Monday, December 20, 2010

Settling In!

Since arriving in New York, it has been nothing but full on! Full on in every way possible.Between trips to LA and Chicago I am really feeling like a gypsy. Always on the go and living out of a case. More than anything, I am looking forward to unpacking.
Today we got the keys to the new apartment. My new home! Unfortunately it is just a shell at the moment. So as some of my Irish friends are gone home for Christmas, we are staying in the Chelsea area and minding their little 5 month old French bulldog, Louis. This works great as we were in Chicago all weekend as I was doing a private gig then came back to NY as my friend Isobel went away. It also means I can kit out the new apartment without sleeping on an inflatable mattress. The thoughts of going from appearing in Radio City to sleeping on an inflatable would be a serious wake up call!!

Louis is a lunatic. He is only five months old and has issues figuring out that i dont like picking up his little presents left around the apartment! They come is in all different shapes and sizes and with them comes a wide variety of my language skills. My patience is being tested, however I find it hard to get annoyed with him as he really is a cool dog! Plus I only have him for a few more days. His mom will be back and I will have my apartment finished by Sunday. If only he liked walking we could go for a few festive drinks in Time Square!

Im really looking forward to Christmas this year, even though I wont be with my family. With the help of Skype though, we will be very much in touch on the day! Shopping for gifts is still high on the agenda and I couldnt be in a better city to achieve my to do list!
Another priority is to go see the Rockettes in Radio City. This I am very much looking forward to and will fulfill this tomorrow! All fun and lots of frolics between now and New Years.
I will keep you all posted and will chat to you before the main event this Saturday.

Keep well and keep calm,
Remember what Christmas is all about

Till then
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs



  1. Love the picture of Louis suche a cute puppy. Can't wait to hear about more gigs. Have a great time seeing the Rockettes, I hear the show is awesome this year.

  2. Thank you for the update Paul. It sounds like you are beginning to get settled. And little Louis is helping you to adjust :) He looks cute by the way.
    I can imagine that you will miss your family at Christmas... isn't Skype the greatest invention?
    Paul, have a really wonderful Christmas in your new home and adopted country. We love ya.

  3. Louis is sooo cute. You can't stay mad at that face. Happy Christmas Paul!

  4. Paul,
    First thanks for the blog. Love hearing all that you've got going on. Definitely a busy time for you.
    Welcome to the world of parenting a dog - even if it's for a short time. Louis is a cutie. And even with the frustrations, I bet he really likes you,too. :)
    Enjoy all the festivities and shopping this week, and the Rockettes!

  5. You are an absolute amazing person with this wonderful heart!! I am sure that sleeping on an air mattress isn't so bad, once you get used to it and by then, you guys will have your own bed. Enjoy the puppy while you have him.. He is a doll. Remember that it is just one day at a time and always remember, that there are those who do not have a home/air mattress or even a "Charlie Brown Tree" this year.
    So very glad that you are blessed with lots of loved ones around you!!
    Remember you are a very much appreciated artist here as well as your home land!!
    Many Blessings on this time of year as well as every other day of the year!!
    Pam A.
    pammie_99 (twitter)

  6. Awwww....what a cool friend you are for doggie sitting & house sitting! It seems that you two chose just the right time to begin your new life here, with your friends going away on holiday so you have a BED to crash in while you two get things settled in your own place! Enjoy your time with the Rockettes, and just remember Dom is with you! ;-) <3 LOL
    Stay warm, and stay safe! Have a happy christmas & a blessed new year!

  7. Paul,There is nothing like a Frenchie. I laws raise them and we have had 3. Two passed on but we still have Lisle. Babe was a Champion Frenchie. Now we all have Frenchies names after family member. Eric (after my 22 year old son) is a Champion Stud! He enjoys that notoriety. And I have Lulu. Lovely little dog. Lisle still leaves us presents around the house. Frenchies think they are human and shouldn't be subjected to "outside" issues. enjoy and soon you will want your own.

  8. Wow you haven't slowed down any since the end of the tour. Glad to see you are keeping busy and enjoying New York. Louis is really cute but the presents he leaves are not. Have a very Merry Christmas and a most fabulous New Year.

  9. Paul, I know his little presents aren't much fun, but hey that's a dog! He sure is cute!! Hope the apartment comes together for you. An air mattress is pretty comfortable if you have to use it. Thanks for the update!! Have a great time at the Rockettes. Hope to see them someday myself.

  10. oh, the picture of Louis is adorable. Looks just like our Bashful, Sweetie, Honey Bun and Blondie--all fawn like Louis. We have had all brindle (black) Frenchies at our home. I am sure Louis loves to snuggle too. Famous quote about a Frenchie "they are a clown in the cloak of a Philosopher" again, enjoy your little Frenchie, gifts and all. Don't forget to give him a rub behind those adorable bat ears.

  11. Thanks Paul for writing another blog...I look forward to reading them...Louis is so cute...Maybe you can get a dog of your own some day...Glad to hear that you are settling into you new apartment...So maybe you will be at Time Square for New Year Eve to see the ball drop...2011...On New Year Day I hope you can make it to Philly to see the Mummers Parade..It is great to watch and I know you will love it...
    Christmas Eve is my birthday I'm going to be 60 year young... Christmas Eve I have the whole family over for The 7 fish dinner that is a Italian tradition...
    Well, I said enough...take care Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Charlotte A Patton

    Now you can add Dog Sitter to your resume! We were wondering what kind of dog Louis was. Thanks for the pic. So, you are still not in your apt. Was hoping you would be having Christmas there.
    Glad you had a good time in Chicago. New York will be busy this time of year. Watch out for the snow that is on its way to you.However you get to celebrate May you and your lovely lady have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YORK NEW YEAR. Bless you!

  13. Ah yes....the Rockettes. They were just in Jacksonville, so I have a "leg up" on you for that one. Had a kickin good time!!! Nothing but a wall of legs. WOW

  14. Great Blog Paul! :) I bet Louis' cute face doesnt help when it comes to all his little gifts LOL Merry Christmas to you and Dominique :)

  15. Louis is so adorable...and I can picture you running around trying to clean up after him! I have yet to see the Rockettes so will be anxious to hear your thoughts. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year in New York!

  16. Hi Paul, I was just wondering-
    do you think Phil or Keith could write a song using some of those words that you used on Louis? I'm sure there is some material there.
    switch them to Italian and we would love it. HA! HA!

    I could listen to you sing anthing.

    Stay safe
    Jane in Virginia

  17. one more thing. Frenchies do NOT walk. You would have to carry him or put him in a baby stroller. Have fun

  18. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW LOUIS SO SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway...
    glad to hear from ya! i always apreciate when any of you take the time out to blog, tweet, update statuses (something damo is good at ; )) Glad to hear the windy city treated you well, but i hear nyc weather isnt much better! Being irish, the traveling, roving gyspy is in your blood, you will never get rid of that. but even gyspys enjoy a real bed! lol ive slept on carpet, the couch, tile, wood, concrete, trundles, 8 people in a very small queen.. im very adaptable, we can switch sleeping arrangements whenever you want XD lol enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas (no such thing as "happy christmas" here-got any stories about that?) and a happy, blessed new year.

  19. Oh Paul, your blogs are always so revealing of you and of course that's what make's them so special. It's so fun to follow along with your journey so I hope you won't grow tired of blogging as you settle into your new life. I can only imagine the verbiage used for Louis' little surprises. That's the down side of having a puppy. I'm guessing you won't be adopting one full time in the near future. :)

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.


  20. Oh, Paul, that is such a cute dog, he is just confused. Don't you have "puppy pads" for him? My friends with pets and apartments do!
    Maybe you need the Dog Whisperer? lol!
    Well it was a good exchange anyway. Have fun fixing up your apt. and Happy Holidays in your new home!
    Maggie Costello

  21. I JUST logged into FB thinking I need a Paul fix and there you were :D On time and aiming to please lol :)

    OMG HE'S SO CUTE ... and Louis is adorable too hehe Dogsitting is how I'm spending my new years eve. Yup, the life of a single Vancouver girl totally rocks. Except my puppy is a lot bigger and will leave bigger presents. I will need a forklift for MY charge.

    Oh and what love2crop said..they do actually make doggy strollers. Honest. I couldn't make that up.


  22. Great timing on your blog....I needed something cheerful! Thank you for keeping us updated and in mind. Sounds like your getting attached to Louis and
    that will be hard when his mom returns. He's too cute!! Have fun tomorrow with the Rockettes...nice to be in NYC to take advantage of those delights.
    You sound happy and glad to be where you are, when
    will we see you? We want to be happy too!Stay warm Paul, your Ireland looks pretty white and cold.
    Love your blogs, I'm waiting for my Byrom Babe T-shirt to!

  23. JESUS!!!! truest meaning of Christmas :) and joy and love and laughter and giving.

    and snow.

    and food.

  24. That dog truly is adorable.

    Good luck with the new apartment! I know when my family moved, we were living out of boxes for a month.

  25. What a cutie...and the dog too! Have you had the pleasure of picking up after him on the streets of NY? Watch the movie "Kate & Leopold". Leopold has the best reaction to being told he has to pick up poop! Good movie to curl up by the fire with your girl on a cool NY night.

    Glad you're enjoying your adopted homeland. Have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, and musical New Year.

  26. Hello Paul....sounds like you're settling in....remember that you can WALK on the left, but we DRIVE on the right here in the for the blog~ always love hearing what you're up to....happy you get to enjoy Louis for a bit...enjoy NY and everything it has to offer...looking forward to new stuff from you....Merry Christmas & a brilliant New Year~ floridagirl Carol

  27. So glad to hear you're finally able to do some "settling in" at your new apartment - even if it includes your buddy Louis! Know you will have lots of great adventures and it's great that you'll be blogging and letting us all share this adventure with you! All the best, and many good wishes and hopes that you and yours have the very best Christmas ever! ~ Susan

  28. Thanks Paul for keeping us in touch with your life. I really appreciate this. Hope all will go to plan for you and Dom and you feel comfortable in NYC. Wish you both a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Hugs and greetings from Germany! Jutta

  29. Louis is adorable! Too bad you can't keep him. You sound so busy and happy. That makes us happy, too. I send greetings for a wonderful Christmas and even more successful and happy new year than 2010 to you and Dominique!

  30. enjoy your holiday, Paul...good luck settling IS fun..A new beginning..a new chapter...

  31. Love, Love,Love your blogs! The puppy is way,way too cute!! It is fun setting up a new place don't you think?? A lot of work but fun!
    Merry Christmas! ---Shelties

  32. Hey Paul,
    You are such a lovely person---thank you for taking time to blog and let us know how things are going---you are so genuine and funny!! You have no idea how much your blogs cheer us all. Sounds like things are moving along for you. We know is not a simple road you are on but a wonderful one nonetheless. I have dogs so I understand the fab and not so fab about that---but they always love us no matter what---even in spite of our language!! Just remember that we love ya and so many prayers are with you---you all have a marvelous Christmas. Thanks for the pic of the puppy---was wondering what he looked like---adorable! take care

  33. Hi Paul,
    Your blogs are always such fun. I'm sure you will fit in so well as a New Yorker.So many different areas to explore. Dominique will be so happy finding the bargains that abound in the city. I'm so happy you chose NYC to begin your 'new' career. Can't wait til we hear of your gigs. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God's blessing be with you, as you are as great a person, as well you are an artist. Stay well.

  34. How adorable is he!! Looks like work you miss him later. Glad to hear from you. And, sorry, things still seem crazy...I'll take a break for you! Enjoy the Rockettes...sounds like a good time. What about this gig in Chicago? Or, as my son pronounces it Chic A was very funny (he is 8 and still learning to pronounce weird words), when will we beable to see you perform solo?
    Hope all is going as expected and then some great unexpected things. It will happen...
    Merry Christmas!!
    Take Care,

  35. Thank you Paul for an always fun & newsy blog. You know we don't want to lose touch with you so, keep up the writing. Louis is adorable-small dogs are difficult to housebreak. I have a 2 year old, 2 1/2 lb. Pom, Millie, who has finally learned to leave her calling cards in just one place, on paper! BTW-Poms DO love to walk!

    "This IS the most wonderful time of the year!" Enjoy! Merry CHRISTmas to you & Dominque!!

  36. You actually got a dog! I thought you were joking about that!

    Your blog, as usual, had me laughing, and I have to thank you for that right now.
    Especially love the part about the "wide variety of your language skills", considering it reminded me of the Raggle Taggle Gypsy wind-up.

    Good luck in NYC, and Merry Christmas!

  37. Hey Luv, best of luck to ya' in the New Year! I have no doubt that great things are in yer' future! If ya's ever miss the countryside at home too much , ya's are always welcome at our house fer' dinner in the Poconos! Just give us a heads up first! We have a 130 lb. dog, and he's not friendly! Have a wonderful Christmas! Bless you and all the one's you love!!!

  38. Glad that you settled in. Good luck in Big Apple. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Please keep us updated about the recent news of you...

  39. Paul,
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas..As I feel that you are part of my family, I am wishing you all the blessings of the season. If you are ever in our state(Missouri) near St Louis-- my home is open for you to come and share in the family gathering. Merry Christmas to you and all my love for a wonderful holiday. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers


  40. Paul, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in your new home with Dom. I'm sure it's hard to be away from the rest of your family right now, but your are embarking on a new life and it's fitting you spend the first Christmas in your new home. I have nothing but good wishes to send you, but those I send every single day. May you be blessed in all you do. btw, I listened to the Christmas Concert you did in 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to more of the same in the near future.


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