Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I've always had an affection for this time of year. As I make my way around each day in  New York on what is our first Autumn in this great city. Im struck at how the season is changing. This may sound like Im rambling about something that shouldn't really be all that interesting. However, if, like me, your from Ireland, you will understand that we dont get four seasons. Yes, technically we do. In that it gets colder around now at home, and then slightly warmer around Spring, then maybe a bit of sun in July. One thing is for sure though. It rains ALL year. So to experience the seasons as I am here in New York, is a real treat.

Noticing the leaves change though, spell one thing to me......the tour is getting close!
After almost 9 months of planning, my first solo tour of Northern America is literally three weeks away. As you know there have been many sleepless nights had, and one or two more to be had before it starts.
So where are we now?! Well, obviously tickets are still available. Much as I would love to say its all sold out, there are still tickets available for all the gigs. All details are on this website under "News and Events", with purchase links attached. Needless to say, if you are in reach of the gigs, I would love to see you there. This is very much a tour to show many in the industry, that I can do it here in the States and that I can do it alone. Its also a tour for you to see me in a more intimate setting.
The support I have gotten to date has been incredible, but I am aware that a lot want to see if the support has carried over to my solo performances. I have been very flattered at the news that some are traveling from Europe and Australia to see me. Not to mention the miles many are making in America and Canada. This is overwhelming. Needless to say, I will do my best to put on an evening to remember.

There have been a couple of questions recently about certain aspects of the gigs. So the point to this blog in particular is to address one or two.

For many of the gigs, there is no seating plan, so first come first seated. Details of when doors open are also on all the purchase links.

Photos ARE allowed. However, filming is NOT.

Unless you have won a private meet and greet which has been organised by the "Byrom Babes" by promoting my concerts in their area, or through WQED, there will be no meet and greets for sale for any of the other gigs. However, it is important to state, I WILL BE DOING SIGNINGS OF PAUL BYROM MERCHANDISE by the merch stand AFTER THE EVERY GIG. So I will get to thank you all in person.

There will be NO CREDIT CARD MACHINES at the merch table, so all transactions will be CASH ONLY. Im sorry about the inconvenience, but as I state regularly, this is a small tour with a tight budget. Therefore having these facilities is not an option for me.

Merchandise for the tour will be exclusive to the tour initially. If there is excess at the end. I will at that point look into selling it here on line. There will be 6 items on sale at most gigs. However, if we are sold out of what you are looking for, we can only apologize in advance.

The new album "This Is The Moment" will be available on general release on November 8th. Barnes and Noble at this moment are the only store selling it. On line sales will be done through Amazon and iTunes. If your Barnes and Noble is sold out, PLEASE ASK THEM TO RE-ORDER!!

In other news, Dave Cooke, Celtic Thunders former Musical Director on tour, will be joining me for this tour. I am truly delighted as we get on great and will have many a good laugh on and off the stage. He is a fantastic musician and a great friend. This I think will add to the banter on stage. Plus, its nice for you folks to have a recognizable face on stage with me!
Flights are booked for him and myself. So we will be in Portland well in advance of opening night. Im only today after finalizing all our flight details for the West Coast and then we start on our bus from St.Louis to the end in New Jersey.
Hotels are next on my agenda, so am hoping it wont be too difficult. All of a sudden, Im tour manager, production manager and singer! Im surprisingly enjoying all the work. Its a great learning curve and hopefully when I get to have larger tour schedules with bigger productions, I will have a greater knowledge of what is needed to make all these things happy.
I find myself in front of the laptop screen from early morning till quiet late, but always take a break and head to the gym to clear the head. So far so good.

Before I go, it was a great buzz to see me top the charts on Amazon. A real boost in the arm. It made me realise more than ever before that I have many behind me supporting. I wont lie. I do often worry about ticket sales, album sales, meeting budgets and breaking even. So when I see a chart like that, ticket sales increasing and all the wonderful messages of support, it fills me with energy to do more and strive on.
I am SO grateful to you all. Wholeheartedly, Thank you. I cant wait to get on the road and see you all again in person. I cant wait to sing the songs I love for you. This is going to be fun. At this point, I just want to get going.
Please continue to spread the word for me. Please continue to hand out flyers if at all possible, but more importantly, keep believing.

Thank you
My loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul xxxx