Sunday, September 11, 2011


Im woken this morning by the beautiful powerful rays beaming into my room from the gorgeous sun in the September sky. Much as I love waking to the sun shinning. Today I wake with a very heavy heart. Heavy, because I know it is an exact replica morning of September 9th 2001.
How many woke on that morning full of the joys of live? Thinking about all they needed to do that day. Many lying beside their loved ones. Delighted to have them beside them, or in a room near by.Maybe being woken by tiny feet coming into the room looking for hugs cuddles and some breakfast!
Or those who woke alone, looking forward to meeting that special one in the near future. Dreaming of one day having a family of their own.
Of course their were many who wanted neither and were going about their lives surrounded by family and friends who loved them very much. One thing is for sure, every person Im talking about is being missed this morning.

I didnt know anyone who died on September 11th. Yet I wake this morning feeling like I lost someone very close to me. Im not sure why. Maybe because I live here now? No. Maybe because I used to vist the eyes of the world bar when working as a student back in 2000? No. Or maybe because I know so many good Americans? No. None of these reasons are sitting with me. I think its simply because I am a normal human being. It aches to think of so many dying through such horrible acts of evil. It aches that someone somewhere would plot to take another persons life. To take nearly 3,000 lives.
Not only did they take those lives, but also killed the soul of those who lost a loved one.

Im not all together sure why Im posting this blog. Its not meant as "thoughts of the day" piece. I think its because I need to share with others how sad I always feel on this day. To know Im not alone, and that although I wasn't directly affected, Its alright to be upset by what happened.

Flying in last night to New York, I looked out from my plane window and saw the New York skyline in the evening light.The setting sun was breaking through the clouds, and the rays were dispensed across the city. Like light through a stain glass window. Ive never claimed to be too holy. In truth I could be a lot better. However, when looking out that window, It really looked like God was shinning over New York last night. That all his attention was just on that city for a short while. Like he was checking in and confirming that despite it all, he was still there looking out for us.
I know many like I, were asking on that fateful morning, where was God at 8.47 am when evil took to town. Im sure many still do? Although I have no answer for myself still, I believe all that suffered are at peace now. That blaming God, the government, the intelligence agencies, the airlines etc. etc. None of it will change anything. That those who wish to cause harm on others will do so whether all the above are involved or not.

Again, I have no point to this blog. I just wanted to share how I am feeling this morning. That my thoughts are with all that died, and that all who survived, but still lost a piece of themselves on that morning.  That I pray for all who have been left behind aching and longing for the loved ones they lost.
I ache at the thought of never seeing my loved ones again, and not being able to say goodbye, or to tell them I loved them. So I cannot begin to imagine how so many (too many) are feeling this morning.

I think on September 11th 2001, we all lost a little light in our souls. The world has changed so much since then, and will never be the same.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace. May those who lost their loved ones find some peace, and may God protect us from ever experiencing anything like that again.
Let us never forget.

For now,
My loves
My Doves
My Eggs


Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day Of School !!!

Well to say it has been an eventful few months home would be a massive understatement! Obviously the main objective was to come back and get my new album done. This of course was never going to be a quick job, especially considering that I am working with a lot of perfectionists. 
Joe Csibi my producer, brought together a serious amount of musicians, arrangers and songwriters to work on it, and I honestly think it is my best yet. With age you learn a lot, and looking back over the past few albums Ive done, Im honestly able to say a lot has changed. Growth as a singer, recording artist and a performer has always been my objective, and Im proud to say that is all going according to plan. For better or worse, you shall be the judge of that!

Now that its all done it has been sent to LA to get the finishing touches and I hope to have it available to you all very very soon! One or two deals in the air, and either way, good auld will have it available to you. That being said, I will be letting you all know the track list for the album very soon. But as you know, I like to give a little teaser. 
You already know This Is The Moment is the title, so obviously thats there. I mentioned in a previous blog that Phil Coulter played piano on my version of his hit Scorn Not His Simplicity. A beautiful touching song written about his son. Then for any who were listening to my interview on RTE radio during the week, you would have heard me mention that I am after recording one of my all time favourite songs All My Loving by Lennon and McCartney. I recorded this because when listening to the lyrics to such a joyful upbeat song, I realised that it was in fact a very sad song about leaving your loved one behind, which on many occasions I have had to do. When I can relate to a song, then that is generally enough for me to be confident in being able to deliver it. Needless to say, I have put my own spin on it, so Beatles fanatics like my mother, will either love it or hate it! Unfortunately, thats how the cookie crumbles! 
Then the last track I will tell you about today, is a song I fell in love with the first time I heard it. As Im sure many of you reading this have lost loved ones in the past, and with it being the only guarantee in life, will lose loved ones in the future, this song really touches home. When I sing it I think of my Grandfather who, like my grandmother, was so close to me and my sister. He was always so proud when he would come to hear me sing, and often would tell my sister and I that we would never know how happy we made him. I only hope he realizes how happy we were to be around him. I also think of my father, who tragically died a couple of years after him. I rarely talk about it as it is something my whole family had to deal with. Maybe one day I will sit and tell you the story, but for now, I am happy in the knowledge that the two men are "just a breath away", and that every time I shall sing "To Where You Are" they will be very much in my thoughts. I am blessed in the ability to release my emotions through song, and I hope with these recordings and more, you will all be able to share those feelings with me. 
The rest of the track list will be released as we come closer to the album hitting the shelves! 

On Wednesday morning I was up early to bring my nephew/godson to his first day at "big boy" school. I was incredibly proud when he came into my room in his uniform and asked if I could make his hair look like mine!! God Love him!! However, It was even stranger seeing him wear the same uniform I wore all those years ago. Kate had been back a few days in her school at this point,and has taken to it like a duck to water.No fear with her. She is so confident and outgoing that she is just taking it in her stride. 
So we dropped her first to school, then went with Jack to his. When we walked in to Willow Park school, the waft was the exact same as it was the day I walked in as a young terrified boy.  However there was no more blackboards, all computer now! And the class rooms were far more high tech than when I was there. 
His new teacher is a lovely lady and very welcoming. Indeed she remembered me from all those years back, and was delighted that she had my nephew in her class. Although, she did say there would be no special treatment!! When leaving him in his class alone, trying to catch another boys eye, I felt a lump in my throat and hoped that the following years ahead for him would be as enjoyable as they were for me. I hoped he would be quick to make friends, and that the lessons he learned would not be a struggle early on. Mad thinking like this when he isnt even my son! Although Im sure you have gathered at this point, we are a very close family. So he is as close to a son as I have, and always will be! 

Im at the point now where I am looking forward to getting back to our apartment in NY and hitting the ground running with all that is coming up in the next couple of months. With the new album, I hope it opens a few doors and indeed introduces me to more people who may in turn become fans. 
I am hoping to make a few tv appearances if they will have me on, then its all go for the tour in November. To say I am nervous would be an understatement, but this is the path I have chosen, so without sounding like a broken record, I want to move on. Before I do that, I will ask you all to do your very best in spreading the word for me. The next few months for me are critical and I hope I will look back in years to come and say "wow. why did I ever worry?"

This Friday coming, I have been invited on the top Irish tv show to perform. Its called the Late Late Show, and although I have been on it twice before, I am still very excited about it. Being involved with the Irish rugby team has been a real honour and getting to perform Irelands Call on the show, is going to be great fun. 
The plan is that the next day I will be on a plane to NY to meet back up with Domi and our temporary house guest Louis! 

I do hope you have all battled through the horrific weather conditions and that you and your loved ones are safe. 
I look forward to seeing you all very soon 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs