Friday, December 24, 2010


Amazing to think Christmas is upon us again. Where has the year gone?  It amazes me every year how quickly it comes around. Its without doubt my favourite time of the year. The music, the decorations, the goodwill and the children riddled with excitement.
Tonight I got to chat to my niece and nephew on Skype and they were up the walls. They had both had their baths and were in their all in ones ready for bed. I had them both sing their favourite carols and tell me what they had asked for. My niece wanted make-up, however Santa felt at three years of age, she didnt need it. So she ended up asking for Peppa Pig and Jack went with Star Wars. What made me most proud though was that they were both wrapping toys they were giving to the poor too. Amanda (my sister) is trying to teach them the importance of considering others less well off at this time of year. So to hear Jack and Kate tell me this without promt, I Was VERY proud. This is the first Christmas I wont be with them, and much like the rest of the family I am missing them a lot. More than I thought I would. But hey, I am also very thankful for who I am with and that I have someone to love this Christmas, and more importantly that she seems to love me too!!
I always get nostalgic around this time. The big softie inside bursts to get out. The music always stirs up so many emotions inside. Memories of my days as a child. Going caroling and then getting ready for midnight mass. My mother working on the Ham on Christmas Eve and the Turkey stuffing for the oven first thing on Christmas morning. The table all laid out in preparation for the family gathering. My Grandad and Grandma coming over and Grandad being the self professed best bar man in Ireland! And Grandma pretending to be interested in whatever latest toy I had got from Santa.
Dad and Mom always, always provided for my sister and I. We never wanted for anything, and now as Im older I realise how much they must have sacrificed in order to do that.
I often think of those who are not with us anymore and feel them closer to me at this time than any other. My Grandad, my father, my cousin, my friend Seb and so many more. Where they are many will differ in opinion. One thing is for sure, they are in my heart and in my thoughts.

So as I sit here writing to you all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for everything. The gifts, the well wishes, the prayers, but above all the support. Since meeting through Celtic Thunder, you have all been so welcoming to me. I really feel as I settle in to New York that this is my home from home. America and Canada has offered a lot to me. I look forward to 2011 and all it brings to me. I hope this time next year we will all be sitting with those we love celebrating all we have in the world.

Have a fantastic time wherever you are and remember that its days like today and tomorrow that we will look back on in years to come and wish for again.

Have a happy and Peaceful Christmas
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul x

A pic of myself in Times Square today!


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  2. Merry Christmas Paul! Hope it's a blessed and happy time, even though you're away from family. :)

  3. Lovely Paul, we do wish you all the best for 2011 and can't wait to see what you will surprise us with. Next Christmas we can all reflect on our accomplishments and share in the excitement of yours. Christmas is always the time to reflect on those that passed, but js knowing they live within us helps. Ryan's song "Not Far Apart" says it all. My first song tomorrow will be "Christmas Morning, Donegal", all set and ready to go. Susan xx

  4. Happy Christmas, Paul. I hope your holiday season is filled with many blessings. And thank you so much for all that you do. MUCH LOVE


  5. Merry Christmas Paul and Dominique :o)

    It is certainly the season to be thankful, and we really do have alot to be thankful for inspite of whatever hardships we may each face personally.

    It's a great time to remember what's important too...Family, those you love and who love you back. I always feel saddest for those who have no one.

    Praying for you and Dom and what the new year will bring...I'm really excited for both of you!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  6. Merry Christmas Paul! will be praying for you as this new year begins! many changes and things that are taking place! your story about your niece and nephew brought a smile to my face! so glad that you had the chance to talk to them! i'm sure they love their Uncle Paul so very much! :) hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow! will be thinking of you! Happy Christmas and New Year! :D <3

  7. That was a very loving blog Paul. I want to wish you and Domi a very Merry (Happy )Christmas...and a Happy New Year 2011...

  8. Merry Christmas Paul! I hope you have a very wonderful day.
    and I know what you mean about thinking about people who aren't here anymore. I have felt like that a lot this year, My uncle died a year and a couple days ago, we didn't have a Christmas get together last year so this will really be our first year with out him with us.
    Anyway have a very merry Christmas and happy new year! I wish you the best of luck in 2011

  9. Happy Christmas Paul! Thank you for all the amazing shows and great music, for all the posts, blogs and tweets, and most of all for your time and talents. Oh, I can't forget the pictures either.
    Memories are the some of the comforts of the season.
    Happy Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  10. Lovely sentiments, Paul. I do hope you and Dom have a wonderful "first Christmas in the U.S." and that 2011 brings the beginnings of new and exciting things. Much success and happiness to you! Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Wishing you and Dom a very Merry Christmas also. I have learned over the years that sometimes you can't be with you make your own traditions...your own memories. Then when you do get together with your family, it makes it all the more special. Thanks for giving us a small piece of your life.
    Christmas hugs,

  12. Paul, Missing family is difficult at the holidays, but you are having your own kind of family right now, so be happy and peaceful for the decisions that you have made. Things will change and that is good. You need to do what nmakes you happy, life is too short not to grab a chance when it appears.
    Have a wonderful New Yorker Christmas, so much to do and see, and know that your loved ones have your best interests in their hearts and wish you well!
    We, your faithful fans do likewise. Be happy.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Paul and Dom!!
    Your blog was heartwarming and actually brought
    tears to my eyes. It's beautiful to love someone
    and be loved back. Your memories are precious and your one of the fortunate ones to have such
    a loving family! When you said "one things for sure, their in my heart and in my thoughts" it was like a song to me, and I can't wait until we
    hear you singing again, anywhere, anytime!! Love
    your NYC!! Best Wishes to you and your girl!!!!!

  14. Merry Christmas,guys! Glad you were able to "be" with your niece & nephew-this is the 1st time in 15 years my brother has brought his family to our house for Christmas Eve.. a Christmas miracle in its self :-)Enjoy the day - and thanks for Louie giggles & grins!
    And, hey, enjoy that clear pavement - we're supposed to get pounded Sunday into Monday!

  15. You've got to be the best looking Santa ever!!!! Have a Merry Christmas.

  16. Paul, Merry Christmas to you and your Loved Ones! Your blog was beautiful and heart-felt; thanks for sharing those precious memories. Wishing you peace and joy and many new successes in the New Year, with thanks from us to you for the happiness your music and personality and sweet spirit have brought us. xx

  17. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and Domi, and little Louis(`cause all God`s creatures have a place in the choir). Thank you for a most entertaining 2010, can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us in 2011. Be safe be well.....Carol

  18. Hi Paul, I'm writing from Gary, Indiana, not far from Chicago. I loved your blog. It was very warm and loving. I hope that you and Dominque have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care and God Bless with love and prayers. Bill from Gary, Indiana

  19. Awwwww Merry Christmas Paul. I know how it is to be away from family during the holiday, it is tough.

  20. Merry Christmas, Paul. Thank you for taking the time to blog and to get us some pics from NYC. I know how it is to miss family during the holidays, but you will do as I did when I was far away - build new traditions with the people you're with. You and Dominque will have your own traditions that will mean a lot to you. Please know that you, Dominique (and, Louis!) are supported and appreciated in all that you want to do. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next! Have a great day today.

  21. Very cute picture! Love the Santa Hat! Have a blessed Christmas. Lots of good wishes and prayers going out to you for the New Year and the new journey that lies ahead for you!
    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    Becky (aka "Her Majesty!"

  22. Very touching blog Paul. Sounds like you have everything you could want. Someone to love and love you back like you said is the best present you can get. Love the picture very festive. Merry Christmas to you and Dominique.

  23. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love your blog. My parents taught us the true meaning of Christmas. My parents are both gone now and there teaching remain strong.

  24. I know what you mean about loved ones who are gone...they will live on in spirit ..Merry Christmas to you an Dominique..

  25. Merry Christmas to you and Dominique. I hope you both have a happy and healthy 2011. You make a great Santa.

  26. Such a lovely blog, Paul. Thank-you for all you have meant to us--and a very Merry Christmas to you! take care

  27. What a lovely Christmas present Paul!! Always, Always love to hear from you!!Yes this year was a great year for me and my opportunity to meet and see Celtic Thunder!Looking forward to you sharing with us and perhaps giving us a chance to see you in person this next year. Good Luck in all you do!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!---Shelties

  28. What a wonderful blog. You've expressed what I fell but can never put into words. You have brought me so much joy through your music through Celtic Thunder, I can't wait for the things to come now that you have branchd out on your own. Have a very Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you only success and good things. Tricia, Orlando, FL

  29. Beautiful sentiments, Paul! Wishing you, Dominique and your families a beautiful Christmas and wonderful 2011! Thank you!

  30. Merry Christmas Paul!

    Had coffee this morning in my Paul Byrom coffee mug....sweet! love ya'''deb

  31. Hiya Paul,

    A merry Christmas to you and you loved ones from the Netherlands!

  32. Just read your blog and I am full of emotion! Like u, there is so much to be thankful for and for those that have past it is nice to reflect on the wonderful memories. Thank-u for your wonderful blogs. You are a great writer as well as a singer! Enjoy NY today. Was just at Bryant Park on Wednesday and thought it looked spectacular. Hope u have had a chance to walk over there too! Merry Christmas...your Jersey fan...Karen Flynn.

  33. Thank You Sweetie for the beautiful blog. Always knew there was a softie in you along with all you other beautiful traits. Thank you for all that you have given us this last year. Your talent, time, blogs, pictures,your VELVET VOICE, and so much of yourself. We are here for you for the long run, right with you as you embark on your own careet. You also have your beautiful lady by your side as you start your new life together. Blessings to you both and have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS and the BEST NEW YEAR EVER. Always

  34. You are a very special man, Paul. Thank you for your warm wishes and shared memories. Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years' to you and yours!

  35. I must say you are right Paul I feel like those who are no longer with us are with us more this time of year then any other time! I feel that way about my Grandpa aka Gramper ;0) we always seem to end up telling stories and cracking over the things he used to do. Hope you had a great Christmas. ~Alice~

  36. Lovely sentiments. I just got of the phone with my brother. I have not seen him for 18 years. Until last christmas, I didn't know if he was alive or dead. He suprised me last christmas and again this christmas. Lots and lots of memories there. He has never met my kids and is still trying to realize that I have 4 of them. I cried and I laughed.

    I pray thet you and Dominique have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the bright lights of broadway!!Have a most prosperous New Year and know you have friends in Indiana!


  37. It's still an odd feeling knowing you are not CT anymore, BUT a new dawning in the life of Paul Byrom is booming to life. I still like following you, reading what you have to say, it's still magical. Thank you....
    Barbara Smith

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  39. Happy Savior's Day Paul,
    While away from loved one there are people here in the States who care about you. You were in my prayer's at Midnight Mass. Have a safe Holiday be well and safe. XX Beibhinn

  40. Happy New Year, Mr. Paul!! There is a ground-swell of promotion going on to get you on Dancing With the Stars. ABC has asked which musician/singer we would suggest for a contestant - You have LOTS of fans voting for you. There's no doubt in my mind what a Dancing Star you would be, especially after someone posted the youtube link to the finals of Jigs-n-Reels - You were great! Good craic, eh? Let us know if we can help anymore with you appearing on DWTS. Send pics of the ball dropping in Times Square tomorrow night, OK? -Jill_Seattle xx

  41. Paul,

    Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year. All the best in 2011. You are in my thoughts and prayers always. Thank you for giving of your time and talent to us. We appreciate it. Thanks to your family for sharing you with us. Love to you always.

    deb(Byrom Babe)

  42. Paul,
    This is late...but, you know how busy one can get at this time of year.
    I know all to well the feeling of missing a niece and nephew...and even though I have my own boys I still feel an ache in my heart and an emtiness in my arms as I yearn to love on all of my sisters kids. I love that you shared with us...thank you for showing us you!
    Hope your Christmas was a special one full of wonderful memories! And that your 2011 is full of wonderful oppurtunities and progress!
    Take care,

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