Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year

Every time I sit to do a blog I always try to remember where I left off on the last one, then I remind myself, who cares, just go for it!

So first and foremost, happy new year to you all. I hope 2011 brings more good times than bad, and at the end of the day, thats all we can ask for.
New Years Eve was an incredible night for us in New York. After finding out that a friend of Dominiques was a friend of a boy in blue, we ended up under the Crystal Ball after a few jars in a bar off Time Square. Couldnt believe our luck. Then when the clock struck 12 Sinatra is belting out "New York" across the speakers and glitter is falling all around. Very emotional and without doubt the best New Years of my life. Lets hope 2011 started the way it means to continue. However the next day my head was telling me it was gonna be a bag of mixed emotions!!!
Dominique's brother Daragh was over for the week too which was great as we hadnt seen any family all Christmas. He ended up heading back on Wednesday and left with so much of him wanting to stay! Who knows what is down the road for him.

Since the holiday celebrations have come to a halt it has been full steam ahead. Lots to do. From getting back in shape to shaping a solo career again. It seems a million years since I did both. I went for an assessment yesterday and was told my body fat was 24%. So I wasnt too upset. My target is to get down to 20% so that I can get rid of Zak Effron and grow my hair like Boobie Beiber!!

As for the career, there is so much to do and all at once. Hence why contact has been inconsistent. Some days are full of "things to do". Little things that can take a while to do. Like sorting out booking agents. In order to get gigs sorted I need to make sure i have the right people on the job. One way or another I am working very hard to get some gigs booked on both sides of America and hopefully even one or two in Canada. As soon as I have any news on this I will of course let you all know.
The other thing I am sorting as well is a new album. I have two ideas for a great album so hopefully one will be out by the Autumn at the very latest. Which lead me on nicely to ABC's Dancing With The Stars. To say I am flattered by the amount of votes you have all lodged on their site would be an understatement. After so many of you seeing the clips from "Jigs and Reels" and leaving positive comments I have decided to accept the challenge. However, all we need is for ABC to accept the challenge too and put me on. I would be delighted to do it and with that I have people working on it. Whether something comes of it or not, Time will tell. One thing is for sure, I would enjoy mixing it up in LA and giving you all something to laugh at on a Sunday evening. How funny would it be if we were all competing against some of the big names in LA. I wouldnt recognise any of them which in itself would be quiet amusing! Lets just watch this space. If you fancy leaving any more comments or e-mailing ABC on my behalf I would be delighted.

Then if after all this bombarding, we may have to try a different tack. Lets see! However, Thank you all so much.

Today I started a weekend long convention here in the city called APAP. Its where artists of all genre's gather and sell their shows to theatres. Although I am not selling anything, its proving to be very informative and very beneficial as the world as his mother seems to be at it. Today I sat through one or two "classical crossover" performances and all I can say is.........well actually better not. Im sure there are people out there who love all sorts of music but what I never understand is why artists dont try and make their talents more easy going. Some stuff is far too high brow. Even for my eyebrows!! Either way, its very admirable to see so many people out there giving it their all and not giving up on what they believe in. In a way, it was oddly inspiring as I suppose there are people who listen to me and find what I do high brow. Yet when they give me a chance, they realise it aint too bad. Kinda like Chinese food. Weird for a lot of people until they try it. Fair enough if it repeats, but at least ya tried it!! I digress!

Next week I head home for some family and friends time and I am really looking forward to it. Mom has promised me the full "Christmas dinner" and my grandma is coming too. Jack and Kate have a glow in the dark globe beside their bed and every night they say goodnight to Paul and Dominique in New York. Soon they wont have to and I am bursting with excitement to see them. Especially cause Jack is into Star Wars now. Which means lots of Santa's toys for me to play with. Kate is still looking up the chimney for her make-up. Her mom assures me, Santa didnt forget it, it was never coming! Maybe Uncle Paul can, which would really set the cat amongst the pigeons!
The other reason I am heading home is that I am groomsman to one of my best friends and his stag is gonna be epic!!! This ladies and gentlemen I wont be telling you all about. So when you dont hear from me next weekend you will understand I am sure.

Before I finish I wanna talk about Celtic Thunder. With the snippet released this week of "Heritage" it stopped me in my tracks. I forgot. I forgot what it was I was a part of, and to a huge extent, still am. I am immensely proud of what I did with the boys. This show I think is gonna be great. I had a lot of fun recording it and hope it goes multi platinum for the boys. Its my last recording with the gang so really hope it does well. Celtic Thunder  have a very busy schedule ahead promoting this and I want to take this chance to wish Emmet all the best. He has a lovely voice and is a nice guy too. I hope he enjoys the ride and gives as good as he gets. I know you will all be very supportive to him in what must be a very daunting task joining a band of brothers this far in.  The boys will be great with him I know. Gotta admit, would have loved a trip to Australia, but them's the breaks! Give it socks Emmet.

Anyway, keep well people, here's to 2011 and hopefully I will have news for you soon. Just know, that I am out there trying very hard. I always will.

Forever yours
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs



  1. Thanks for the update Paul!

  2. Oh, please come to Seattle, Paul! We love you here!

    Have wonderful, long-awaited visit with your family. I hope they spoil you rotten!

    Lisa in Seattle

  3. Well once again, you leave me in tears with your lovely blog. :) Happy tears for sure though as you are conveying your happiness to us each and every time you write. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us as you progress into your new career, and thanks for sharing some of your private life as well. The pic of you and Dom is priceless. I'm happy you are going to see your family next week as I'm sure it was hard not to be there at Christmas. And yes, go ahead & set the pigeon loose & give Kate the make-up.

    And yes, the sizzle reel for Heritage took a lot of us back too when we saw it yesterday, and I can't wait to have the whole show to watch over and over again. You were and always will be a large part of Celtic Thunder even as you make you way thru a new solo career. Yes, we will support the lads and Emmet, but your spot in our hearts will always be there too.

    Good luck in everything coming up, can't wait for a new album, and yes, am looking forward to seeing you on DWTS. However, it airs on Monday and Tuesday nites, not Sunday. :)


  4. You, Paul Byrom, have to be one of the nicest guys in the business. Wish you well in all of your musical and personal endeavors. Hope to see you in a show on the West Coast sometime soon! With the release of the Heritage reel, I am reminded of how much each of you has to offer and I have no doubt you will all be successful in your own ways. I hope you will look back fondly on your days with CT and have happy memories and lasting friendships. Thanks for the update!
    Cathey (Spokane, WA)

  5. Happy New Year to you and Dom, Paul!

    A little sad that you won't be coming to Australia with CT. Looks like us Aussies missed out xx

  6. Thanks so much for the update. I love that you keep us up to date - with the exception of the stag party - and share your feelings with us.
    Best of luck for only great things in 2011. Hope to see you on the west coast in the not to distant future. :)

  7. Paul, thank you for the update. Reading your last few blogs again just now, one after another, I feels like I am in the middle of a story in a book. I don't want to put it down, I want to know what comes next.
    I want to thank you for letting us be part of your life and experiences in your newly adopted city and country. I wish you loads of success and happiness in 2011.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Love, Jutta xx

  8. You always make me laugh, Paul. I can just imagine your sister's reaction when Kate gets the makeup. I'd love to be a fly on that wall! Enjoy yourself with your family and have fun at your friend's stag party. You know what they say, if you can lay on the floor without holding on you're not drunk enough!

    Love ya, Paul!

  9. Thanks for the update Paul! No matter where life leads you you will forever be part of Celtic Thunder. As for cats and pigeons I maybe helping you getting closer to meowing but they do make "toy" makeup for little girls you could get Kate that. to them it looks like makeup but to everyone else its nothing more then maybe chap stick. As for Jack and Kate saying good night to NY on their globe beyond adorable like them and it speaks volumes for you as their uncle! Safe travels back home. thanks for keeping us in the loop as always. Thanks for sharing the picture with us too.

  10. Happy new year to you and Dom Paul!!! <3

  11. Thank you for the blog, Paul!
    DWTS airs on Monday, though, just before CASTLE, not on Sundays. ;)
    I am glad that you enjoyed New Year's, and hope that 2011 brings you much success!
    Looking forward to the upcoming album and gigs, and hopefully I can come see you. San Francisco to Sacramento, I will come!
    Look forward to seeing you on Monday nights next season, and we WILL get you on there!
    Enjoy your return to Ireland, and bring a van when you go to pick up your presents at the PO Box. Keith needed one, but you've been gone an extra month, so beware! :D

    Hope to see you again,
    Iryna D.

  12. Thank you for keeping in touch with us...we really do appreciate it :o)

    LOVE the picture...what a perfect way to start off the new year!

    I'm still letting ABC know every day that I want you there...if there's anything you think would help, just say the word! We all have telephones and stamps too...shall we start a three sided barrage??

    Have a wonderful time back home with family :) Definitely bring the make-up for Kate!! A little lip gloss and a little powder go a long way to make a girl feel like a princess ;)

    Please remember at the Stag that other people will have cameras and cell phones with video...not sayin...just sayin ;) Not that I think you would do anything too wild (cough cough) :-D

    I hope you find an agent you can work with, just make sure they're willing to work as hard as you do, cause we know you give it everything you've got...and then some! You're better than those others out there and deserve someone who knows it and will make things happen with you!

    All our love to you and Dominique :o) We'll be praying for safe travels, good health, and a wonderful time to be had by both of you.

    Much Love,
    An Egg :o)

  13. Great blog Paul, as usual. That pic of u & Dom on New Years Eve is so sweet. I wish u every success with ur career. I am really looking forward to seeing u on stage again, performing solo. Will be a little strange, u not having the other guys around u but life does go on. As far as DWTS goes, I really hope they hear ur fans' voices & put u on. That would be epic & SO much fun for unlike the stars they have on, we feel connected to u. U let us into ur life. Makes it special.

    I wish u safe travels home.

    Love ya,
    Joan *NY*

  14. I really believe 2011 is going to be your year! Give it socks, Paul! :-)

  15. Paul, I really enjoyed reading your blog..You and Dom make a cute are very lucky to have her..Please tell her that we love her as much as we love you...Keeping my fingers cross for DWTS ..I post something every day...I hope you enjoy your visit with your family in Ireland. Have a safe trip to Ireland and back to the US.. Take care and God bless
    Charlotte A Patton

  16. Hm..a couple of things...

    1. Thank you for sharing that photo with us. I teared up when I saw it, cause it's pure, real, and full up optimistic emotion. Like Will Smith, it raps happy :)

    2. I have never watched a full episode of Dancing but if you were on it, I would have to make some programming changes to my favs lol

    3. You will always be part of CT no matter what you're doing. There is a song from the 50's or 60's called 2 faces have I (I think that's what it's called) and that is you. We are not a fickle bunch and accept both your past endeavors and your future pathways with love.

    4. I reallllly hope that BC is one of your Canadian stops at some point :)

    5. (I know, I like lists lol) HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ENJOY YOUR TRIP HOME!!!

    Love to you both.

    Rainee BC

  17. What a great pic, Paul. You sound like things are going along well for you - as you know you make your own luck! A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Dominique. I have a feeling it will be great. Keep up your spirits. And, know that we will always be behind you in whatever you choose to do. :)

  18. ...Boobie Bieber?

    Way. to. ruin. my. bad. mood.

    :] :] :] :] :]

  19. HI VELVET VOICE, Another wonderful blog. Love the way you are keeping your fans informed on what you are doing, we love that. So glad for both of you that you had a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thank You for the picture, it is priceless. Praying that it will be the start of some new and great things for you. If it is up to us, you will be on DWTS. Your talent has no bounds, you will be a star. Cannot wait til you get a new album out. It is getting exciting for us but it will mean a lot of work for you.
    So happy you are going home to see your friends and family. Of course you will get Kate what she wants but we know she loves you no matter what. Say HI to your Gran for us and give her a big hug. Thank your mother for being a wonderful influence in your life and raising a wonderful son. Enjoy the times with your friends but make sure you remember the fun!! Give Dominique a hug for us and have a wonderful trip home.
    Thank You for sharing so much with us, it's going to be a great ride with you. Prayers for you every night.

    Looking forward to a great ride with you.

  20. Paul,
    Thank you so much for really letting us into the world of Paul Byrom, it's quite exciting, believe it or not :) Your picture is priceless with you 2 and the time square ball, that's one to frame! So, the guys are all headed to Austrailia? Is that the trip Damo is so happy that was booked this past week? Did you let the cat out of the bag or did I miss that this was announced somewhere? That's sure to be an epic vacation for EVERYONE, surfing for Keith, Ryan's dream, new food for Damo to try and sights for George and!

    I watch DWTS all the time, I haven't missed a season yet and for sure won't miss yours, if it happens.

    Take care and good luck with your endeavours!


  21. Thank you, Paul, for sharing a little of your life with us through your wonderful blogs. Sounds like you're in an exciting whirlwind now! Love the pic of you & Dom. All the best to you both in 2011 & always!

  22. Great Blog Paul Thanks for Sharing again Great pic of you and Dom u two are so cute together :)

  23. “ain’t too bad”…well, if that isn’t an understatement! You are no ordinary tenor, that is for sure. What a treat these blogs are for your fans, I read and re-read all of them….rather like reading a favorite book over and over again. You’re a good man, Paul Byrom :) I wish you continued success, and little bit of luck to go along with your hard work! Jeff and I are waiting to hear what you’ve got planned for California.

    Take care, Paul

  24. are a hoot! You could have had your CHOICE of careers! Did you know that? Singer, Dancer, Model, Comedian.....seriously! But do me a favor, and eat a big bowl of spaghetti and lost a lot of weight on the video of you dancing. You look amazing...but we do not want to see "just a coat" walking out when YOU DO get picked for America's DWTS, lol. I also laughed out loud, when you said "but I digress" in your blog...friggin funny Paul! Also, loved the picture of you and your gorgeous girl on New Years Eve! I thought of you in your first ROCKIN EVE partay in the big city, when the clock struck twelve! I will contine to bombard DWTS on your behalf. You rock! Hugs to you Paul!!! x Francine

  25. Paul...just love reading the blog. Thank you for sharing. Hoping that once you make it big you'll still write the blog! Soooo hoping that things will take off for you right away and would love to see you on Broadway. Love the pic of you 2 in Times of my favorite places to be. Have a wonderful time back home and feel free to bring some Leprechauns back with you.
    And WHAT ABOUT A P.O. BOX? Did you get one and are you sharing the address with us, coz I'm sure there are things that all of us would like to send you.
    Lots of love to you.

  26. O Paul, what a lovely NYE photo! Glad you got to experience the Big Apple on such a night! It seems that some good things just drop into your lap, lucky man! I would love to see you do something similar to the Sleeping Beauty video, or even a turn on Broadway. Carnegie Hall calling to you at all? The Arts are alive and kicking even with the economy so ill! People still want/need to be entertained, a bit of a break from the worries of everyday life! I wish you and Dominique the best that 2011 has to offer! Enjoy your trip home, I am sure Uncle Paul is missed! Please don't forget, Philadelphia loves classy singers too! The Kimmel Center is a lovely venue!
    Take care, thanks for the blog!
    Maggie Costello

  27. are the best! I love, love, love reading your blogs. I am so happy for u that things are going well. Enjoy being home and can't wait to hear what you've got up your sleeve. Good luck from your Jersey friend Karen Flynn.

  28. Thanks for a great blog, Paul! It is always nice to hear what is going on. 2011 will be a year of firsts for you....enjoy them! Hope you get to Boston soon.....we'll be there!

  29. wonderful to hear from you. Yes, Heritage is great and it makes me miss you all the more but then I remember you are just on a different track! Look forward to your new album. Paul, some great places to showcase your talent in North west Indiana. Casinos, Star Theater in Merrillville, IN and more. Check them out. I am sure they would love to have you. We would love to see you.

  30. Thanks for a lovely and thoughtful blog Paul. I was rather enjoying the back and forth between you and Ryan, but I guess it got past his bedtime. Here's wishing you every success and happiness in 2011.

  31. Thank You for taking the time to share your life's adventure with us Paul. It is nice to be allowed to "watch" your continued successes. looking forward to another album from you. Really looking forward to seeing you in concert again somewhere.Your endeavors to help make Celtic Thunder the Success it is will never be forgotten Paul. That is a part of your life I am sure you are very proud of. Your talents are many and hopefully they will take you where ever you choose to go. Hugs, prayers and wishes for all things good for you and Dom in the new year.

  32. Oh! I loved it!!! Thank you so much Paul!!! Wishing many,many good things for you this coming year! Have fun next week-end and enjoy your family time!! ---Shelties

  33. Happy New Year to both you & Dom. Saw the snippet of Heritage,made me teary..the duet you & Damo. I'm so happy to have this last dvd of you with CT. Have a wonderful trip home to your family & friends. Your Christmas blog painted with words, such a beautiful picture of your Christmas past. Love the way you write, as well as sing. Safe trip, and can't wait til we can see you in person again.

  34. I hope our continued voting for you on DWTS works. Saw your Jigs/reels. Boy, that dancing really made you so skinny. Maybe I'll try it,need all the help I can get. It seems no matter what endeavor you try, all your heart and sould go into the venture. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Love the person you are, and can never get enough of Byrom.

  35. Hi Paul & Dom.
    I saw the Heritage snippet and yes, I have pre-ordered the DVD and CD. I can't wait. I've ordered your Velvet CD from CD baby but it is on back order- bad for me, but I guess that's good for you. I wish you all the success the world has to offer. God has given you many gifts-not just your voice,which of course in amazing. I had an opportunity to quietly watching you mingle with people in Charlotte, NC. (NOT A STALKER, HA! HA) You have a magnificient gift of reaching people. No one is a stanger after they meet you. There was one in particular that pulled on my heart stings. He was obviously mentally challenged. I work with the mentally challenged and see so many people back away from them and you didn't. My respect and admiration for you soared.
    As I said- you've been given many gift- hold them close and protect them. God bless and have a safe trip. Jane from VA

  36. hey hey hey pauly-oooooooo!!!!! happy new years!. you covered a lot in this blog (thanks by the way) so if you read this far down, im gonna make it easy and just say thanks for the update! always love hearing from you lads! i would love to see you on dancing with the stars-dont worry, i dont recognise any of the names either on that show :O ; ) my love, my dove, my egg, im "pink-panthering out"! XD

  37. We love you, Paul (and Dominique!) Happy New Year (rather belatedly) and welcome to America! Paul, I would LOVE to see you on DWTS and have said as much on their web site. I really hope it works out for you!

  38. Paul,

    thinking of you today. Have a good one Brim. Tomorrow I become a grammie for the first time. so excited and bittersweet--am a widow and know that grandpa is looking over all of us. Have a wonderful time with your family.

    love ya

  39. So happy you are having such a wonderful time, and that you and Dominique had a lovely New Years. I have no doubt you have been very busy. And just as you will continue to work hard, we will continue to support you. It is an honor and a pleasure! All the best to you and take care!

  40. Paul,
    You always amaze me with your blogs. You're so funny, so selfless, so kind, you crack me up! I wish you and Dom all the best on your journey home. Enjoy your mom's cooking and ya look like you're in pretty fair shape in the pic! What a great time Jack & Kate are gonna have with their Uncle Paul! As far as your career, you're gonna make it BIG! Will miss you as a member of CT, but will cherish our chat in the pub after QVC always! I will be sending Emmet tweets and know he can keep up with the lads and their craic!;)
    Love ya always!
    Susan in Atlanta, GA (and hey, hope you come back to The Fabulous Fox!)

  41. Dear Paul;
    Thank you for the update. I know you will do it proud when you sing the national anthem at the Celtics game lucky them. I wish you and Dom nothing but the best. I hope your career takes off like a rocket and keeps going. Hope you make it to Mpls or St. Paul sometime in the future would love to see you. So When are you and Dom going to make it offical!!!!!!! You two are a lovely couple and would make great parents
    All the Best

  42. Paul glad to see you are filling in for Damian school is very important, hope to catch you on one of the stops. As a loyal fan I will support you no matter what you do. Hope you have fun sa hello to Dom for me even tho she does not know me nor do you I hope you say hello for me.
    Thank You

  43. Hi Paul..well here it is March 8th. Hi to you. I just bought "Heritage". Your voice is so mesemerizing. what a gift you have. I am in Phila. waiting for tickets for CT to go on sale nearby at American Music Theater in Lancaster (l hr away). will miss you so..but then there's that Ryan that I cannot keep my eyes off. God he is one beautiful man. Here's to you and your gal ..hope all is going well w/your new venture there in NY. Just miss you so much on the CT. It will never be the same!
    Faith D.