properly release the album at home. So this involved a few radio performances and newspaper interviews. More importantly than all though, was that I was able to spend some quality time with the family and some close friends. Waking up every day and coming down the stairs to see mom and grandma there was fantastic. Of course the breakfasts and dinners my mother laid on were second to none, and when I say she is the best cook I have ever known, I would not be lying. Mom has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Nothing is ever a problem, and she would give everything to you, even if it meant going short herself. I often find it strange how so many talk about good qualities in others, yet rarely say it to their faces. Its good to do it. Its important to let them know how much you think of them. Life passes us all too quickly, and more often than not we never get to say what we want to those we love, and to those who matter. So Im taking this chance to say Thank You Mom. You really are my rock, and everyday I think of you and remember that everything I have is because of you. I am the man I am because of you. Remember that ALWAYS.

Celebrating my birthday with Grandma was also a highlight. At 93, she is as elegant, beautiful and classy as Im sure she was all her life. Im a lucky man to have so many wonderful women in my life. My sister was always around too, and with that comes Jack and Kate. Seeing them everyday was such a joy. I suppose the more you spend away from family, the more you want of them when you come home. Because of that, I will always long to go home and spend time.
That being said, Im loving living here in America at the moment. Life is really falling into place for me here, and everyday I feel a great sense of happening. Things are happening. They may not seem like so, to many, but what goes on behind the scenes you will never know. Turning up and singing is the easy part. Its getting the gigs and the right venues with good promoters is the hard part. Needless to say, gigs will be announced for this year, so those who are not going to be at the Sellersville "sell out" gig next week, do not stress. I am doing my best to ensure I will be coming to a town near you soon. Thats the hope. Thats the goal. One thing I am looking to make sure of, is that when I do gig. Its in nice and appropriate venues/theaters. I would rather do nothing that do it half ass. So watch this space.
We are also trying to piece together a PBS special, and when I have more info about that, I will let you know.

In the meantime, thank you all for your continued support. I always do, and always will appreciate it.

Keep well
My Loves
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  1. How great to be a part of History. I am sure you gave the audience much pleasure. It must have been a moving ceremony.
    Wonderful for you to be able to spend time with your family at home. Moms are pretty special, aren't they : )
    We are so happy to try to help you with promoting your career and your wanting our help. You don't realize how much we want you to succeed! Cannot wait to see you again in such a wonderful setting and being able to listen and watch you sing in person. Your voice is even stronger than on your CDs.
    Just let OPB know when and what you want and we will do our best to get it for you.
    Thank You for letting us be a part of your life.
    Love and Hugs,


  2. Hi Paul
    Can't wait for the PBS special and hopefully I can get to a concert of yours next time. I met you on the cruise in January and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and down to earth you are. My friends and I enjoyed your comic routine on stage, and Of course we absolutely love your voice. We here in Canada will be watching for upcoming gigs, even if we have to fly to Toronto. Love your voice and your music. Good luck from Nova Scotia, Canada

  3. So lovely to read your blog Paul. I can't imagine how moving it must have been to be a part of the Titanic remembrance but I can't think of anyone more suited to the task. You have the heart and soul that is required to truly commemorate such a momentous event.

    I hope to see you again on your tour this year. I've held out some planning just for your gigs. :) I'll be in NY for the CT show in September so maybe I'll run into you and buy you a beer. :)

    Take care in all you do and I look forward to everything you have coming up.

    Hugs to you and Dominique

  4. Another lovely blog, Paul. :) I love that when the mood strikes, you just sit down and write! As it should be!

    The Titanic commerative concerts sound touching. Thanks for giving us the details.

    Your kind words about your mother touched my heart. As a mother, I can tell you there is NOTHING I wouldn't do to support and love my children. I would go to the ends of the earth for them, and obviously your mother has done no less for you. She sounds fantastic!

    Best of luck in all of your projects. Looking forward to hearing that you are coming back to St. Louis soon!! :)

  5. Wish I could have been at Cobh for the concert! I've not yet had the privilege of hearing you live, but all my Facebook buddies say it is even better than on tv, dvd or cd. Hope one of your upcoming gigs is in Florida. Think I'd also love to be a "fly on the wall" some time watching you with your family. You speak of them with such love, they must be wonderful people to know. Your fans are glad to have you here in America, but I can hear the yearning in you to be back in Ireland, too -- when you do eventually move back, just please keep making music for us and visit occasionally. And now, as a faithful member of OPB, it is time to go call a couple of my local stations & request one of your songs. :)

  6. I love when my fb newsfeed tells me you've written another blog, you're always so interesting and thoughtful! I respect SO much that you speak your mind, that you work very hard at achieving your dream, and that you love your family so much.

    We'd love to have you back here in So Cal :D

  7. Paul, thank you for sharing part of your life with us. I'm glad you had what sounds like a time to remember in the past few months. Always, try to take time to slow down and breath. You are right in the fact that we let life take us by storm and before we realize it, time has passed us by.

    Have a great week!

    God bless and keep you,

  8. Thank you so much for the lovely blog, Paul. Your time at home was a priceless experience, from celebrating history, performing at home and being with your family. It is wonderful to hear you express your love for your family. Not everyone does that, and we need to. Looking forward to seeing you perform again.....soon, I hope! Brought a few new fans to your show last year....you blew them away and we traveled down to their state the next day to see you again. So this year, we will see if we can take 2 more newbies and add to your fanbase! Shouldn't be too hard!

  9. Thank you for this great blog, Paul! I'm happy to hear you had a great time at home in Ireland and I'm happy you will return this summer for a gig in the National Concert Hall. Of course I already got my ticket and my mom will come with me, she is a fan of you too. We both are looking forward to seeing and hearing you live in Dublin. Finally after three years I will get that chance.
    Always love to hear what's going on in your live and I am happy live works fine for you. Take care of you!
    Claudi from Germany

  10. Thank You Paul for your nice blog. Love always read your blogs. Know that even though I can not come to your gigs (To far away)I always a big fan of you and I always will be.

  11. Once again, thank you for a heartfelt blog, Paul. We are waiting anxiously for your next gigs. We talk often of how much fun we had in Foxborough last November, and, of course, on the cruise in January 2012. You are a special man, Paul Byrom. Thank you.
    Jean L from New Hampshire

  12. PAUL