Monday, August 22, 2011


Just wanted to post a short blog to congratulate Damian in his success last night. Indeed I feel he won the show for more than just his musicality, and dance ability "ahem". Damian showed from the first day I met him that he was a very hard worker and extremely professional. This shone through throughout TGP shows. When he couldn't get something, he would keep at it till he did. This is a quality that not all possess.
When working at this game, one realizes that having a talent is only the beginning. Its what you do with it that matters.
I know Damian will do very well on the show, and will give it his all, for every waking hour he is on the set. Indeed I trust he will continue to be the gentleman he has grown up to be on and off the set. His life has taken an incredible turn, and Im sure we are all in agreement that we hope he goes on to even greater things.

Congratulations Damian. The very best with everything in your future. You have made us all very proud and indeed installed a sense of Belief to even the more haggard of us in the business.
Dreams do come true for those who believe, and those who want it enough.

Here's to when are paths cross again.



  1. Paul - thank you for this. We all know how much you will miss your "little brother" - too bad you are on opposite coasts. But, we know that you will continue to be in touch as the brothers you are.

  2. Perfect sentiments about Damian. He's a fine young man and I'm sure will continue to make everyone that knows him very proud. He's following his dream and deserves every success.


  3. Well said Paul!!! Damian is a remarkable young man and part of that is due to your influence and that of the other members of Celtic Thunder who basically took him under your wings and help mold him into the amazing and talented performer that he has become!!! I'm sure that all of Derry is EXTREMELY proud of him right now but none more than his family and close circle of friends!!!! Now which of you is next to realize this amazing dream that is SUCCESS in the crazy and difficult world that is ENTERTAINMENT??? Can't wait to celebration with you!!! HUGS!

  4. A lot of changes and ALL are good! Congrats to Damian!!

    McKinney, TX

  5. Wonderfully said Paul. I'm sure these words will mean a lot to Damian as they do to his fans. I wish you every success with your career as well..
    Trudy from Newfoundland!

  6. Sniff. Sniff.
    Eyes moist.
    Lump in throat.
    "What Paul said"

  7. Well said Paul! It is all so bittersweet....hanging on to the day where there is a CT concert and the fans are suprised with an appearance by none other that Paul and Damian singing Just a song at Twilight....a girl can dream, can't she? Godspeed to you all!

  8. Beautifully said Paul, your comments and constant support for Damian underlines your goodness. I hope his success is just the beginning of great success for each of you that is branching out with solo careers as well as being part of the Celtic Thunder family.
    You know what's in line for you now that Dom caught the's time.

  9. Paul, you should be so proud. You helped raise that amazing boy. I watched Damian's sheer personality win over everyone he smiled at on TGP. I couldn't help but think that his Celtic Thunder brothers taught him how to be so gracious and witty. Damian is standing on the shoulders of giants. <3

  10. Well said Paul! I will miss both of you in Detroit this December, but I amI happy for Damian he deserved to win. Throughout out the show he was so kind and gracious to everyone. He is a young man of great conviction which showed when he stood up for Mathius on the show. And again when he stood up for Alex on Facebook. Last night when he thought for a moment that he didn't win he was so gracious and that said it all about the Damian we love. I have to think all those hours you and he spent together on the bus in Walmart parking lots (lol) had a great influence on Damo. So mazel tov to you too on Damo's big win!

  11. Heartfelt and sincere - it all comes through in your words. I'm sure they mean so very much to Damian. True friends are blessings. He is blessed. Thank you for providing such an excellent example of a good friend.

  12. Paul, no one says it better than you! He followed his instincts "I will do it my way" from the very beginning. He is a true gentleman, as you are.
    I have reservations to fly to St. Louis to be in your audience (have an aisle seat in Orchestra!) good to look forward to.
    And Dom caught the bouquet? do you believe in tradition? We will stay tuned and stay true to you. Best of luck always. You set a high standard and I realize you are aware of that. Hug to you. Jan Ford Denver

  13. What a wonderful, kind man you are to your friends! I have to tell you that every time they talked about Damian's eyebrows I felt that he learned that from you!! You DO have a wonderful way with yours haha. I also agree with other poster's that Damian has grown to be an amazing young man and I feel that you have played a part in making him so, along with Sharon and his other "brothers" in CT. I will so miss both of you on the tour this year, but will still get a chance to see the others when they come to Tampa, Fl. I saw you last yr in Melbourne, Fl..what a dud group of an audience you had to play to there haha. So this yr I will cross the state, maybe they will be more fun!!. Wishing you the best, and can't wait till your album is released.. am I dating myself by calling it an album?? I also must say that I grew up with Motown, and you have made me enjoy another a different type of music ( only if you are singing ). Well, I will let you go, I know you have to start looking for rings for Dom haha..luck to both of you!! Always a fan!!

  14. Well said, Paul. Damian is a product of his parents, surely, but also he grew up learning from the guys of Celtic Thunder. You were his mentor and friend and helped him grow into the delightful young man he is today. Maybe someday we will be fortunate enough to see the 2 of you together on stage again.
    I have said this before, are a class act! Looking forward to seeing you in Foxboro in November and getting my hands on your new cd! God Bless!
    Jeanne Smith

  15. My mom and I were so happy for him! We are huge CT fans and were rooting for him from the first.

  16. Paul as usual your words hit home so beautifully. It is not just the fact that Damian won the competition but the way he did. Never once did he sucumb to some of the backstabbing and such the tore at other people's confidence. His reaction to Samuel's win was (as the commercials say) priceless. What a big generous heart he has. I know that as close as the two of you are you played a big part in showing him how to treat others. Of course you had very good "material" to work with since his parents did a marvelous job of instilling the proper values in him. I was so proud when the comment was made about people in Hollywood not being "that nice" being countered with "maybe they are in Ireland".

    I wish all the best to both Damian and you in your individual endeavors. Looking forward to seeing you in Philadelphia this November (got my tickets in hand)! God Bless.

  17. Hi Paul! Another blog so well done and heartfelt. And that last sentence was a tear jerker. Whew!!! Such a glorious day! Congrats Damo!!!

    Man, I've been following TGP from the start, voting and spreading the word. It's been exciting, emotional and fun. What to do with myself now on Sun nights! :) Every week when I predicted who was going home, I was wrong..they did a good job fooling us; even last night as I sat there startled when they said Samuel's name first and I just didn't know what to do and was devastated. I thought why has Damian made us he going to blog he has accepted a role on Glee after this is over with?!?! ha! I want to still kill (haha) TGP for that as I felt my world turned upside down! His drive and motivation was apparent in each episode and I too am so delighted and proud.

    I was lucky enough to meet yourself and Damo the first time in Charlotte at WTVI PBS pre-taping. The station made me a copy of it thank god because it was one of the funniest nights of my life and I love replaying the interviews!!!!!!!!!! The highlights for myself that night were: Ken Conrad, the announcer "calling Damian", Paul Byrom after he sang Home. I thought we would all never stop laughing, you guys could not contain a straight face on air, and Ken continued on for a couple of minutes until he realized it. Damo's version of Home and your version of Sway was OMG; brilliant...a dream come true for me and I was sitting right behind you guys when you performed it live. I'm so lucky that I have that special night to hold on to even though Jean only let us get a group picture with you guys (:! I'm just sayin! I could tell how close you and Damo are and the positive impact that you've had on the lad. You guys really do seem like brothers - definitely best of friends. So anyway, I love you both dearly and always supporting you wonderful lads. Now, come to NC, SC or GA - how about Ovens Auditorium?

    Until we meet again, I'm keeping an eye on you! :) So excited for your solo career. I just know there are great things to come!
    Warm Regards, Brenda B

  18. As usual, a beautiful blog. That last sentence is a tear jerker as others have said. Damian is a wonderful, talented, humble, generous, hard working young man and honestly I think you have a lot to do with that. Of course his parents instilled his core values in him but I felt like you, more than others in CT, took him under your wing and helped guide him through the world of show business. I remember you once called him the little brother you never had and you can easily see he sees you as a big brother and mentor. So I hope you will continue to guide him, and offer him advice if he ever needs it. There's a lot of temptation out there, but I've no doubt with the guidance and advice he's received over the years he'll be just fine.

    Best of luck to both of you in your solo careers. And I look forward to maybe one day seeing you two on stage together again. Hey, a girl can hope can't she ;)

    Sending hugs from Texas,

  19. Wonderfully said. What a week for the CT crew, Damian with wonderful news and Ryan back. Good news about adding Toronto date. Hope all is well with the all. Nice to see the good do still win sometimes. Cheers