Friday, January 28, 2011

The Panama Canal 2011

After experiencing New York snow and all that goes with it, I was delighted to wake this morning to the confirmation, that this time next year, I will be cruising as a "special guest" with Phil Coulter on his Tranquility Cruise. It is due to go from the 16th of January from Fort Lauderdale, FL for eleven days.
The cruise line company is Holland America and the ship is the Zuiderdam. For those interested in coming on what always proves to be a fantastic trip, I will post a link as soon as I have one. I hope to see you all there!!

Things are moving fast for me since leaving the tour at the end of December. Obviously there has been the campaign for Dancing With The Stars, and hopeful as I am, I feel we may be struggling. This is not to say I  have given up as I believe it would be a great thing for me to do. Mainly because I think it would be great fun but also because it would be a good career move too.

With regards to a new album. Things are already in motion and I hope that I will have a deal soon. These things take time, however, rest assured I am working around the clock to ensure I have one out before I hit the road with some gigs. The gigs are being worked on too, and as like everything else so far, you will hear it first here on this site.

Heritage is soon to be released and much like you, i will be looking forward to sitting in one night and enjoying it as a "Thunderhead"! My commitment to Celtic Thunder stays strong and I hope the show and album goes really well. I met Sharon whilst George and Ryan were here and they were all very excited about it. The PBS station visits start soon and I must say I will miss going from one to the other having the fun on air. From talking to Sharon, there will be a lot of ground covered on this trip!

Today I head to price some mac's as the hole on my screen from a candle burning through is really beginning to annoy me. I thought I would be able to ignore it, each day its annoying me more and more! So, like ripping a plaster off a hairy arm, I am going to have to just go and get one!
After that, its the gym, as I have been trying to get back in shape the last couple of weeks and its been harder than I thought to get motivated!!

Tonight will possibly be a night at the cinema as I haven't been in a couple of weeks and I am having withdrawal symptoms..........any suggestions?????!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, keep well and warm
My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs



  1. Have you seen True Grit? I hear it's a good remake.

    Would love to go on d cruise, however, already have Hawaii plans for next winter. It's a lot closer for us, tho the entertainment won't be as good. ;) Anyway, delighted that you're cruising again and I'm sure lots of devoted fans will jump on.

    Sounds like you're busy working and lining things up. Sure would love to see you do a West Coast show. Continued success!

  2. Unless someone I know wins the lottery I won't be joining you on the cruise but yay for you and the lucky ones that get to go ;)

  3. Have you thought about doing some *House Parties* over the summer? A good way to make some quick moolah and have some craic as well! :)

    Had heard you will be on the cruise next year and am very excited for you. That cruise last year way my cruise of a lifetime and not sure I could repeat that.
    I know what you mean about DWTS. You have at least 80% of the singers votes but they will do what they want to do. If you do or do not get it, it will not be for your fans not trying!!
    Will be waiting for that new album, when you can get it together. We know things take time and are very willing to wait.
    We will be here for you whenever you need us and want us.
    Oh, goodness, you better announce early when you are going to sing with the guys as we will all be wanting to see you, better make it a big venue.
    You look like a Hunk when you are in shape :)Not the best time to want to do it but when the weather warms up and you do not have to schlepp through the snow, it will be easier.
    Don't do movies that often except with my granddaughter so no suggestions there.
    You just take care, keep your spirits up, take care of that beautiful girl of yours and go out and make a snowman!!

  5. the last movie i saw was tangled. it really was cute if you just want to be a kid again as only disney can make you feel. let us know when you get to the point of needing area venue ideas.

    xox. lynn (kandls)

  6. Hi paul....thanks again for the great blog. You are the best with your fans. Lastnite I was at The Fitz watching Ruth and was so exciting being there and especially to hear them perform. They are awesome. In speaking with Ruth it seems like alot is happening for them. I am so excited for u too as I know for sure your career is going to take off. I am hoping to go on that cruise next year. Thanks again for always keeping us informed and for all your great tweets too! Your New Jersey fan...Karen Caprio Flynn

  7. Hello Paul! Thanks for the blog and keeping us up
    to date on your endeavors! I am saving to take a
    trip to Ireland but now that your going on the cruise, maybe I will do that instead.....I'll see!
    DWTS are fools if they don't put you on! I really
    want to see you there for all the fun!
    Working on CD and excited for you, and for us because can't wait to have a CD from
    you! Glad you saw George and Ryan and Sharon.....
    reunion!! Cruise...Ohh I can't wait!
    Best wishes Paul in everything your doing even
    working out, although I think you look just fine!
    Byrom Babe from Canada!

  8. Went to see "The Way Back" last night... good cast, beautiful scenery! The resilience of the human spirit is amazing.

  9. The cruise sounds like it will be a lot of fun! I won't be there, unless the rich Uncle I don't know dies and leaves me all his money. ;)

    Have you seen True Grit? I don't like westerns, but I saw this one and thought it was amazing!

    Can't wait to hear more about this new album!

  10. The other night when you were stranded on the subway and you tweeted, "I USED to be somebody!" I felt it was, at the same time, both funny and sad. I'm sure even though you were the one to make the decision to 'continue on your own' you must at the same hand feel a bit left behind as well. Nearly everything we do in life will have both positive and negative feelings associated with it. This coming from someone who has lived most of her life already and has felt the same way many times. You are a wonderful person with the best fan base I've ever seen (she said modestly). I want you to know, although I may not have very much influence on my own, with enough fans like me maybe your journey won't seem so solitary. Never doubt that we are out here, or whether we still care about you - no one will ever take your place in our hearts. God bless.

  11. Would love to do the cruise again, but I don't think we can. Will have the memories from the 2 we did do! I hope some fans who have not been able to go can do this on. Sounds likes fun! And the Panama Canal is amazing!

  12. We've been planning on the 2012 cruise - and, knowing that you will be there - wow! Will reserve as soon as possible! Thanks so much for letting us know.

    For movies that are currently out: Black Swan (dark, but very good) and True Grit are my recommendations.

  13. I wish I could go on that cruise next year. It would be so cool to meet you again. My recommendations for movies are either Tron or Tangled.

  14. True Grit. It's very good. Thanks for the blog! It's always exciting to hear from you! Stay warm! ---Shelties

  15. Paul,

    I wouldn't worry about DTWS, especially if what I heard today was true. I heard that this season they are choosing "unknowns". You are known to us but not to the world, (unlike someone like Jennifer Grey). SO if that's the case and they are choosing from fan votes, then you're a definite!

    I can't wait for Heritage either, I enjoyed seeing it this past fall and will miss seeing you live on stage with the guys in the fall.

    I hope you are enjoying your first NYC Winter. It's been a rough one that's for sure and it's only the end of January.

  16. Hard to get motivated to work out when there is snow up to your bum,right?lol..Sounds like you got a plan and that's good news.As always your very considerate and it's much appreciated. Just Love ya! Tina

  17. Can't wait to see where you PoP up with the guys! I think they need to keep you on call with CT until they finish releasing Storm,but sadly I don't think that they will. It will stay on the back burner. But on the up side, looks like you are going to have to see True Grit tonight, and then tomorrow rent the original with John Wayne and see the difference. I would be willing and interested to hear your review after seeing both. The word is the new one is not supposed to be a "remake". Have a super evening and remember send out some ideas about you & Dominique's favorite colors or home color themes, so we that knit, crochet and sew can create appropriate gifts for your new home. I think we could surprise you with your gifts/gratitudes if you did that. Have a super evening no matter what you do.

  18. Well Paul Thumper's here...guess I will have to sell my soul to my hubby and the devil to go on the 2012 cruise. I can definately handle another 11 days at sea with my #1 singer. I must tell you that "Illuminations" is one of the best CD's that Josh Groban has done...I love it...I can't believe that my 2 fav singers are now both in NYC for their careers...Hope to see you in So Cal some time...going to see Sephira in March with Michael Longra's "Beyond Celtic"...hope its good!!

  19. Paul, wish I could go on the cruise..I would really love to meet you..My husband and I have so much going on in our life and it is hard for us to get away...For one I'm always baby sitting my 3yr old granddaughter while my son and daughter-in -law are at work ..They can't afford a day care...So I'm it...
    For dancing with DWTS I've been really trying every day make a comment on their site...I even go to "Live with Regis and Kelly" INBOX I told them all about you trying to get on DWTS and even putting you on their show..I sent them so youtubes to watch you on..
    Paul, never say, you used to be someone..You are someone have many fans that think you are still very famous...And don't forget it...
    Now movies I heard that these are good The Dilemma-No Strings Attached-Black Swam- Well, what ever you go to see I hope you and
    Dom enjoy...
    Take care and God bless you and Dom....
    PS remember you will always be my favorite Irish Tenor...
    Charlotte A Patton Fairless Hills,Pa

  20. Hi Paul, I'm going to save my pennies, would luv to go on that cruise. Missed the last one you were on. Movie suggestions: The King's Speech, Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Company Men. Hope you are well

  21. Hi Paul...

    I am thrilled to hear about you being on the cruise next year. I have missed you and the guys from Celtic Thunder every time you come to Oregon due to various surgeries. So far my body seems to be getting back to normal and I will save all my spare change for the chance to go.

    As for movies True Grit is an amazing remake I think you would enjoy...

    Have a good day and a wonderful evening. Enjoy your new Mac I know how cool they are.

    Love to you and yours,

    Now off to the gym to make sure my body stays happy with me

  22. Hi Paul,

    If they won't get you on DWTS, they are making a huge mistake. You deserve to be on there.

    I am looking forward to the album but can only wish that I could be on the cruise. Just wondering, is there an age limit for going? As in, 18 and older or 21 and older, or can anyone come?

    I hope to see you in concert again, and if you like horror/action movies, "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins looks great. Hopkins in general is an amazing actor, and I have yet to see a bad film with him.

    Enjoy NY,


  23. The cruise sounds fantastic. I would love to come. Have you ever considered trying to book a tour in Savannah, GA. We have a strong Irish heritage...would LOVE to see you here - but, of course, will go to see you pretty much anywhere. You were always my favorite in Celtic Thunder - the, nice legs!

  24. Jan 2012? Hummmm - gives us some time to save! Which ever movie you guys go to, enjoy & stay warm... more snow coming Thurs/Fri...

    I resent you saying you used to be somebody. You are a very special person to a lot of people, you are one of the nicest persons I have met. you are a beautiful person inside and out. Of course you have flaws, everyone has but you are a good man, Paul Byrom!! I still think you belong on Broadway and expect to see you there someday. Just take care of yourself and you beautiful girl.

  26. Blessings Paul I have been keeping you in my prayers I know the snow is bad out their, wish you & your one & only could have come to California we are having Great weather and if you wanted snow ,we are a hour away skiing anyone??? I am Honored once again when your where on this passed tour you shook my son & daughter & my mom's hand & mine that was so sweet you are a inspiration to them , to never stop going for your Dreams, as true thunderheads from the start we support you in your Dreams & we can't wait to see you on tour soon. God Bless you & yours

  27. Hi Paul: You are a super person with a beautiful voice, wonderful sense of humor and grace. I will miss you on Celtic Thunder, but I am positive you will succeed in your new endeavors. You have a lot of people that follow you because of you. I hope to see you on DWTS. I voted you in. Also, I will look to see you on the Celtics game and maybe I will collect enough money to see you on the cruise. Please keep us posted on your gigs, so that we can be a part of your future. Take good care and remember you are special.

  28. Hi Paul: You are on your way and we the fans will follow you, will look for the Celtic game and you, also to see you on DWTSs and will try and make the cruise. You are great with a golden voice and you will succeed. Just keep your dreams alive and we will do our part. Hugs and best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  29. Paul,

    Just wanted to write and say Happy Valentine's Day to you! You are in my prayers and thoughts daily. Thank you for all you do for your fans.