Monday, February 13, 2012

Operation Paul Byrom

Well hello there boys and girls!! Its been a while since I did a blog but I suppose with the world of Twitter and Facebook, you all know what I'm doing pretty much all the time!

It has been an interesting few weeks to say the least. Starting off with the most important information. After a traumatic accident involving my grandma, Im delighted to say she is on the road to recovery and fast approaching her 93rd birthday. She is currently in hospital going through physio and getting stronger. Once they feel she is strong enough, she will be let home and back to normality. However, despite it protestations, we will all be keeping closer tabs on her. I was extremely worried as I am very close to my grandma. I always have been. During my summer holidays as a child I would spend many weeks on end with my grandparents and my Grandma and I would often head into town for the day to look through the shops. I would always end up heading home with a new piece of lego as a treat. Although we wouldn't head home without heading to mass at the Pro Cathedral and then a glass of Guinness for Grandma and a soft drink for me. Then onto the bus and home we would go. They are cherished memories of mine, and therefore my Grandparents will always have a huge part of my heart. That being said, I want to thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers at a time when I was hoping that Grandma's years of devotion would be repaid. I head home in April for a performance to commemorate the Titanic leaving Cobh Harbour. Therefore I will be able to celebrate my birthday with her as its within days of each other. Everyday is a blessing with family and I cant wait to see them all soon.

Things are good with me, and the cruise of the Panama Canal in January was a total blast. It was so great getting to spend time with so many of you and sharing a lot of laughs. Indeed it was also great getting a bit of sun on the bones whilst New York was getting some snow. It certainly broke up the winter for me.
Since coming back I have been working hard with my management and agent to plan out the coming year. We have a lot of exciting plans and are hoping at least half of them come off. Needless to say, any of you that know me, know that I will continue pursuing the dream and trying to get my name out there.

This brings me to the headline of this blog. I need your help. You have all been so effective in getting my name out there and in spreading the word on what I am doing. However, I really feel with all the commitment shown by so many of you, we can achieve a lot more. IF WE WORK TOGETHER. So here's my thinking. The one thing we could do is have certain projects where we are all working together. We have had a lot of great ideas by some of you, so if we work in numbers we could achieve these. Rosie O'Donnell clearly knows all about me now. The strength in numbers.
In the past we have called them street teams, and indeed that idea is kinda what we are talking about. However, I rather call it "Operation Paul Byrom". Something we are all a part of. We are not different teams, we are one. One dream, one mission. I need people who are prepared to take the bull by the horns in there local area and try to get my music out there. I know the power of you all. You are all so committed, loyal and genuine. I wouldn't have been able to take a punt on myself if I didnt believe I would have your support. So here I am, asking you to step up. THIS IS THE MOMENT. Are you with me? If so, please email me at 

I hope to hear from many of you. From all over the world. The more the merrier 

Thank you and God bless 

My Loves 
My Doves 
My Eggs 

Paul x


  1. Wow! Exciting news for sure. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year. Email is on the way

  2. I work at a large university in Ohio I'll see waht I can pull with our PBS station to get you played :) I'll also try to see what I can do some of the little tiny stations we have around. Good luck to you and Domi in the coming year! God Bless!!!!

  3. Paul,
    Email on its way
    God bless
    Charlotte A Patton

  4. Email is enroute. Am so excited to hopefully be a small part of getting you better known and appreciated for the talent you are.,

  5. Hi Paul,

    Email is sent. I'm ready, willing, able and anxious to help in any way I can to help you to reach your dreams and goals!

    big HUGS!!
    Janine Westby

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  7. Hi, Paul - Sent my e-mail to you. Whatever we can do for you, we will! So good to hear your grandmother's progressing well. :)

  8. Dear Paul
    Thank you for the update about your Grandmother. I am so happy she is recovering. Memories shared with Gradparents are always special. I have many with bothe of mine. I miss them but I know they are watching over me. I sent my email so I will do whatever it takes. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Dom

  9. Glad Gramma is doing well.
    I'll be glad to help with Operation Paul Byrom! Just let me know what I can do

  10. Hey Paul glad that your Grandmother is better. Where is your CD being sold?

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  12. Hi Paul I just wanted you to know I sent you an email letting you know I am willing to help you with operation Paul Byrom

  13. PS Dear Paul, Please don’t be upset with me for speaking my mind, I just like you to know it was really hard to just leave a message I had to re- create a new account because it could not find me. I went through a lot all the cr*p just to post a comment, with all these security codes& all the questions it makes it really hard to get in to these places to vote or just to leave a comment, why must we go through so much just to say something. I almost gave up ,it literally made me cry, I know it is not your fault Paul who makes it hard to get into these places just saying I don’t know about anyone else but it was very aggravating and took me an hour to get it strait all just to tell you I am willing to help with your operation Paul Byrom just waiting to hear from you to know what you want us to do sorry to vent. But I am not that computer savvy I am getting old and I can’t figure things out like a lot of folks well just know I am in now and now I can participate in what every you need loads of love to you

    1. Dear Thunderetteterri, If you need some help I know a little so you can call on me and if I don't know it I will figure out who you can get to in order to help. We all need to help each other and as Paul said we are one plus I just would like to help you, I have been where you went and it is very frustrating, keep your chin up girl....

  14. Glad to hear your Grandma is doing well.

    I'm about to send through an email but I just wanted to comment on Thunderetteterri's comment about commenting. (shh, that DID make sense!)

    Blogger is a total pain in the butt. When I started blogging, lots of people complained about the difficulty in commenting. Get yourself on Wordpress, Mr Byrom. I have a self hosted WP blog and it is so much better to navigate. Get your site manager (if you have one) to get in touch if they want to know more.

    Love your work, sir x