Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just hello

Hey everyone!
Thought I would just drop in and say hello to all in the world of Celtic Thunder. Ive had a fun and compact couple of weeks.
Damian arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks back and stayed with me for 10 days. It was great to spend some time with him and just hang out without having to worry about a gig or recording to do. Hanging just as mates. I suppose now that I am flying solo, its nice to still be in contact and to know that we will more than likely be friends for live.
He is going through a very exciting period of time in his life and career, and aside from being delighted for him, I am very supportive and hope it all goes great. It couldnt happen a harder working, nicer guy.
Who knows whats around the corner for any of us, but thats the beauty and the beast of the music business.

Things are going great for me too and i have signed with one of the biggest Agencies in the world call the Agency Group, who are now in the process of finalizing my Autumn tour. They have a lot of major acts on their books and people who sing in the same field as I do. This bodes well for me, knowing I have people who understand me, represent me.
The new album is being recorded in July, and due to be released pre tour.
Last night i popped in to a fundraiser for my favourite charity of choice I got chatting to John O'Shea, the CEO and he had my skin crawling at some of the atrocities going on in the far regions of the world. How some leaders and dictators get away with this is beyond words for me. Uganda, Darfur, Niger to name but a few. Its amazing that our governments turn a blind eye. Shame on them and anyone else who does. The world needs to know its loved now more than ever, and I believe the best way to do this is to help those less fortunate.
However this is not a blog to promote anything Im doing. The purpose of this blog is just to drop by, say hello and tell you that I am thinking of you all and often think how lucky I am to have so many supportive and genuine fans.

I have been very busy since coming to New York and will continue to plug away. All the time having a laugh and creating a lot of some great memories like last week!

I am off to Central Park tomorrow to enjoy a well earned day off with Dominique, who is working equally hard. The two of us have been made feel so welcome here in the U.S. Life is good. Sometimes its important to wake up in the morning and tell one self that.

Keep well
My Loves
My doves
My Eggs



  1. Hey Byrom. Saw the pictures you posted on Twitter with you and Damian. Looked like you were having a fantastic time. Glad to hear that life in New York is going so well.
    Hope the weather isn't causing you or Dominique any troubles and that every day becomes a blessing.
    Wind to Thy Wings, Paul. And remember, A hug is a wonderful gift to give. *hughughughug*

  2. It's good to catch up with you,Paul. Busy busy busy!!! Which is great news :) Lol, yes Life Is might have a mug in one of your cupboards that says something about that. You're a lucky man, but a hard working one as well. Enjoy the park tomorrow!

    Take care,

  3. Paul.....a pleasure, as always, to read your blog. I'm glad to hear things are going well for you and Dominique in NY. Can't wait for your new album and tour! It would be wonderful to see you live and in your very own element. :)

    Also had a great time reading yours and Damian's tweets while he was visiting. Great pic of the two of you Mario Karting your asses off! It made me laugh.

    Have a beautiful rest of the week, dear Paul and Dom!


  4. Paul,
    Thanks for the great blog..
    Loving seeing the picture of you and Damian have a good time together in NYC...
    Can't wait to see you at your solo tour..Hope you are coming to Philly, Pa..
    Take care ans God Bless you and Dom..

  5. Thanks for the Blog Paul! Can't wait to hear more about your plans for a fall tour.

  6. Glad to hear everything is going well! Can't wait to hear more about the new CD and tour! I sincerely hope I'll be able to go to one of your concerts come fall!

    I agree completely with what you have to say about the atrocities in the world. Truly horrible. Lucky for the world there are people like you and the supporters of GOAL campaigning for them.

    Enjoy your day off!

    Thanks for letting us know more of what is going on in your life. So great that you have a good Agency representing you, thanks for letting us know as that is very important for your career.
    It always puts a smile on my face seeing you and Damian together, having fun. Think your infuence is helping him "follow his dream". Cannot wait for that CD and to find out where I have to go to see you perform. It must be starting to get exciting for you. It is for your fans also. Glad you were able to go to the GOAL Fundraiser. Would that we could help everyone but some cultures are so very hard to understand and it does hurt to read what is going on in the world.
    Good that you and your lovely lady will get a day in the park, sounds romantic : )Take care and God Bless you both.

  8. Getting excited about that new CD you've been promising. And the tour, too! Hope you make it to the southeast. Charlotte is a lovely city... hint, hint. So's Asheville, NC, for that matter.

  9. Thank you so much for the blog Paul!! Looking forward to your cd and tour!! Do hope you will make it fairly close by as you know I will be there, and with bells on if need be. ;)

  10. Hi Paul. Please remember Detroit on the tour. We have come in from the sticks to see you every time CT has been here. I hope you find the time to appear with them often. We miss you!

  11. Hi Paul,

    It's always so lovely to see a new blog from you. I love all your efforts to keep us updated. Was really glad you and Damian managed to get some "bromance" time in the last couple of weeks. I only worried about poor Dom having to keep you two out of trouble. Seriously, it was fun to watch your antics with each other.

    Glad to hear the CD and tour plan is coming along as expected, and congrats on your new representation. Sounds like it was made for you.

    Hope you and Dom are having a lovely day in the park. I'm quite sure you both deserve it. And thanks for reminding us that life is indeed, good.

    Hope to see you soon,

    Now I know there were some comments here. Where did they go? As someone just reminded me, your blog got snuffed out by all the other news. I am so sorry and was very disturbed that there were only 7 comments last time I looked, until now.
    Someone just said how the timing was so bad and you got caught between the others and that was too bad because yours are so heartfelt and sincere. Just want to thank you again for letting us into your life. Just make sure you keep enough private. We don't and shouldn't know everything. So sorry to have bugged you lately, just have a few problems of my own but nothing that will keep me from saying that indeed, Life is good. God Bless you both. Your Byrom Babe.

  13. Oh m' good to read ur note Paul...I am so upset about Ryan leaving CT. since had tickets to see them in Lancaster this september...oh and he were the ones my husband and I most wanted to see! Love your notes. I think Ryan misses Ireland more than the states. He always seemed a bit should have kept him around you!!! hee hee..much love and blessings to you and your Dominique!!! Faith

  14. lol, I guess my comment was one of those that disappeared...and of course now I can't remember whatever brilliant, insightful thoughts that I had. So I'll just say Paul, you are a class act. Always have been. It's good to know you will support young struggling artists ;) and that you continue to be involved with GOAL.

    Yay for the career moving forward, keep dropping those hints about the November tour! Awesome.

    Take care, Paul

  15. Thanks for the update Paul. From the pictures and tweets it looks like you and Damian had a fun time together. That's great.
    I know the Agency Group handles everyone from Debbie Reynolds to The Barenecked Ladies, from Alice Cooper to Nickleback. Very interesting and talented company you are in. Hope every thing goes well.
    I am excited about your CD and tour. Can't wait for them. I hope Music of The Night is on the Cd or at least on the tour. As always my love and prayers are with you.
    Anything I can do to help you further your career, I and thousands of fans will do.
    Love, Emerald

    Vaya Con Dios
    Erin Go Braugh