Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey there 
Just a quick note to let you all know that when talking about traveling this month, I had already been asked to cover Damian this month due to his commitment to his studies. This is something I whole heartedly believe he needs to do. Therefore I would hate to see Sharon and Phil have trouble filling commitments to some local PBS Stations. 
As I have said many times, I will always be a part of Celtic Thunder so am willing to help out when needed. This does not mean I am  going back on what i have intended to achieve this year and for yeas to come. Solo projects are still priority but as I am on "Heritage" I feel I can talk about it as well as anyone. 
I also look forward to visiting Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks. Even though I dont have Damian with me. 
I look forward to seeing you all at some of these stations on this promo trip and I will post the stations I am visiting on the "news" section with in the next few hours. 

My album and solo tour is still in the making so hang tight and thanks for everything.

Keep well 
My Loves My Doves My Eggs 

Paul xxx