Sunday, December 12, 2010

The End

To say the last couple of days has been memorable would be a massive understatement. Leading up to the final concert of the tour I was really taking everything in. Enjoying every minute and savoring everyone's company. I promised I wouldn't get upset as it was the end of something great, but the beginning of hopefully something greater. Plus its always nice to leave as opposed to being replaced!!!

On Wednesday night when I was in the middle of Irelands Call I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned around. To see the whole audience holding up farewell signs for me was one of the most amazing things I ever saw. I was stumped.

Then Friday came at Binghamptom. Ironic in that it was where we performed our first concert in America as Celtic Thunder, and where I would finish my time in Celtic Thunder. I went full circle so to speak. We had a near to full house and again the gesture made by the fans, the band and the guys was incredible. Right at the end the band struck up "Auld Lang Syne" and the boys and Sharon all wished me well. Followed by the fans presenting me with a massive sign saying "you'll be missed Swanky". I do however feel I need to apologize to the front couple of rows as I sprayed my bottle of Champagne all over them. Im sure they weren't too happy.WOOPS!!! Im not sure what the future has in store for me or Celtic Thunder, but I wish the boys all the best. I can say it now that Ive left, but it is one of the hardest working groups in the industry, and the show wouldn't have an inch of the success if it wasnt for the effort and commitment and personalities of Damian, Keith, George, Ryan and Neil. The success lies firmly in the fact that people like them as individuals and as a collective group. I hope they never lose sight of that. The bond I have with them is one that will never be broken by distance. Of course it goes without saying Sharon and Phil put it all together and are equally imperitive in the success. It is after all their brain child. I wish them all nothing but success and happiness.  
Needless to say we partied till the wee small hours of the morning. My head was pounding on Friday morning. Nothing that a couple of hours sleep wouldn't heal en route to New York City.

After three hours on the bus Dominique and myself found ourselves with all our life in 4 suitcases hailing a cab in our new city, our new home, our New York. Accompanied by our little helper Damian, who has decided to hang around and help me find the best Starbucks in the city. To be honest, I think its a case where neither of us want to say goodbye. He's the little brother I never had. Someone I have watched grow in the last three, nearly four years. Someone I have had great fun with and someone I am immensely proud of. He has turned into a complete gent and someone I am glad to say will be a friend for life.
That said, we hit a KARAOKE bar last night with some friends of mine in the city and never got selected to sing. We were both disappointed but then remembered the last time we got to sing in New York was at Radio City so weren't too disappointed!
On Saturday we viewed a couple of apartments and I have it down to two. So hopefully by mid week we will have a new pad. In the meantime its hotel life! I also got a mobile (or as you would say it here, a cell). Opened a bank account and joined a gym. Not bad. By next month I expect to be mayor! If Arnie can be governor, why cant I?
Its going to be a busy month, but an exciting one. I am loving it so far and I will keep you with me all the way here on this site.

Thank you all for so much. I am overwhelmed by the support you have given me. I will never forget you all and look forward to seeing you all soon. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER.

If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere!!

My loves
My Doves
My Eggs



  1. I'd vote for you Paul roflol cant wait til I get to a solo show though I may not survive the experience ;)

  2. Thank you, Paul, for the lovely blog! We will always follow your career! Can't wait to hear what comes next!

  3. Sounds like you went out with the bang I was hoping you'd get!!! sounds like you and Damo have been having a blast! (With Dominique of course!!!) hope that your able to get the apartment you really want! :D enjoy the rest of your time with Damo, and don't "corrupt" him to much k??? lol :D <3

  4. I am glad that you are enjoying your first few days living in New York. While you will certainly be missed in Celtic Thunder, I cannot wait to follow your solo career. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to attending a concert of yours.

  5. I have never seen you in concert, as you never came close to where i live....but your voice will be missed.....I wish you luck in solo career....i'll buy the cd!

  6. Me and my friend Bridget held up signs on Wednesday. We were in the front row. We had so much fun at the concert. <3


  7. much excitement!!! lol, you might not want to compare yourself to Arnie though...take it from a Californian ;) Best of luck to you and Dominique!

  8. Savor and enjoy this time of your life. Looking forward to you sharing all the wonderful things to come. :)
    Arnie's made a mess here in CA, I'd definitely vote for you!

  9. Well said Paul. Between the words on the page and "The River" playing in the background, the tears just flowed down my face. Of course they are bittersweet for your farewell to Celtic Thunder, and also joyful at the new life you are embarking on. It's no surprise that you and Damian chose to spend an extra few days in NY together. Your bond has been apparent for some time even to those of us that observe from the outside. It's lovely that you are sharing this new start with him. I expect he will be spending a fair amount of time with you in the coming tours. As you said he's become a fine young man, and a lot of that is due to your influence and mentoring, even if some of it is just playtime. :)

    Thanks for the lovely blog and keep us posted as to your progress. You know we are all anxiously awaiting the time when we can purchase a new album and be part of your packed house performance.

  10. Good luck Paul :) I'm sure things will work out for you. You might not make it as mayor anytime soon, but like they say, if you shoot for the moon you'll end up among the stars at least.

  11. Best of luck to you, Paul, in everything ahead of you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. Paul happy to see the new blog, so I guess the aspirin worked? lol! Your new adventures in NYC are surely Twitter worthy! Wishing you all of the best in your new endeavors. Please keep us posted, and we promise to come to see you whether in NY or other U.S.cities! (Pssst...Philly loves you too, just saying)!
    Take care and good luck setting up your new digs! Will you be changing your fan address? Let us know, OK?
    Cheers and God bless ,

  13. Beautiful blog, Paul! It's amazing to see the progress you have made, and it is exciting to see you working toward great success, which I'm sure you will find. It also looks like settling down in NY will be an adventure of its own, so I'll be looking forward to whatever else you decide o share with us!

    As for your bromance with Damian, that's what real friendship is. Be proud of yourself as well, because Damian has become a fine young man with your guidance as well. For now, enjoy your time together, and look after each other!

    And, thank you for sharing all of this with us.

  14. Thanks for the blog, Paul!

    That was fast--it took us forever to find an apartment, and you already narrowed it down to two!

    Have fun in NY, BE SAFE, and plan out your solo career so that we can see you sooner!

    Good luck,

    -Iryna D.

  15. Wonderfull to hear from you Paul!! You sound so
    happy and at peace with your decision to leave CT...You will succeed in whatever you do!! So, your settling down with Dom' and little Damian as your cool! As a Byrom Babe I will be following you with anticipation and joy
    while you take this ride...and take us along with you! All the best to you and your little
    family in NYC. Weekly Blog?? Can't wait!!!

  16. I would say you'll be missed but, I have a VERY strong feeling we'll be hearing from you again very soon!!! Best of luck in the Big apple you and your girl couldn't have chosen a more distinctive place to start anew!! I want to cry while I write this but, Lead on McDuff! We your fans will follow!

  17. LOVE the blog! and its NOT the End, eh, it's a new adventure in the career of Paul Byrom, and YES we yer fans are here with you ALL the way!! :) CANNOT wait to see you on your solo tour, and buy new Paul Byrom CDs - just can't wait, you know we loves ye Paul!! xx Kim Piper

  18. Sad to see you leave Celtic Thunder, but excited about the next leg of your journey! And though you've been here for the past few months, now that you're settling into New York, your Pennsylvania neighbor welcomes you! :) Wishing you all the best!

  19. oh. my. goodness. the first half of this made me sob my eyes out. and then i got to the karaoke bar part and started laughing hysterically. u always seem to make me sob and then make me smile in the end :) id say uve done pretty well for urself so far but theres lots to do. after all, u now have to make mayor LOL. good luck with everything :) love and hugs from pennsylvania~Tiff

  20. Glad to hear your last few days with Celtic Thunder were memorable and enjoyable! Hope the apt hunting continues to go well and hope you find a place to live soon, it's hard to run for governor when you don't have a permanent address!

    P.S. you might want to be careful about all the complements to Damo, he might never leave if you keep boosting his ego! I'm so happy he's helping you move, you two are going to get into so much trouble if you haven't already!

    best of luck,

  21. Paul, we thank you for your wit, your charm and your vocals! This blog is class!!! I was teary-eyed as I read it!
    Good luck with the apartment! We wish you and Dom the best!
    Wee Alanna sends hugs and wants you to know that we'll be at your solo gigs! :)

  22. Paul, thanks for keeping us up to date as you close a chapter in your life & start a new one. I am not surprised by the fact of Damian hanging around as long has he can. You two have a lovely bond, it will carry you across the miles when you are finally apart. You have taught him well. He is a wonderful young man. I hope you two have so much fun til he has to finally head back home.

    Good luck to you in finding an apartment & settling into your new home in New York. Can't wait to see what you have coming for us!

    Thanks again for all you do,

  23. Hi Paul...greetings from New Jersey your neighbor....thanks for that great read. So happy that you are happy. I am excited to see what lies ahead for you. In the meantime Merry Christmas to u and Dominique and have fun settling into the greatest city! Your fan Karen Caprio-Flynn

  24. Thank you Paul for the exciting update. I had fun reading it. New York, is an exciting place to live in. Every time i go there, which is not very often, i feel like i'm in the movies. The odd part about it is that we only live around 40 minutes away from there. The last time i went there was to Radio City too see...well you know the rest.
    I wish you well and to your little helper as well :)..i wonder when is he going home? :D
    well Paul, I agree with you.."if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere"

  25. Happy tears ! Happy tears ! Happy tears ! If I say it enough maybe I can convince myself of it. Happy for you and Domi that you are moving on to a new chapter in your lives. We all knew someone would be the first to leave the nest not that it made it any easier but your rise to fame predicted that. I wish all the guys the best in whatever they choose heartbreaking as it will be . Tell Damian good luck in school . Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .

  26. Great blog as always, Paul, despite the title. Your excitement jumps off the screen! Looking forward to joining you (vicariously, of course) on this new adventure. Can't wait to read the next installment & to see your solo gig!
    -- Judi (magnoliajem)

  27. Your excitement speaks volumes. It brought tears to my eyes hearing about the last concerts. I'm just so glad to have seen you guys before you left. Your "Sway" was one of the biggest highlights of the show this tour and will be something I will always remember. Thank you for all the great music and for all the great music that is yet to come! See you in concert sometime soon.

  28. It was such a great journey and I'm glad that this year I finally got to see CT in concert. It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I'm lucky that I got to witness it with you as a member of the group. You are going to be greatly missed. I wish you all the best of luck in the future of your career.

  29. Looks like NY will never be the same. Glad to hear that you are enjoying this new experience and that you have people around to help with this transition to a new city a new country and a new life. Wishing you and Dominique well on this new adventure. Try not to corrupt Damo to much with the nightlife. Remember you tweeted you promised his Mam to watch out for him. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in the land of opportunity. Please don't forget about this lands neighbours to the North when it comes time to tour.

  30. We wish you nothing but the best in your solo endeavor. Can't wait for a new CD and hopefully a solo performance in the Chicago area!! I think you know how much Damian will miss you. You're a very special person. Again, all the best to you and may your life with Dominique be full of love, happiness, and prosperity!!

  31. Wow Paul!! You have had a BUSY few days!! I wish you and Dom the best and look forward to seeing you in concert!! This is the land of opportunity!! Much love and Happy Holidays!!

  32. ......P...A...U...L.....B...Y...R...O...M....




    I have only one request can I be your campaign manager ......
    Best of luck to you and Dominique always....
    Charlotte A Patton
    PS I hope to see your name in lights on broadway...Hope on New Year Day you make it to the Mummers Parade in Philly..You will love it...

  33. Paul~ you'll always be MY favorite 'peep' Mr. Swanky one! Guess you're not the small town guy, are you? NY longer "The Big Apple" but the "Swanky Apple" you love, hugs & wishes for you & Dominique...may your 1st Christmas in NY bring you much happiness and success....stop in and surprise all of us with a guest appearance with Celtic Thunder, will you? Thank YOU for the fabulous shows and memories...I'm imagining you leading the Macy's Thanksgiving parade next year as well as dancing with the Radio City Music Hall "Rockettes"....looking forward to new Paul music & appearances....Merry Christmas to you & yours....xoxo floridagirl Carol

  34. I'm so happy you are setting up shelter in America!!! New York is a place I really want to visit! Dont have to much fun...okay have a blast! You will do amazing and you have thousands of fans on your side!!! :) always: audreyS

  35. Paul, I'm so proud of you making a solo career to
    come true..and it will. I was wondering if you could
    return to CT one more time(whenever)and sing 'That's
    a Women" with Ryan. It would be sensational to your
    fans if you walked away with the girl this one time.
    Sorry Ryan but what fun that would be for all!!!!!!
    Hugs and hopes to you and Dom......and Damo!

  36. Paul, I have no words to express how I feel. You are one heck of a talented, wonderful, funny person. CT will NEVER be the same again. I wish you and Dominique all the luck in the world.
    Thanks for the great blog and please keep us posted.
    Jutta xxxx

  37. Paul...Thanks so much for keeping your fans updated on the "new chapter" in your life. You are so talented and I'm anxious to see where it takes you. Keep up the great work and all the best to you and Dom!!

  38. Why do I always end up with tears rolling down my face when I read your blogs? It was your comment about Damian being like a little brother to you that got me going. You two have conveyed that feeling to the public and I'm so glad it's real. Damian will so miss you, I'm sure, on the tour next year. Who will be his "partner in crime"?

    We were honored to be able to do some small things for you in the last two concerts as your fans and representing all the audiences across the US and Canada that you have wowed over these last few years.

    Looking forward to much, much more from you after you get settled. I assume you will have a spare room in your new apartment for Damian to visit in NYC anytime. ;)

    Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2011 to you and Dominique!

  39. thanks for the memories, Paul...

  40. Best of luck to you guys in the City! Pop over to Hoboken on the Jersey side for some fun someday, too...
    Those of us who couldn't be at the last show are hoping the tribute to you will magically appear on YouTube...

  41. A cell phone and a that you have the important stuff taken care of... :)
    What a lovely blog! We wish you all best both in your new home and the new leg of your career! We're looking forward to more lovely music
    (& I'd vote to see that last night on youtube...or anywhere else, too!)

  42. id let you sing... and be govenor.. and live in my house... with damo ; ) sounds like youre on your way to success. you will truly be missed, noone can ever take your place in ct. but best of luck, ill be here, come visit me please!!!!!!!!!!!! you should take a roadtrip and visit everybody!... oh wait, you already did ; ) i feel the same way damo does though.
    best wishes, safe travels
    my love
    my dove
    my egg
    <3 ;)

  43. All the best Paul.. Looking forward to buying your solo albums and hoping to see you come to Australia some time :-) Would be truly awesome if you could.

    xo take care

  44. Hun, you are too honest to be in politics! Last times I saw you were in Hamilton and Detroit. Fantastic! Why are there never any tweets after your night in Motor City? You always have and always will get great receptions there.Hope your future tours(unless you stay central in New York),are often!

  45. Paul
    Very well said as a fan I shall miss you singing with the group but hope to hear you in solo concert soon. Perhaps you will book a show here in Minneapolis and if you do I hope it is a huge huge succes. Wishing you and Dominique all the happiness in the world. Merry Christmas Paul and may your future be even better than before.


  46. A great Blog! Love hearing from you! Looking forward to your future blogs as you start your journey!! Good luck and never lose your sense of humor!! Love ya!! ---Shelties

  47. WOW... What a great blog... Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you are going to fit right in in NYC. Treasure the time you have with Young Damian. I'm sure his family is anxious to get him home as well. As for the Apartments, Go with your 1st instinct. You'll never be disappointed.
    Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year..


  48. Lovely blog! I'm glad Damo stayed with you for a few days. It's hard to say so-long,never good-bye, both of you will always be brothers. Tears still well up upon your leaving CT, BUT I can't wait til we hear of your solo career & cds. I can only wish you & Dominique the best of everything. Be careful in the Big Apple. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  49. What a wonderful blog, Paul. It is so great to read this and follow your new life. I was new to listening to Celtic Thunder when you left but was lucky enough to see your show in Chicago in October. I zeroed in on your voice and was mesmorized. You have a voice of an Angel. I am happy I was lucky enough to have found you before you left the group because I will always be a loyal follower of yours. I cant wait to see you again but this time see the name Paul Byrom in lights. Good luck to you and your new dream. It will come true. Merry Christmas, Gina K.

  50. Paul, after reading all the comments I don't think there is anything left to say. Good luck on this new chapter of your life! Is Damian making sure he has a room in your new apt? Continue watching over him! You've done a great job so far. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Dominique, and all your family and loved ones.

  51. Well VELVET VOICE, it is now onward and upward.
    Thank you for all the you have given us so far and am looking forward to seeing that first solo show of yours. You have done it!! You have landed in NYC and my heart and prayers will be with You and Dominique as you settle into your nest. You were born to shine and we will be at the stage door when you are a star on Broadway or wherever you want your star to shine. We have watched Damian grow also into such a fine young man,due in part to you. Now go enjoy your life wherever it takes you. May You and Dominique who has been at your side from the beginning have a most Wonderful and Merry Christmas and a New York New Year. This Byrom Babe will always be with you.

  52. Can't wait to see my favorite Swanky Tenor again in Seattle... only next time, please come in the summer and see that we really do get sunshine here!

    Much love and good luck!

  53. Paul, the soul of CT left with you! I will miss your voice, therefore the sooner you hit it big here the sooner we all will be soaking up the warm, delicious (much like cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa) tones that is unmistaking YOU! :)

  54. Here's to you Paul!! Hope all is well, that things go smoothly, and take off as planned!! Congratulations and good luck with it all. Too bad I never got to see you with CT...still looking forward to seeing them next year...and you as soon as it comes together!!

    Your Fan

  55. Paul, thank you for keeping us up to date! I'm glad to hear you and Dominique (and Damo of course) are enjoying your first days in NY. There is so much you can explore. There are still tears in my eyes thinking about never seeing you with CT in Europe but I can't wait to hear your new solo material and hopefully to see you at a solo gig!! Have a fabulous time in NY and have a wonderful Christmas time!
    Take care love! Luv ya!
    Claudi from Germany

  56. Paul, thank you for the beautiful blog and keeping us up to date. I am so happy we have been able to let you know your support will continue! Your comment regarding Damian, Keith, George, Ryan and Neil being liked as individuals as well as a collective group is so true. I had to smile when I read that, as I was just telling someone today that as much as we all admire the group, we admire each member's individuality as well! I am glad things are going well for you and Dominique so far- I have no doubt they will continue to do so! All the best and take care! Have a beautiful Christmas!


  58. I loved reading your blog. Look forward to following what happens next for you. Love hearing your Christmas CD every day.

    Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to you and Dominique.

  59. Hi, paul
    I went to watch a phoenix and a twice show of Houston this year from Japan.
    You signed my Fan with a phoenix. There was a picture of Damian and was surprised at the back.
    I knew CT last year.
    Personality had each person each.
    I made a plan I showed courage, and to go to watch a show this year.
    I returned to Japan and knew that you left the CT. It was astonishment.

    I was able to watch a show this year.
    And I was able to encounter Paul.
    Damian is very lovely cutely.
    Damian and Paul were wonderful very peacefully. I am two fans.
    I support you from now on in Japan.  Please know that there is a Japanese fan.
    I look on the Internet every day.
    I got wonderful time this year.
    Thank you very much.

    From JapanAttic 1035

  60. See that you are taking living in NY seriously, already translating into American. You no longer have a mobile you have a cell phone. I am sure you will pick up the language quickly. HAHAHA.

  61. It's been my experience that some of the best times in life are bittersweet. Much happiness to you as you have given much to us :)

  62. Paul, you sound so happy! How exciting for you and Dominique to be starting your new lives together in NYC!

    Speaking of which, there is a multi-episode PBS show called "New York", which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you order from any PBS website. It's one of the "American Experience" series and is SOOO GOOD. It chronicals NYC from 1609 to just before 9/11, and as a fellow history buff, I know that you will absolutely LOVE IT! Plus, you'll both get to learn tons of interesting stuff about your new city and be entertained at the same time

    I'm very happy for you, Paul, and look forward to hearing about all your new adventures. Who knows, maybe we will even see you in your OWN PBS special someday!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  63. Paul, I wish you much success with your solo career. I got to hear you sing at two Cetlic Thunder concerts. I drove from Cincinnati, OH to Indianapolis to hear CT. As has been said before, you will be missed in CT but, you have an amazing voice. Stay grounded and humble and you will go far! I wish you and Dominique all the best with what's to come. God Bless.
    Merry Christmas,