Monday, October 8, 2012

Coat or T-Shirt?!

Coat or t-shirt? That is the question. One of the things I love about living here in NY as opposed to Ireland, is that you are guaranteed four seasons. In Ireland, we get one. Occasionally we will get the one day! So the reason I ask the question is on Friday it was Dominique's birthday and we woke to beautiful weather. We hit Central Park, rented a rowing boat and spent an hour or so on the lake. Needless to say, as I am a gentleman  (cough) I was doing the rowing and it was like working out mid summer. Not complaining, but then I go for a run today and my nipples could have cut glass!!! I suppose its to be expected with the Autumn. Its also occurred to me whilst writing this, that the Irish are  obsessed with the weather. In Dublin you could get on a Dublin bus heading into the city on a sunny day and sit beside an old dear. First thing she will say is "lovely day", and then moan how its too warm. On the way back, it will inevitably be different weather all together, sit beside the same woman, and she will moan how the damp is bringing on her aches and pains and that she would love a bit of heat! We all do it. That being said, its what makes us Irish, and we love an auld chat. Even if it is just about the weather. 

The main reason I wanted to do this blog though today was purely to say how touched and amazed at the support my PBS special project is getting on kickstarter from you all. Not just here in America, but from all over. Canada, Australia, Ireland and a few more! Sometimes 'thank you' seems so watery for the amount of gratitude I have for all your support. Whether its a dollar or more, it is all a sign of support and belief in me, and I often wonder why. Why is it that you all are so consistent? I suppose, I'm just very fortunate. I thank the Lord often for it and pray it continues, because its the days where I doubt myself or hit a wall, I just read some messages, or letters and realise, there is no option but to keep going.
So just be sure, even if we dont hit our target and more, I am eternally grateful for all you are doing. The fact at this point we have raised so much is overwhelming. Encouraging and more importantly comforting that I wont have to sell any body parts as long as I have you folks! 

I have a couple of meetings this week about further sponsorship toward the special, as its much like a spool of wool, the more I have the nicer the sweater! 
Either way, I will cut my cloth accordingly and make this happen. 
Remember folks this will be a fully live show, with orchestra and VERY special and familiar guests. Tickets are available for the filming now and are currently exclusive on KICKSTARTER. 
Here is the link for all that are tempted.

So, Im going to shoot off here, as believe it or not, Dominique has given a list of household chores that need doing before she comes home from work. Im thinking an apron and nothing else may save me, but Im not 100% sure, so best get to it! 

Keep well 
My loves 
My doves 
My eggs! 

Paul x 


  1. Thanks for the great blog, Paul! There are many of us who have donated what we could to Kickstarter, and are watching its progress with fingers crossed. I know it is going to happen, as someone with your talent has to share it with the world! Keep believing and before long you will be filming that PBS special!
    Keep singing!

  2. Lovely blog Paul, and believe me it's not just the Irish that comment/complain about the weather. I think that transcends all nationalities. It's never "just right", but it's always a good way to converse with a stranger and you never know what else might be uncovered.

    As for the donations to kickstarter, it is wonderful to see the support your fans give you but I have to say I'm not surprised. You have given so much of yourself to your fans from day 1 with CT & then beyond during your solo tour, and this is our way of thanking you in a real, tangible, way since it also benefits us. You'll be in our homes through PBS, have more concert gigs for us to see you live, and quite literally if we make it, in 1 home in St Louis for a private show. The thought of it makes me incredibly giddy. Hope my poor old heart holds out. :)

    You deserve all the success in the world, and your fans are here to help make it happen.

    Hugs to you and Domi,

  3. Paul,
    Just keep believing ...And also prey to St Jude ... Of the impossible ... It always works for me ...
    As always : God bless you and Dominique

    Charlotte A Patton

  4. Paul,
    Just keep believing ...And also pray to St Jude ... Of the impossible ... It always works for me ...
    As always : God bless you and Dominique

    Charlotte A Patton

  5. Paul - Thank you for another great blog. We all love hearing from you and how you're doing. My fingers are crossed that we make the goal on kickstarter. It's an honor to be part of it - I only wish I could afford more - but, rest assured, if this does happen in Connecticut, I will be in the audience! Hope to see you again in Cambridge at the Regatta Bar in December.

  6. Velvet Voice, thank you for the blog. From the first time hearing your voice, then getting to know the man you are, how could we help ourselves : ) YOU WILL GET THERE! We will get you there because you deserve to have you own PBS special. So wish I could see the show in person, but as Pat said, we will get to see it on PBS, then the DVD and then you will be able to travel more and we will all get to see you : ) Cannot not wait til we hit $50,000.00. It will be done. Thank You for always thinking of us and letting us into your personal life.

    Love and Hugs
    Peace and Health
    to you both!

    Jean O.

  7. Thanks for the update, its always a joy to read. Keep the faith, I know you will continue to inspire and bring smiles to those who love to hear your voice.

    God bless and keep you,

  8. What a beautiful blog. You share so much of yourself with us, and of course your golden heart and beautiful and incredible voice, that this is the only way we can give u something so that u can reach your goal and dreams. This PBS Special will happen, we will do whatever we can, so that the world can see u and see what they have been missing. You are a very special person and your dreams will come true. God Bless and Keep well, Farideh Kermani

  9. Hello Paul,
    I am one of your fans from "Down Under" and I have been happy to contribute in my small way.
    I have just ventured into the wonderful world of theatre after being a spectator for many, many years. I recently assisted with the production of a play for a fringe festival here in Sydney and we too ran an internet campaign on to raise the funds required to put the show on. Luckily we were successful, our play went on and we received outstanding reviews, just as you will with this PBS Special.
    It is just such a shame that you were not able to offer a private show in Australia as I know we would have been able to get one together quite easily.
    I have every faith that you will become more famous and be able to travel the world with your shows and that you will make it back to the great land of Oz to perform for your dedicated fans here.
    Much love,

  10. Paul your latest blog is a great read as always please extend belated birtday wishes to Dom for me. I recently lost my job so money is quite tight. But i will do what I can do to help. I have complete faith that it will happen. Wish you and Dom well.
    Peace and Love

  11. Great blog, as always. In answer to your question: How 'bout we are consistent because you are -- your music is consistently satisfying, you give your all in every performance even though there have to be times you are worn out, and you are consistently polite and pleasant even after rehearsing for hours and singing your heart out on stage, staying to greet and sign autographs for every single person who wants to meet you. You even put up with turkeys on Twitter!

    You're not "just very fortunate", you've been blessed - in addition to your glorious voice and your fans, I think you should particularly thank the Lord for the parents and family He gave you. SOMEBODY taught you to be a very nice person, consistently, and that's why you have so many consistent fans.

  12. You'd feel right at home in my part of Colorado, I think. We have the same sort of schizophrenic weather here. Usually right before it snows, it actually gets a bit warmer, so the day before a snow storm it might be 70-80F degrees, and then it'll drop to 10-20F degrees or colder in a matter of a few hours. After it snows, it sometimes gets warm again on the same day. :)

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