Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I've always had an affection for this time of year. As I make my way around each day in  New York on what is our first Autumn in this great city. Im struck at how the season is changing. This may sound like Im rambling about something that shouldn't really be all that interesting. However, if, like me, your from Ireland, you will understand that we dont get four seasons. Yes, technically we do. In that it gets colder around now at home, and then slightly warmer around Spring, then maybe a bit of sun in July. One thing is for sure though. It rains ALL year. So to experience the seasons as I am here in New York, is a real treat.

Noticing the leaves change though, spell one thing to me......the tour is getting close!
After almost 9 months of planning, my first solo tour of Northern America is literally three weeks away. As you know there have been many sleepless nights had, and one or two more to be had before it starts.
So where are we now?! Well, obviously tickets are still available. Much as I would love to say its all sold out, there are still tickets available for all the gigs. All details are on this website under "News and Events", with purchase links attached. Needless to say, if you are in reach of the gigs, I would love to see you there. This is very much a tour to show many in the industry, that I can do it here in the States and that I can do it alone. Its also a tour for you to see me in a more intimate setting.
The support I have gotten to date has been incredible, but I am aware that a lot want to see if the support has carried over to my solo performances. I have been very flattered at the news that some are traveling from Europe and Australia to see me. Not to mention the miles many are making in America and Canada. This is overwhelming. Needless to say, I will do my best to put on an evening to remember.

There have been a couple of questions recently about certain aspects of the gigs. So the point to this blog in particular is to address one or two.

For many of the gigs, there is no seating plan, so first come first seated. Details of when doors open are also on all the purchase links.

Photos ARE allowed. However, filming is NOT.

Unless you have won a private meet and greet which has been organised by the "Byrom Babes" by promoting my concerts in their area, or through WQED, there will be no meet and greets for sale for any of the other gigs. However, it is important to state, I WILL BE DOING SIGNINGS OF PAUL BYROM MERCHANDISE by the merch stand AFTER THE EVERY GIG. So I will get to thank you all in person.

There will be NO CREDIT CARD MACHINES at the merch table, so all transactions will be CASH ONLY. Im sorry about the inconvenience, but as I state regularly, this is a small tour with a tight budget. Therefore having these facilities is not an option for me.

Merchandise for the tour will be exclusive to the tour initially. If there is excess at the end. I will at that point look into selling it here on line. There will be 6 items on sale at most gigs. However, if we are sold out of what you are looking for, we can only apologize in advance.

The new album "This Is The Moment" will be available on general release on November 8th. Barnes and Noble at this moment are the only store selling it. On line sales will be done through Amazon and iTunes. If your Barnes and Noble is sold out, PLEASE ASK THEM TO RE-ORDER!!

In other news, Dave Cooke, Celtic Thunders former Musical Director on tour, will be joining me for this tour. I am truly delighted as we get on great and will have many a good laugh on and off the stage. He is a fantastic musician and a great friend. This I think will add to the banter on stage. Plus, its nice for you folks to have a recognizable face on stage with me!
Flights are booked for him and myself. So we will be in Portland well in advance of opening night. Im only today after finalizing all our flight details for the West Coast and then we start on our bus from St.Louis to the end in New Jersey.
Hotels are next on my agenda, so am hoping it wont be too difficult. All of a sudden, Im tour manager, production manager and singer! Im surprisingly enjoying all the work. Its a great learning curve and hopefully when I get to have larger tour schedules with bigger productions, I will have a greater knowledge of what is needed to make all these things happy.
I find myself in front of the laptop screen from early morning till quiet late, but always take a break and head to the gym to clear the head. So far so good.

Before I go, it was a great buzz to see me top the charts on Amazon. A real boost in the arm. It made me realise more than ever before that I have many behind me supporting. I wont lie. I do often worry about ticket sales, album sales, meeting budgets and breaking even. So when I see a chart like that, ticket sales increasing and all the wonderful messages of support, it fills me with energy to do more and strive on.
I am SO grateful to you all. Wholeheartedly, Thank you. I cant wait to get on the road and see you all again in person. I cant wait to sing the songs I love for you. This is going to be fun. At this point, I just want to get going.
Please continue to spread the word for me. Please continue to hand out flyers if at all possible, but more importantly, keep believing.

Thank you
My loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul xxxx


  1. Wish you were coming to Bend, Oregon.

  2. Making my own travel arrangements in the next week. Lots of travelling and slightly nervous as I'll be alone but still can't wait!!!!

  3. Dear Paul,

    Thanks for the updates about the tour. Just as you are excited and nervous to be putting it all together, we, your fans, are also excited and nervous for you. We all want you to succeed on this tour so there will be another tour. Nobody wants this to be a one time shot. I personally want to be making plans to attend your gigs for many years to come, not to mention purchasing more albums, and hopefully seeing you on TV as well as the stage. I truly believe your abilities can take you to whatever heights you want to climb.

    I'm so excited to be seeing you in several venues and feel very blessed that the St Louis venue is one with reserved seating. I know you will recognize most of the faces in the front row as well as all through the house. My biggest concern is how long I'll have to stand on the streets of NY to get into BB Kings. :)

    Stay focused on your plans and I know things will work out for you in the best way possible.

    And thanks for keeping us all so well informed.

    See you soon,
    pat xxx

  4. I can't wait Paul! I will be in Portland to see you in 3 weeks and I'm soo excited! I swear nothing but you or CT could get me to go to a large city but for you I am willing to do it! hah I am such a country girl :)

    I hope the last few weeks before the tour aren't too stressful for you and I hope that you have the time of your life doing the tour. I know that I can't wait for it to start.

    Lots of love Paul!

  5. That was such a lovely blog. Can't wait for your tour and you will do wonderfully, I know. We are alway afraid of the unknown but don't worry you have us. The people who love you and are right behind you. You can count on us for help, we are still out there, handing out flyers and will be there till the end. We love you Paul and alway will. You know all you have to do is ask and we will be right there to help!

    Can't wait to see you

  6. Hi Paul :-)
    I'm one of the poor unfortunates that is unable to attend, but you've got my prayers for all the best with each show and safe travels all about!!

  7. Very nice blog. Glad things are falling into place. Re meet & greets, WQED in Pittsburgh sold meet & greet tickets. What happens with those?

  8. Good luck with everything! I hope the tour is a success and I can't wait to buy a copy of your new CD!! I love both of your other CD's!! I really wish you were coming closer to SC so I could come to a concert but I will be at home cheering you on every step of the way!!

  9. Hi Paul,
    As always, what a lovely blog! Looking forward to seeing you in Foxborough on Nov. 16th. Your solo show on the cruise was wonderful, so this will be even better! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your activities.

  10. You have to be one of the most humble performers that I have ever seen! And knowing you, you will never change, even when you are topping all of USA's music charts! And we all KNOW you will Paul! Your voice is simply breathtaking! You are sure to be the next Josh Grobin and soon to be a household name! You gave loyal fans for many reasons. Obviously, you are a huge talent, but funny, sweet, sincere, and let's not forget that you are quite easy on the eyes lol! (Right Dom? Right! And I say that with the utmost respect!) I got a friend at work to come to your Philly gig with Karen and me! We will book next week. Posted your poster flyer at work! And the fact that we all get a more intimate show is a real treat! Soon you will be filling stadiums! Hugs!!! Francine PS: can kids come to your show? Gia was asking!! ;)

  11. I know what you mean about Autumn Paul. In 1968 I went from Sydney to Vancouver arriving late August to my first magnificent Autumn, and enjoyed several more. Wish I could be at one of your concerts, I know of one Aussie who will be there an she is going to get me a copy of you new CD, hope its a signed one! I'm sure the tour will be a great success! then you can come on to Melbourne and sing to us. Wishing you every success.....Judy.

  12. Thanks for the information. We'll be sure to bring extra cash to Baltimore. I'm sure you're nervous about "things", but once you are on-stage all that will disappear and because you will be right were you are supposed to be.

  13. I highly recommend the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. Also, please be sure to pack lots of cd's for Toronto - I have requests to bring back over a dozen and we still have 3 weeks to go!

    Looking forward to November 11th!!

  14. Hi Paul,
    So looking forward to seeing you Nov. 16th in Foxboro.

    FYI, I have owned my own travel agency for the past 25 years. I certaintly could help you out with flights and hotels, car rentals etc. anything you need.
    I do not charge for my services.
    World Wise travel
    email is
    phone is 1-800-989-6888
    web site is

    Last saw you preform with CT. in Providence, RI last Dec.
    Im getting the word out, This is a wonderful chance to see you preform before your filling stadiums.!!!! PLEASE let me help you with travel, Its what I do. You sing, I make travel arrangements!
    Thanks and good luck on the West Coast.
    Denise Poliquin

  15. Thanks again for another wonderful blog. You're so giving when it comes to sharing your feelings with us. I think that's one thing that endears your fans to you, the fact that you are so humble and that you appreciate each and every one of us. Rare for a performer these days. And I'm sure after the tour you will have even more fans :) How could people not be? You have a beautiful voice, and yes I'll say it you're pretty easy on the eyes ;)

    Unfortunately you're coming nowhere close to where I live and a trip seems unlikely so I'll just have to be jealous of all the others who get to go. I'll console myself by listening to your cd over and over.

    To echo what another poster said, I'm sure once you step out on stage, the nerves will vanish. IMO you have a God-given talent and this is what he put you here to do. So don't be nervous, I just know you'll be a great success!

    I love autumn also, but here in Texas we don't really get that season anymore. It's still in the 80s and 90s here. UGH!

    Wishing you the best of luck with your tour and with the sales of your cd. You know you've got all of us behind you 100 %. {{{hugs}}} Kristi :)

  16. I wrote one long comment, for some reason it did not take it, so I will try again.
    You are truly loved for who you are and for your phenomenal voice and talent.
    You have a a good heart and great values. Sharing your thoughts and feelings, fears and passions of your work in your blogs with us reflects it all.

    Your nervousness and fears are very understandable, believe me when I say I have also spent many a nights planning, thinking of ways, etc. etc. and praying for your success. Believe us when we say you will succeed in your endeavors. Your CDs will sell well, the concerts will be great and your fans will start increasing by leaps and bounds.
    I say these sincerely Paul. Will be there behind you 100% + and so will thousands and thousands of fans. God Bless, and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  17. Still trying to figure out how I can get myself to St. Louis - wish you had made it to Kansas City instead! I wish you luck, love and laughter.

  18. Husband and I will be driving from Georgia to Baltimore. I'm really glad it will be a small venue. Once word gets out about you tickets will be impossible to get at large venues. Really excited to see Swanky the Monkey and of course you also Paul. Blessings for the tour and see you soon.

  19. Paul, I'm one that can't see you. Unfortunately life gets in the way. I do have your CD ordered. Can't wait to get it!!! You have my support. I tell everyone about your wonderful music and what a special man you are. You are in my prayers. The leaves are really starting to change and look beautiful here in Ohio. Now if we could just have some sunshine. Take care. Praying for you. Love ya, Pam XXXX

  20. Paul - I am so excited for your tour to begin - especially since we have bought tickets for Foxboro and will be travelling down from New Hampshire for it. It should be great fun to see you and Dave Cooke on November 16. Safe travels.

  21. Paul,
    Step back take a deep breath ....Now breath...Everything is going to work out ..Trust me ....
    Always take care and God bless...

    Charlotte A Patton

  22. Looking forward to seeing you again in Seattle. I believe in you!!

    Lisa Moody

  23. Hi Paul,

    Your tour is going to be fantastic!! You're such a talent! You could do this on your own, but you don't need to. You have all of us behind you all the way! When opening night comes tomorrow in Portland, just take a deep breath and remember that you will be surrounded by a great deal of love and support!! You're with friends!!

    I have a group of us seeing you on night 2 in Seattle!! We'll see you then!!

    Enjoy every second of this ride!
    big HUGS and Blessings to you and yours!

  24. Paul, I can only imagine the butterflies involved while putting on a tour like this. I am a grandmother who introduced two of her grandaughters to Celtic Thunder. We were at the concert on Sunday night and were thrilled with the show. Ryan gave me a hug and Ariana got two hugs from Keith and posted the pictures on facebook. She was so thrilled and didn't care one whit that he was in his 'old man' costume. She refers to herself as his future wife and she refers to him as her future husband!! She is a sophomore in college. Grin
    Tonight I will be at the Triple Door with my husband (seat 112) and I also have butterflies!!
    You are blessed wiith a beautiful instrument... stop giggling..... I am an old lady and you know I was referring to your voice!!! grin I imagine what I would say to you if you were in front of me, and I can't find the words. This is close.
    Thank you Paul for moving my soul and touching my heart with your voice. The memories of tonight, and playing all your music will take me through our grey winter days with a smile. I know you have a successful future in music. I just know!

    Nancy Miller nee: MacArthur

  25. Paul - I'm wondering if you have any word yet on exactly which B&N you will be at in Mass. and when. There are some of us who want to be there to support you. I know you're very busy doing everything, but any news you can give on this will be appreciated.

    Hearing great reports from your tour. You are doing great things, Mister!

  26. Paul, Paul, Paul. What a wonderful evening my husband and I spent with you in L.A. Well, you and a couple hundred other people. Your solo show was everything I expected and hoped for. And I want you to know this, I did not have to drag my husband along or bribe him. He loves good music as much as I do, there were a lot of men in the audience (including one of his gym workout buddies lol) that enjoyed your music and your chat. Bright future in front of you, Mr. Byrom.

  27. I took my daughter to see you at Monmouth University last evening and wanted to thank you for a wonderful night of music. You clearly have a gift and share it with many
    of us who can only dream of this talent. We were both disappointed with some of your personal comments, that seemed inappropriate to most of those sitting around us. Additionally, it is poor taste in this country to praise political figures, unless of course you were at a gala for a political affiliation. Perhaps in the future you will keep that in mind especially since you had no applause during some of your comments. I say this to you in kindness as I am old enough to be your grandmother.

  28. Hi, Paul - I'm glad you haven't closed down your sites. I know you and Dom may be a little shell shocked right now, but I am hoping that all of us writing and encouraging you to return will work. Please come back to us. We miss your humor, your intelligence, your talent. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.