Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What a fun time of year it is to sit in on a night. With the BAFTA'S the Golden Globes, The Grammy's and of course the OSCARS! I always find them so much fun. Aside from the fact I am a movie buff and love a night at the cinema, I always enjoy watching the reaction of those who DONT win. They have to sit there and pretend they are not upset or bothered. WHY? If it was me and I was up for an award and was then beaten by someone who turned up in an egg I would be livid! It must be so hard to do it. Sit there and smile. I enjoyed the other night whilst watching the Grammys, the little boy Bieber, dressed like the Milky Bar Kid, sat there waiting on his newcomer award(which he seems to be up for every year), and when he didn't win, he was seen turning to his nanny and asking who was the winner. He never even heard of her. BRILLIANT! As for the style. My Lord some really try very hard and fail miserably. This too always makes me smile. I would give my right arm to be at an awards ceremony like these, however, i don't have an inner filter. Never did, never will. So therefore if Lady GOO GOO passed me I would probably have my jaw around my ankles. Or if Rihanna was on stage grinding like a cheese grater on stage I would be in shock. Dominique often has to tell me to stop staring. I often think I'm being subtle, but she reminds me that in all walks of life I am as subtle as a brick. Needless to say, I strive to make it to the Grammys or the Oscars. Maybe one day. Which if it happens, trust me, I will be on Twitter that night too! 

So whilst we all watch these different award ceremonies and flick from station to station, I have been made aware of the fact that the much loved Public Broadcasting Stations face huge cuts from funding. WHAT?ARE YOU SERIOUS? These stations are the fabric of American society. They are the stations that people turn on for some intellectual stimulation. For some culture, and some education. From a child we all used to watch Big Bird and Elmo teach us how to say banana and get to grips with the letter 'C' or even 'X'!!! To what benefit does American society achieve by the government cutting their budget. To expect Harry and Agnus, the average American, to donate more than they already are, to keep their local PBS station alive is too much. 
When I was growing up in Ireland, I was made aware of PBS obviously from Sesame Street, but in recent years I was brought to the attention of The Irish Tenors. This was a huge show for PBS and in return they got to perform to the greater American public. So when I was approached by Sharon and Phil to join Celtic Thunder, the first question I asked was, will PBS be showing it. When I was told they were, I jumped at the chance as I knew it was a fantastic opportunity to get my voice heard by many. It became an instant partnership with Celtic Thunder and the two bodies benefited so much from being friends. This of course was helped by the countless amounts of donations made by people in the community whilst watching our broadcast. To think that many of these stations will suffer financially due to the proposed cuts is unimaginable. From what I gathered when we visited many of the stations, they were already existing beyond their means. Im not sure why I am ranting so much, and I am sure one or two will tell me to mind my own business. However, this is my business. PBS gives the like of myself, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Rue and countless others to showcase our talents in what has become an increasingly difficult business to survive in. 
From Maine to Spokane, PBS is the heart of many communities, run by the heart of many communities for the better of their communities and society in large. Yea we all enjoy main stream tv and cable. However what PBS offers to us in this day and age is an extremely valuable thing. It makes us think. Makes us question, makes us sit up and listen when some fresh face comes on with a song in their heart. Gives artists of all size and experience the chance to be heard. This in turn enriches our society. 
Surely to GOD, there are other area's in this country that can handle cuts and fight through these tough economical times. I fear many PBS stations wont. No point crying over spilt milk. Now is the time to lobby your local politician and tell them YOU CARE. I don't for a moment think that cuts are not necessary in many sectors in order to bring some economical stability. However, I urge the decision makers to be very careful in what it is they cut. The Arts are an intricate part of any society in any part of the world. PBS is something Americans should be very proud of. Its yours and when its gone, its gone. As will the likes of many shows and artists. 

Now that I have that off my chest, I will fill you in on what I have been up to. Dominique and myself are now fully settled. It takes time and sometimes we need to pinch ourselves as its hard to imagine we are living here in the States. Everyone has been so welcoming and so encouraging. The messages of support I get regularly on Facebook/Twitter/myspace and this website are incredible. I will admit, there are days when I doubt myself, and all I do is sit and read some messages. They pick me up very quickly and encourage me to continue. At the moment I am working on getting a solo album sorted and ready for release hopefully around September time. I know that seems a long way off, but trust me, between choosing songs, having them arranged, recording them, mixing and then setting up marketing and distribution plans, it will be upon us in no time. Its also hard when you are doing it as your own boss. No longer can I sit and be told where to be and what to sing. Its all up to me now. Much as I enjoy this, I know how much work it takes. So although you may not see the fruits of my labour yet, you will very soon. I promise. I am not here to take pictures and sight see. I am here to create a picture!! 
I was so proud to see so many vote for me on ABC's website for Dancing With The Stars, and although it wasn't noticed by the big wigs, I promise we will be giving it a push come the fall as I will be more than settled and ready to take them all on! Thank you so much for your efforts and all I can say is that Byrom and his Babes will be heard by America whether they like it or not. Its Fightin talk I tells ya!!!

Valentines Day came and went, but this year was one of my best. Simply because Dominique and myself had the day together. We walked Central Park in what was a lovely day. The temperature was nice and we really felt we were in springtime. After a low key dinner and desert I surprised her with tickets to see "Chicago". A show that she wanted to see for a very long time. Needless to say it was fantastic. The choreography was sensational with one or two very good singers. However, I have not seen as much flesh since biology class!! This I may add is not a complaint. It just made me feel the gym was going to have to be a regular fixture in my life from here in!! The ticket prices were reasonable but when you order a coke and a packet of M&M's and are quoted $9.00 I nearly lost a stone there and then. Broadway eh? Milk ya for all they can. I still love it though and look forward to the next visit. 
Its a funny date. Part of me hates it because I don't believe I should be told that on any certain day I should have to tell Dominique that I love her. She knows. She knows that I know, that I am a very lucky guy and that I would walk over hot coals for her. That she is mine and everything else is unimportant. That no matter what, we'll get through it. Through good and bad. She shouldn't have to wait till February 14th to be reassured of this. The other part of me loves it, because you see men flutter all over town trying to find something to reassure their lady that they are in love and that they cherish them. Men are not great at this. Never have been or never will be. Simply because we try desperately hard to be macho. However, when Feb 14th kicks in, we know that our romantic side can be let free and no one will take any notice or make fun. Those that do, are generally single and jealous. So whats the harm in one day a year, letting everyone spread the love. I love it. Always did, always will. For even when I was single, I made a move on that girl I always liked. The excitement of dropping a card, or receiving one. Opening it and not knowing who it is from. Sometimes I'm sure there are those who would rather not have found out, but either way its good for the soul to fancy someone so much that they need to share it with them. BRING ON VALENTINES DAY FOR ALL!! So, to any of you singletons, if you didn't make the move this year, do it next year. What's there to lose. Life is for living and loving. All too soon it comes to an end. For those more adventurous, its not too late to tell them either. Who needs a Hallmark card. Most times the person you fancy, knows it and hopes something will happen. Take the bull by the horns ( no pun )GO FOR IT!!! Then come back here and tell us all! We love a bit of scandal and love a good romantic story. Its great for the bones. 

I must go now and clean the dishes. This is something I have had to get used to since moving here. I miss my dishwasher and car sooooooooooo much! Next week I am visiting home for my good friend Andy's wedding. I am a grooms man so am VERY excited. I am also going to be doing some work, but more about that in the next blog as I don't want to give away too much and be stuck for something when I come back to the land of the free! 

Keep well 
My Loves 
My Doves
My Eggs

I appreciate all your support and need it now more than ever. 

Dom and Myself in Central Park on Valentines Day


  1. loved the blog Paul and us Babes will not be silenced ;)

  2. What a GREAT blog, Paul!!! Your love for Dom rings loud and true through what you said about Valentine's Day. You two have something special, keep at it and you might find yourself married 13 years as my husband and I have been. :)

    As for our support - you always have had it, and you always will. Stay true to yourself, filter or no - that's what makes you YOU!!! :D Oh and don't forget St. Louis when planning your solo tour, k? :)

  3. Paul, what a wonderful new blog. I adore that you are not afraid to speak your mind regardless of the subject. Your thoughts about the pbs issue mirror many of your fans, just so you know. I love how romantic you are about Dom and that you unabashedly share those feelings so proudly. It truly feels like we are more friend than fan and that is very special. Have a wonderful trip home and come back to fill us in on all the fun.

    Cheers to you and Dom

  4. Great blog, thanks for sharing. I just wanted to say that I discovered Celtic Thunder through PBS. It was in November, I had recently had surgery and so I was flipping through TV channels while laying there feeling like crap, when I saw/heard this beautiful voice singing a song about Christmas in Donegal. Now, I love Celtic/Irish music period, so I stopped, listened, was impressed, flipped through some more channels during the "chatty part" of the pledge and then came back to PBS and watched the rest of the show. I immediately bought the album and the DVD to watch on Christmas Eve w/my family, which we did and thoroughly enjoyed. Then I did some research and found out my instant favorite (you) were leaving, and I had just found Celtic Thunder! That means, I'll never see you in concert, if I'm lucky enough to ever see Celtic Thunder in concert. However, I wish you the best of luck on your solo career. Money being tight, my gift to myself each month is a Celtic Thunder CD and DVD set, until I have them all. So far I have CD 1 & 2 and DVD 1 (aside from Christmas). I have preordered Heritage (can't wait). Anyway... I don't even have any idea if you'll read this, but I agree, public tv is important, after all, I wouldn't be totally and utterly addicted (and I am addicted) to Celtic Thunder now.

  5. Wow, great blog! Very well said, Paul! I am passionate about PBS and have called and written my Senators and Congressman. There is strength in numbers and I hope the Thunderheads rally with their support, too! Support for both PBS and you! :)

  6. Paul,
    Wow !!!!! that was a very very very long blog...But I loved it...
    Best to you and Dom and God bless always..
    Charlotte A Patton

  7. Amazing blog! Longer than most, but loved reading it! Your description of the Grammys was entertaining, to say the least, and is one of the reasons I love reading these.

    PBS has to continue. I heard about the problem from Sharon and if I could, I would contribute to have it continue since I have been introduced to so much music through it. Plus, there is always the backstage interviews that we don't see anywhere other than there.

    I'm glad that Valentine's Day went well for you both and agree on the prices--they are high!

    Good luck with the album and I look forward to having another CD to add to my collection in September.

    How many times have you been the groom's man that you've tweeted or blogged about? About five or so!

    Hope you enjoy your time back home, but given that it's NYC you're living in, it might be faster to travel if you don't have a car. Pity that you had to get rid of the new convertable you had back in Ireland that you talked about.

    Again, good luck to you and Dominique and be safe!

    -Iryna D.

    Glad you like all those awards shows. I do not.
    Never heard of most of them and I guess I am just getting old and out of the loop. Been following one group and now one Swanky Tenor.
    Yes, from day one, you were my chosen one and will be til forever comes.
    It is so wonderful that you have your other half with you. Won't give any advice as I don't think you need it. 46yrs and counting. Best decision I ever made.
    With all that you have going for you, and Because We Believe, you will have one of those awards some day!
    So happy you are settled in and doing, as my husband says, your domestic chores. Couldn't think of anyone else that I would rather have here on our shores. Blessings to you and your beautiful Dominique.
    Some of us are still voting on DWTS so ABC will know your name and who you are.

  9. I so appreciate your candor, your humor, your heartfelt appreciation, your romantic're pretty much just an awesome guy all around. I think it's wonderful that you have found a wonderful woman to share all of this with. Thanks for continuing to give us a glimpse into your world and letting us go along for the ride. How great that there will be another cd - can't wait to hear it. Do hope that the West Coast gets to see you live one of these days. Oh and p.s. - thanks for thinking of Spokane. You have at least one dedicated fan here. ;) As you know, the river downtown is pretty spectacular in the spring if you're looking for a little getaway. Have fun in IE and hurry back!

  10. You always speak your mind and we love it! Must get to my congressman about PBS. Too bad about DWTS but we will be there for you in the fall.Love the pic of you and Dom, you make a great looking couple! Take care and look forward to your next blog

  11. Love, love, love the blog and the photo of you and Dom, a perfect couple! So happy to hear of all the exciting plans you are making. Its so good when someone is with you and "has your back" no matter what happens!
    Hoping Congress realizes what a loss PBS would be to the people who have watched, donated and volunteered for all these many years! We never would have "met" a certain fine group of Celtic Men without it! We are all working to try to bring politicians to their senses!
    Have fun at the wedding, and spending time with family and friends! We will always be here, ready to support your dreams.

  12. Paul,
    A very good blog. I too, of course discovered Celtic Thunder on PBS and have introduced bot my 14 year old daughter and my 19 year old niece to them. I have seen 2 concerts her in Los Angeles and am hoping to see you when you tour alone as well.
    I am also a PBS advocate. I grew up on PBS as have my children. Up until my kids were about 10 and 7 that was all we allowed them to watch, and they are both exceptionally bright students now.

    I work in Special Education now. I was asked by a little boy that I was helping to learn to read last week, "What is a grouch??" I replied, "You know, like Oscar the Grouch." He just looked at me in confusion. I asked him, "Have you ever watched Sesame Street?" He said "No." I felt so sad for him. I know that had he been introduced to some good children's programming from PBS he probably wouldn't be struggling so much to learn how to read. Those educational programs are indispensable and they need to be preserved.

  13. THAT WAS SOOOOOO NICE AND LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i dont think you can tell someone wih an irish accent to mind their own business ; ) i agree with you completely on everything. just remember, to be macho, one must have nachos XD i too do the dishes, and i have a dishwasher. :// that is a wonderful picture of you and dom :) have fun at the wedding! there are some weddings coming up, hopefully ill stand up in at least one of them, now that im old enough to understand what it going on :D
    oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST ONE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have a pair of wellingtons??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ; )

  14. Thank you for taking time to share your life with us!! Tina

  15. I'm laying here in bed with no voice and regularly trying to hack up a lung with a nasty cold. My daughter just came to the door trying to figure out "what the heck that noise is?"! It was me, laughing out loud, sort of, while reading your review of the Grammy's. Too funny. Great blog, sweet man. Thanks.

  16. Paul,

    In this fight to save PBS the National Endowment for the Arts is being forgotten. The NEA also faces losing their funding. This organization employs over seven million people. Imagine all of those people having to file for unemployment. There goes our savings. Through grants the NEA helps those who are just starting out and fund regional theatres all over the country. It was through a grant from the NEA that a little show called "Feelin' Electric" got a start. That show had a name change and became the Pultizer Prize winning "Next to Normal".

    I'm looking forward to the Oscars this year. Last year I was flying out of LA on Oscar day and missed most of the telecast. This year it'll be uninterrupted.

    I don't normally eat/drink at Broadway. I usually duck into Duanne Reade if I really need a drink. Have you been to TKTS yet? That's a lot of fun and you always meet other theatre fans standing in line.

    And Chicago's great - I was just there last month for their "Facebook Fan Day"

  17. Thanks for the great blog, Paul! We just love hearing what you and your lovely Dom are up to in the Big Apple! Glad you are enjoying it so much.
    Thanks for continuing your support of PBS. Without it, I would never have found CT and you. My kids grew up with PBS. It needs to be funded. If we all speak up, hopefully it will be!
    Looking forward to the new album in the Fall, but for now, looking forward to seeing you sing at the Celtics! One month away! :)

  18. That was a wonderfully long blog, Paul! Thank you! Beautiful picture of you and Dom, too. I love reading what you think about pretty much anything, its always good for a laugh at some point. Especially love your comments about the Grammys. Looking forward to your album in the fall. Take care, you two!

  19. I love the picture of you and Dominique! Thanks for posting it and also for sharing so much of what you're doing and what's on your mind. We love to hear from you.

    Keep well and best of luck with the new CD - we'll be eagerly looking forward to it.

    ~ Lisa in Seattle

  20. Another wonderful blog from one of my favorite Irishmen!! I agree about the PBS situation. I grew up on Sesame Street & several other of their shows. Besides without them I never would have seen & became addicted to CT!! We truely need to do all we can to convince congress not to cut there funding!! I will do what I can!!

    Loved your views on Valentine's Day!! I have always called it the "Hallmark" Holiday!!

    Best of luck with the new album & have a great time at your friends wedding! :)


  21. Paul it was so nice of you to share your thoughts with us. I'm glad to hear that you and Dominique had a nice Valentines Day. I agree that love is something that we should not wait until a specific day of the year to share. It is good to hear that you are working on a new album. September is a long ways off but you are right saying the time will go by fast. I also liked the picture of you and Dominique. Know that you are in my prayers daily and safe travels wherever you go.
    Barbara in Smokey Point Washington.

  22. Awesome blog, Paul. I always enjoy reading them. I just recently pledged to my PBS *WLIW* here in NY even though they're not having George & Ryan live in the studio next month. ;) I also signed a petition. Hopefully our voices will be heard.

    Love the pic of u & Dom in Central park. U do make a lovely couple. :)

  23. Paul, I love reading your blogs. You're always so sweet and funny, and you're never afraid to speak your mind, which is something I've ALWAYS admired in people.

    I would love for you to someday get to the Grammy's or one of those types of things because of your music [and don't worry, you will], but I think because of your review of the Grammy's and Chicago I'd MUCH rather see you as a host! I would most DEFINITELY watch that, as it'd be the most entertaining one I'd ever see.

    As for how you feel about Dom and Valentine's Day: actions speak louder than words. I've never been the type of girl who expects to be wooed with flowers and chocolate and jewelry; those things have their place, but they shouldn't be necessary to know that a person is loved. And I have the feeling that Dom is the same way. It's so obvious how much you love her just by all these little things that you do for her. You clean up after the dog, you go for a walk with her, and you DO THE DISHES!!! There's nothing more romantic than that!

    I'm currently one of those single people, mostly because I haven't come across anyone interesting yet. But when I do, I'll take your advice and take a chance. I'm always praying for both you and Dom, that you'll always have the best of success together.

    Lots of love to you both,

  24. Paul, I agree about the PBS stations. Education should be one of the most important things in the country but sadly it isn't. They always seem to cut the things that hurt the little man the most. The so called working poor. We are the back bone of America and the ones that pay the most. I just hope everyone steps up to be heard about how we need PBS. Great news to hear about a new album. I would love another Christmas one too. Dominique and you make such a beautiful couple! Safe travels next week. Take care. XX

  25. Thank you Paul, I am so glad you had a Amazing Valentine's Day , you deserve the best and I have faith in you on your adventure , we are always here for you , when you need us we are family!! :) I am so happy you & Dom are moved in and that everything is well, God Bless both of you, your in our prayers always. I hope your received my letter it went to Ireland while you where on tour , we are the Blankert family Christine,Anna,James, & my mom Anna Marcello, if not I will make sure your St.Patrick's Day card go's to your new USA address . God Bless you both remember your family lol

  26. Good luck with all you do Paul! You are a very talented man with many fans.

    Thanks for the shout out for my city (Spokane)! We certainly love you and the other Celtic Thunder lads. PBS is a great station that needs as much support as it can get. Hoping that you are able to have a solo program on PBS too!

    Much love to you and Dom! Travel safely!


  27. Paul,
    Loved yer blog, as always! You're hysterical! The "subtle as a brick" has me in stitches! You're right about PBS! Without them we'd never have met any of you guys nor would have discovered your amazing talent!
    As far as Valentine's Day, only REAL men do dishes! You and Dominique share such sweet devotion. My husband Brad & I will be married 36 years in April and HE does dishes as well!
    Can't wait to hear your new album! September is my birthday, so I know what I'll be asking for! Take care of yourself and your sweet lady, enjoy your trip back home and keep safe. Love the pic of the both of you.
    God bless always,
    Susan in Atlanta

  28. Thank you for another fantastic blog Paul! Always love to read about your new adventures in the Big Apple.
    I'm glad to hear you and Dom are finally settled and that you both enjoy your new home.
    Even if I don't agree with you on the Valentine's Day thing because of some bad personal experiences on that day I'm happy that you and Dom had a great romantic day and that you have found each other and you will stick together no matter what happens. I wish you all the best!

    As for the support: you know you will always have my support but I wont stop telling you if it helps you to keep on going on the new solo CD. I can't wait to hear some new songs with your wonderful magic voice.
    Take care love!

    Hugs and kisses from Germany!

  29. Hi, Paul - Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a long blog. I add my voice to thanking you for putting in such a long plug for PBS funding. This is such an important issue.

    Sounds like the DWTS bigwigs made a huge mistake by not including you in their lineup this season. I won't be bothering to watch - so that's one viewer gone.

    It is so nice to hear you writing so eloquently about your special lady. It is great that you are not here all alone - and have someone always with you who you know has your back.

    And, finally, we will always be here for you, Paul. You have learned well how to use Twitter - whenever you need a pick-me-up, starting a Tweetathon does help.

    Until next time -- all my best to you both. And, looking forward to your Celtics appearance.

  30. Called my PBS station and volunteered!. Not sure what I will do, but I am up for it. My kids grew up with Barney, sesame street and Molly. Thanks for the update. Looks like Dominique got herself one the last true romantics. Don't EVER change!


  31. Thanks for the blog, Paul. I always love hearing your thoughts. It's kind of like getting hit with a ton of bricks. (smile)

  32. I will continue to support you! You and Dom are lucky to find LOVE....Love eachother everday. I have been married over 40 yrs. that and friendship is the secert

  33. Thank you for being so uninhibited Paul. I love that you speak your mind and that you share from your heart.

    I feel very lucky to have found Celtic Thunder through PBS but had supported them for quite some time prior to CT. My children love the educational and informational programming that can only be found on PBS and I don't want to see that lost. Some of my youngest son's first words came from hearing them over and over on Sesame Street. While that is the case for many parents, it is especially touching as my son is autistic and has significant speech delays.

    Enjoy NYC. It is a fantastic city and I miss it terribly. I plan to send a card out very soon to you with some great restaurants to try in Manhattan. Have a safe trip home and thank you again for all that you do for us. Your care and insight makes it so much easier to support you in your every endeavour!

  34. Thanks again VELVET VOICE.Was going to ask if I could adopt you but think I already have. Both you and your beatiful Dominique. I agree that in a good relationship, friendship is so important. My wonderful hubby is also my best friend. Give and take is important, never be afraid or hold back saying I'm sorry and from a very wise and wonderful woman, my late mother in law Never go to bed mad at each other!! : )
    We all agree about PBS and have let our respective legislators know. I guess you need a gimmick to win anything today. Good talent doesn't seem to matter. The wierder you seem the better!!lol
    Just never change, love you the way you are!
    Have a wonderful trip to Ireland! Prayers always.

  35. Paul, I enjoyed getting the look at Dominique. I've often wondered what she looks like (I've seen one photo, a long time ago, and saw her briefly in Houston when she was getting on the bus), but I never really know what the daughter of my fave Irish composer/musician of all time (I'm talking about her father, of course) looked like, and who captured you, you lovely man. Good for both of you. Perhaps if I had ever found a love that seems as true and deep as you two share, I would have more faith in it. And Paul, I did not read this until today, Thursday, and I hope you understand what I mean by that statement, as I don't wish to say more on a public board for just anyone to see.
    I am also sorry to read that you will not be on DWTS - I was so sure you were since you have talked about "spin" classes in gym.
    Carol Stepp
    Austin, TX

  36. You are a sweet,smart young man. I loved reading your blog.

    re: PBS, I can't imagine it going away. What a terrible loss it would be. I would never have known about Celtic Thunder, and what a loss that would have been. So many talented people have touched our lives through PBS.

    Stay well and be happy Paul and Dominique.

  37. Always such a pleasure reading your blog, Paul! So glad to hear you and Dom are settled into your new home. I think its wonderful that you and Mr Ryan Kelly are so on top of helping PBS stay alive! It warms my heart knowing that you care so much about it. :)

    Take care, Paul and Dom!


  38. Paul

    I had no idea Dominique was so beautiful!!

  39. Hey Paul,
    Thanks for another lovely blog. love to read what you write and also love it that you you tell us what you think. thanks for that. I am glad you are the kind of person that things matter to. And then there's that wit of yours that just pops off the page. You are a kind sincere person, and your heart is in all you do. So glad that breathtaking voice of yours will be on another cd. Remember that we are behind you all the way, Paul. Thanks for the pic of you and Dom. Hope ya'll had a lovely day. take care

  40. Thanks for the Blog Paul. Always nice to hear what you're up to in NY. Easy on the Biebs though Paul, as a fellow Canuck, we are proud of our young man from Stratford, Ontario!!! We were so hoping he's win that award this year but it wasn't in the works for 2011:)
    Thanks again for keeiping us up to date,enjoy hearing rom you.

  41. Dominique is beautiful, you are a very blessed man! You make a great looking couple!

  42. love you Paul. have a great weekend--always prayers and hugs

  43. Okay, I am officially over my jealousy of Dom. Any lady that makes you talk and smile like that should be right there beside you. You are both beautiful and even more beautiful together.
    Am I the only one that thinks you would do a masterful job of singing Music of the Night from Phantom? Aren't you glad you have Byrom's Babes to help you pick songs! Love Ya. Vaya Con Dios.

  44. What a wonderful post, Paul! Thanks! Many years ago, we were introduced to Frank Patterson & "Ireland In Song" through PBS. We loved it so much that we have that DVD & several of his CDs. "Ireland In Song" plays on a loop during our annual St.Patrick's Day bash... We also had the honor of seeing him perform at Radio City Music Hall before his untimely death. And, of course, we were introduced to CT & CW, Andre Rieu-The Flying Dutchman;there was one airing that featured the song "Danny Boy" done by several artists- Eric Clapton's acoustical version stood out for me- that I've never been able to find again. I love the Roy Orbison features they've done recently, too. We give to PBS annually, but like you said, our donations are never enough.
    What a beautiful picture of you & Dom! Appreciate & treasure each other, always. Find ways to say, "I love you" everyday. Never regret not saying those words or showing it - even if it means doing dishes! God bless you both & keep you safe... have a great, albeit windy, weekend!

  45. Oh Paul you kill me :) You're such a romantic anyway, its adorbale. I'm glad you and Dom are all settled, us Babes will get you on DWTS if it kills us! Well, maybe some of us... Have a great time back home!