Thursday, October 6, 2016


Delighted to announce so soon after my second musical bus tour of Ireland this past September, that we are ready to announce the third and possibly best tour yet. I'm excited about so much on this upcoming trip, but in particular, we will be exploring Northern Ireland as well as the South. Including my Grandfathers home county of Sligo. So from the home of the Titanic, to the Giant Causeway and Galway city to the beautiful Connemara, we will cover an awful lot. This will be a very personalised trip full of good craic from beginning to end. Including 3 intimate concerts from me along the way.

There is a limited amount of spaces and many of our past visitors on the Byrom Bus Tour are already signed up, so act fast. If you have always wanted to come to Ireland, now is the time to come. With nearly 18 months to get ready and save up, this is the perfect opportunity to come and discover Northern Ireland and visit some of my favourite stops in the Republic too!

I hope this trip truly excites you as much as it excites me. I have a feeling this one could be the best one yet!!!

Here is a full itinerary. Be sure and email my good friend Chris for all information and prices at