Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boston Celtics

So after a visit to Ireland I thought I would write you a short little blog to fill you in.

I gotta say the idea of flying all the way to Dublin and back for a stag weekend seemed like a great idea at the time. Im not sayng I wouldnt do it again, but next time I will make a week out of it as its too far to go just for a weekend.
Long gone are the days in Ireland where a stag was a one night event. Now its a whole weekend! Myself and the boys I went to school with are still the very best of friends. There is a group of 20 of us that are still very tight so needless to say, when we get together it is a lot of laughing and play acting. Not to mention a lot of drinking! Much and all as I enjoyed it, I am still wrecked from it! At 31, two nights in a row is a stretch.
We went to a lovely place called Carlingford and I would strongly recommend it to anyone visiting Ireland.
I came back yesterday to New York and slept for the majority of the flight. This I was delighted about. However, for long distance flights, I dont recommend Delta. Very cramped. Cramped is only good if your cramped up against someone you love!!!!

Since coming back I am licking my wounds from the weekend. Went to bed early last night  and slept for Ireland. So well in fact I got up today full of intentions and got a lot done. However, got my schedule mixed up and missed an appointment in Manhattan. Not cool. On the up, we got a lovely plant for our living room.Theory is if we can keep it alive for a few years then we can consider kids!!!!! As for the appointment, All is good, as it was re-scheduled. I made up an excuse as good as "the dog ate my homework''. Either way they bought it!!!!
My main news which goes with the title of this blog.....I can confirm I will be singing the National Anthem for the Boston Celtics on the 16th of March in the Garden! I am so super excited. Its my first biggie of the year, so lets hope it aint the last!! Delighted to share this news with you all as you have all been so supportive in everything Ive done so far.

With regards to DWTS, I am going to get my people to contact ABC soon, so the more votes in, the better. I do appreciate the campaign and I promise if I get on, i will make it worth your while!!

Off tomorrow to IKEA to buy more furniture. Fun until you get home and try to assemble it!

Love ya all
My loves
My doves
My eggs!



  1. Congrats on singing at the Garden!!!!! That plant looks pretty tough, I am sure you all will do great with it. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Great blog Paul!! The plant looks lovely.....for now. LOL. So excited about your singing the National Anthem at the Celtics game - does your buddy Ryan know this or does he plan to be there anyway since he'll be stateside around that time? Take care ....

  3. Congratulations on singing at the Garden! A great place to start. Wish I could be there! But, will be close by anyway - in New Hampshire - and will be supporting you and cheering for you in spirit. Glad to have you back in the US. Thanks again for keeping us up to date on your doings. :)

  4. Woo hoo!! Paul's going to the Garden!!! I sure hope that it will be televised, but just in case...feel free to have it taped & then post! ;) As for the plant... Personally, I find kids easier to keep healthy than plants!!!

  5. thanks for the blog- love hearing from you!

  6. Great Blog Paul i hope i can watch the game where you are singing if not please somehow try to get it on your website facebook or youtube i would love to see it :) Cute Plant to :) my ma almost has one like it

  7. Thank you for the blog! I see you're experimenting with plants first...and I hope those with whom you had the appointment don't read your blog! Good luck with singing at the Garden, and we won't let it be your last!

    As for the plant, we have one of those and it is actually very durable.

    We WILL get you on DWTS, don't worry about that! They would be making a HUGE mistake to leave you out.

    Good luck again and hope you like the States,

    Iryna D.

  8. After Louis, the plant should be a snap! Am thrilled you'll be at the Garden! You know that all your Loves, Doves & Eggs will be tuned in xx

  9. Great Blog Paul Thanks for sharing :D And that is FANTASTIC news about the Celtics game! :D Congratulations!

  10. Hey Paul,
    you are a good writer.
    not cool, ;) you write like a teenager, just kidding!
    well you bring us great news!!!
    it sounds all good.
    thanks for sharing you adventures with us, cannot wait for more.
    I really want to see you in DWTS this season, i will watch it all :)
    it's funny that you are "let my people, call your people" kind of line.
    thanks again PAUL!

  11. Congratulations on the Boston Celtics Gig...that's awesome! I'm sure that is the first
    of many! I thought that was a little too fast of
    a trip, I'm sure your buddy's did too. Well, a
    lesson learned..next time take your time(if you
    have any). I must say there must have been a happy Delta passenger on that flight, wish I had
    Take care of that plant you two!! Remember to love and feed it!! I would love to see some litte byrom babes around!!!
    Thanks for the blog Paul....I know it takes time
    and you are a busy lad.
    Be careful what you wear shopping in NY! Can't
    wait to hear what's next for you....DWTS, ohhh please!!

  12. Congrats on the Garden! Fantastic news!! A plant isn't a bad place to start, but they don't scream when you forget to take care of them, so don't base your parenting skillz on whether it lives or dies! LOL! At any rate, sounds like you are settling in and working on some gigs - all good news! Ikea's a lifesaver, but, oy, the assembly! Thanks for giving us the update.

  13. Paul love the plant... The secret to keep a plant is make sure you put it in the right spot...Water it and talk to it.......Glad you are singing the National Anthem for Boston Celtics.
    My sister-in-Law swears by IKEA...
    Take care...And
    God bless you and Dom..
    Charlotte A Patton(MomMomCharlotte)

  14. Hi Paul,
    I'm with Cheryl. Kids I had no problems keeping healthy, plants.....let's just say my husband knows never to give me live plants. I've managed to raise 6 healthy kids. Never killed any, though I thought about it a time or two. ;)
    Congratulations on landing the gig singing for the Celtics! Won't be able to make it but I will be supporting and cheering you on in spirit. I hope someone manages to tape it for you and us!

  15. Oh, Paul, congrats! And I hope to see you on DTWS. I keep voting and if you get on, I'll make sure to get my Nana and aunt to root for you too!

  16. AWESOME!!!! Singing the National Anthem anywhere is a stupendous honor, and at the Garden is an even bigger honor! Congrats!!

  17. Enjoyed ur blog, as usual. I agree, going to Ireland for a weekend is a bit much but at least u had a blast.

    Great news about singing the anthem at the Celtics game. Is Ryan jealous? ;) Hope to be able to c/hear u then.

    Lovely plant, btw. :)

  18. Love the plant...they are pretty tough! wooo hooo singing at a Celtics game ...will def watch just to see you. Keep voting every couple days on the DWTS site...you seem to be doing extremely well...fingers crossed!

  19. Oh paul-Y-OOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! HELLO THERE! one can only expect to be "tired" after being in ireland! lol so glad you enjoyed yourself! the plant is very lovely, hope you can keep it alive! im not very good at growing things, so im not going to give you any tips ; ) please make sure somebody tapes your performance, becuase im not going to be home that night!
    i will only watch dwts againn if you make it on XD
    oh and never wear a sox jersey in a cubs part of town either ; )

  20. So thrilled for you for your first big US gig! And nothing more appropriate than the National Anthem!

    Thanks so very much for keeping us up to date on your "comings and goings". Glad you were able to spend some time with your friends, even though it was short.
    Take Care :)

  21. Congrats!! I'm sure everyone's gonna love you singing the National Anthem!

    Good luck assembling the Ikea furniture! That is certainly a daunting task. I think you might have better luck if you just wing it and completely ignore the instructions. Lord knows those never help!

  22. Thank You for the blog VELVET VOICE. Always love to hear from you. Congrats on your singing for the Celtics, so wish we could see that. Am sure you will do fine with the plant as long as remember to water it. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, although short, must have been fun.
    Keeping you in the running for DWTS so if it's up to us you will get there. Thank You for thinking of us a spending the time to write.

  23. Congratulations on singing the Anthem at the Celtics Game Paul. I would imagine you are not to excited are you ? :)...

  24. Very exciting singing the national anthem at a Celtics game. Congratulations on the gig, the plant and making it through last weekend in one piece. Good luck also on the DWTS project hope you make it through.

  25. What wonderful news!! I can't stand basketball, but promise to watch just to see you! Wonder if Ryan will try to pull a few strings now that he has a friend in high places ;o)

    Love the plant...personally I end up killing them all...but I have four happy healthy daughters. Kids are really SO much easier than pets and plants.

    We're still pluggin away on DWTS...Praying that you will shine like that mirrored ball trophy and all the country will get to see and know you!

    Good luck with Ikea, just ditch the directions...you're a man, you don't need them anyway ;o) LOL

    Love to you and Dominique...and the plant,
    An Egg Xx

  26. Hi Paul....so excited for you..great news about the Celtic game at the Garden. Perhaps will attend just to see you! Awesome. Goodluck this weekend...hope your team wins. We are big Giant fans and just cannot bring ourselves to root for the Jets. Your Jersey fan..Karen Caprio Flynn

  27. Boston!!?!?!?!? I need to see if I can get tickets!!!!!!!

  28. Forgot to say how wonderful it must be to still have 20 best friends from school. Even though it was so short, happy you had time to spend with them. You will be great singing our National Anthem (very hard song to sing)the night before St. Paddys Day!

  29. Hi, Paul,
    Aha! The Anthem @ the Garden! The Celtics! Grandslam! I think you will be hearing from an old friend shortly! LOL!
    Funny how those times with "the boys" can make you feel your age ;-D
    The plant is lovely, hope it makes it, and you are allowed to have children at some point! I think you would be a fun Dad!
    Still voting @ DWTS, they know who we are and how to find us...maybe that's a good thing?
    Oh, BTW, Dominique deserves a nice dinner out after ditching her for the weekend!
    Take care...Go Steelers!
    Mags <3

  30. Hi Paul,
    I can't think of a better place to start out your solo career than the Boston
    Garden!!! Don't forget it's the day before St. Patricks Day and all of Boston celebrates in one way or another!!!! Word will spread quickly how great your voice is. Best of luck!!!

  31. Hello Paul

    Congrats on singing at the Gardens. I hope Ryan can be there to see you sing. Your new plant looks like it can stand up to anything. And you do know for those who don't want to assemble the furniture themselfs I do believe Ikea will assemble the furniture for you and have it delivered to your place. Think about it,because I just have one word for you, POPCORN! LOL! Love Ya My Swanky Tenor! Stay Warm.

  32. So excited about you singing for the Celtics!! I bet Ryan is as excited for you as we all are!! I will continue to vote for you on DWTS too! I hope to see you on there this season! Hope you have recovered from the weekend with your mates by now!! Thanks for another wonderful blog. Keep them coming!!


  33. CONGRATS Paul :) Nice to hear that you've got work coming up and we ARE delighted for you.

    As for the Ikea furniture...I have one of their beds, that I put together..with a rock. LOL

    (I can't read swedish comic strip instructions. Sorry but I'm just not multi-cartoonational).

    lol :)

  34. Hello Paul,

    Sounds like a wonderful time, even if you are wrecked for a few days...you have a new home, Dom and a new plant to recover with! The plant looks very strong, so I doubt you will kill it. Lots of good wishes for the gig in the Garden and I will be looking, hoping it will be shown on the West Coast...pleeze TV gods lol. Sharon/Thumper

  35. Singing for the Celtics! GREAT!

  36. Hi Paul, glad you are back safely from the stag. DON'T overwater the plant. The plant usually doesn't like direct sun,watch out it doesn't get sunburned/LOL.I intend to keep voting to have you on DWTS. Do you know when the deadline will be? Congrats on Celtic gig. Is Ryanb jealous???

  37. By the way, I agree Social Network not as good as The King's Speech.

  38. Well congratulations!! Wish I could be there for the singing of the Anthem! Probably be on TV I hope! Still emailing DWTS! If they don't
    choose you it wouldn't be because your fans didn't try!! lol Would be wonderful to see you each week!! A real treat for us!! lol God luck with the plant and furniture! Keep the blogs coming! Love ya!! ---Shelties

  39. WOW!! I am excited to hear such great news. Congratulations!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for DWTS! I am sure this would be a great push for your career as well as it would be a lot of fun for you to dance and for us watching you doing so!
    My fingers are also crossed for the new plant! I hope it has a long life! ;)
    Take care, love! Keep the blogs coming I'm always looking out for more great news.
    Luv ya!
    Claudi from Germany

  40. yay, back in boston! :)

    and good luck with the ikea furniture....i love going to their store but i don't trust my assembly skills when the pieces come with an instruction manual the size of a dictionary...

  41. Hope this gig at the Garden is the first of many in 2011 and places you on the fast track to stardom. You've paid your dues and now it's time to begin collecting. Please continue to keep us informed about appearances, etc. and we will continue to support you however we can. Good luck to both you and your plant!;)
    A fan from the start (affs),
    Ginny C

  42. Remember over watering plants kills them faster than too little. Love it and congrats on the singing at the gardens. Still pulling for DWTS for you.
    Thanks for the update, love ya! Tina

  43. I know what you mean about delta being cramped...I flew from Portland, Oregon to Amsterdam! And its great to hear you'll be singing the national anthem at the game! I doubt I'll be able to watch here on the west coast though... and I really hope you make it onto dwts!
    Good Luck Paul!

  44. That's a dracaena! Make sure you keep it in bright light but not in direct sun! Water sparingly. Too much and you'll start seeing white flies and, trust me, they are an extreme pain to get rid of!

    Love reading your blog, as always! Congrats about the Celtic game! How fun and exciting! Take care, Paul!


  45. Just a wee chat. I have so enjoyed your blogs & tweets; please, don't stop. I just listened to "You Raise Me up," &, as usual, it brought a wonderful, contented smile on my face. A great way to start the day :) Thank you for sharing your voice with us here in the US. Have been voting faithfully for you to be on DWTS. Hope to see you in concert sometime this year...Seattle perhaps? xo

  46. Sure hope that Celtics game will be broadcast on tv. Would sure hate to miss your singing on national tv. My cousin played for the Celtics a few years ago. Larry Bird. Maybe you've heard of him.