Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer in Dublin etc.

So now that the album is off to get mixed and mastered, I get to focus on other matters.
Top of the list at the moment is applying for a new visa, so that I can return to the States and continue all the work we have in place. Im assured all is in good hands and that its mainly paper work. However this can be painful as you can imagine. Either way, I respect it, and it has to be done. So today I spent a lot of time in the post office and bank getting all thats required. Then sending it all off to my Attorney. Can be quiet draining, but majority of the work is done. Now into the Dublin passport office on Monday to get a new passport as all my pages are stamped to the full. That will be the most painful process of it all as everything goes slow when you get to the Dublin Passport office!

The main reason I wanted to write a blog today, was because now that your all aware of the tour dates for this Autumn, I wanted to explain to those who have been loyal and supportive of me in the cities that I wont be visiting. Please know that I am aware of you all out there. I was asked during the week, "Do I not like the South?". Let me tell you, whole heartedly, nothing could be further from the truth. I would of absolutely loved to have gotten a lot more dates in. However, I am very lucky to have any dates in at all. I have a very good agency looking after me. They wanted me to start small, and build. Get people talking in the industry. Work to the budget I have, and try to cover as much ground as possible. Andrea (my agent) feels that if the small amount of gigs I have sell well, then we will have no problems in the Spring looking for promoters to take a chance on me. I would love to have been able to say I will have as large a tour as I have had with Celtic Thunder. However, to a huge extent, Im starting all a fresh. But  this time, Ive got an army behind me. That army is you!
Please know, I am looking all the time to expand. I want to go to Canada, I want to go to middle America, and down south. So hopefully you understand. Due to promoters and costs coming from my pocket, the tour you see before you on this site, is the best I can come up with for now. I will give my all in these gigs. I will do all I can in order to sell them out. Then hopefully with your help in spreading the word, we will achieve this, and look forward to a bigger show touring in the Spring to many more cities. I feel the love from you all. Believe me, this carries me through the days I feel Im fighting a losing battle. You all mean a lot to me, and I will hope to see many of you on the road.
To those I dont get to see, I can guarantee that my new album "This Is The Moment" will be everything in me, and more. Therefore, you can play it in your car, your house, or on the run whenever you like!
Trust me, I am striving to have as many gigs as possible. As good an album as possible. Therefore, you can all get to experience what it is I do. I dont plan on ever stopping. You are most certainly not forgotten in Europe, Australia, Canada or any of the other parts in America I wont be visiting this year. I'll be doing my best to get to you......soon! Keep following me! I need you, and appreciate you ALL!

In other news, my Uncle is out of hospital and on the road to recovery. He is aware of all your well wishes and has asked me to be sure to thank you all! I am so grateful for all your prayers and well wishes. It is at times like this that Im reminded to take live as a gift and to enjoy every minute. Even if it means dancing around an empty house. Im also reminded that men need to go to the doctors more often to see that all is sitting in the right place and everything is good under the hood! Going to the doctor is not a sign of weakness. Its vital! More vital and important than that, is to tell that person you love, that you do. Who knows when we will get called home. So on that note, thank you all for everything. Cheesy as it may sound, I do love all of you and value all your support immensely.
If your a fan of me, and give a damn about me, then you can be damn sure, I give a damn about you. We're all in this together. Lets stick together and enjoy the ride.

Keep well, keep happy, keep dancing! Turn the music up LOUD and have a dance in the house. Alone or with whomever is near!! HAM IT UP!! YNWA

My Loves
My Doves
My Eggs

Paul xxxx


  1. We definitely love you Paul and I hope your tour is a smash! Whether or not I can make it to a show, I will be there in spirit, cheering you on! God Bless and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the update, Paul! Glad to hear your uncle is on the mend. I'm very happy that you are coming to St. Louis but I do understand the dissapointment of those that won't get to see you this Fall. As you said though, you have to start small and work up from there. Just know we'll all be doing everything we can to promote you and your wonderful music so that subsequent tours can be bigger and better!! See you in November! xo

  3. Thanks for the blog! Glad to hear about your uncle.

    Wishing you all the best with your efforts. Good luck and (I hope you don't mind me using your line) "Give it socks!"

    We're always behind you. Don't ever give up.

    There in spirit,
    Tiffiny Hagan

  4. I can't wait to c u at BB King's in NYC, Paul. A whole bunch of us r going, maybe not together but we're all ur fans from CT. I know you'll give ur all, u always do. It promises to be a fun & memorable evening. We know how much u care about ur fans, u never cease to tell us, which is wonderful & u know it makes us feel loved. We love u too. I for one, will always support u. Ur a terrific guy & an even better singer. :)

    See u soon.

    Much love,

  5. Paul, I'm grateful for the Chance to hear you sing When you come to Seattle, but even if you were not I would still buy your cd and still continue to be a loyal fan. A concert venue or Lack there of will never Change that. Your voice and your songs have inspired me beyond anything I could describe. Keep up the good work!

  6. Paul,

    You are such a classy guy it's impossible for your fans to be disappointed in you. Disappointed they won't get to see you is another story and that disappointment is understandable. I'm so lucky I have the ability to travel some & that you have at least one weekend of shows I can get to without interfering with work. And then of course we have St Louis that is drivable after work so wild horses couldn't keep me away from that show.

    Your efforts to launch your solo career would drive most people over the edge and as you noted, there are some maddening days out there. However, know that the fans you have made over the years with CT will support you to the nth degree and then some. You put out such an effort it's only fair that we return the favor.

    I'm very happy to hear you uncle is on the mend, and love that you made mention that everyone should have regular check ups. That's what keeps bad things from getting worse.

    Hope you have a better day than anticipated at the Visa & Passport offices, and then relax and take a breath. Thanks for the lovely blog. It's always so nice to hear from you.

    See you soon,

  7. Well said! We'll see you in Los Angeles!!

  8. We're absolutely with you Paul,all the way! Having said that, not sure we can make it to Foxboro - the closest venue for northern New England - because public transportation isn't good there. But, know that our hearts are with you and I am so looking forward to the album. That I can buy and will spread the word. Hope to see you in the spring if not before. :) Thank you for such a thoughtful blog. Safe travels back to us here in the USA. We're waiting for you.

  9. Love that we can all understand your concern for all your fans in your blog. Well put. So, down to business, and we'll do our darnedest to support you through your first tour to help make it a great success. I have no doubt that it will be amazing.

    Looking forward to seeing "This is the Moment". :)

  10. Thank you for the blog it is always good to hear from you. I'm glad your uncle is doing well, he will still be in my prayer, as are you I hope you take your advice and take care of yourself. I can not wait to see you in November. I will be going to two shows and I'm so excited to see you. Hope everything goes well for you on Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

    All my love to you <3 <3 <3

  11. Paul,

    I've been following all your work on Twitter, and I can see how hard you've been working for the cd and the tour. You won't be in my area on this tour, but I'll be buying the cd, playing it over and over, and supporting you in your endeavors. Keep up the good work. Someone already said you're a class act, and you are. Your Celtic Thunder supporters know that, and we'll continue to support and follow you as you launch your career again. Good luck. We're watching, and cheering you on.

  12. Thanks for the blog Paul! I'm really looking forward to the tour this fall. I'm hoping to see the concert in Portland, right now I'm saving every penny and I'm almost there! Sadly I also have to find a way to pay tuition for my classes this fall and winter as who knows right now if i will get my financial aid or not... But that is my problem. But hey I'm two terms from the end of college (at least my Associates Degree) I hope that all of your concerts are selling well, though I hope there is still at least one ticket available in Portland by the time I finally have money to buy it! XD
    Also, thank you for the last part of your blog, it is very important for us all to tell those that we love how much we love them, that has been brought home to me twice in the past couple years, my uncle died a little over a year and a half ago (two days before Christmas 2009) and then my grandma died in early March and the thing is, I never did tell her how much I loved her and only saw her on holidays. So that is a very important thing to remember, because when they're gone they're gone and you can't change things.

  13. Hi, Paul-thanks for letting us know what's about w/you. We do care, because your voice, your attitude, your laughter makes us all feel good.Good music is to share and you do that. I am still hoping that Denver might be on your schedule sometime-and perhaps this spring I can travel to you. That will be after the cruise where I hope to tell you in person-you are my hero! take to heart what you learned from your uncle's experience-we will take care of our guys too. xxxooo Jan, Denver

  14. What a lovely blog as usual. Glad to hear your Uncle is doing well. But you made me tear up a little when you went on about how much we mean to you. I think you, more than most artists, truly appreciates your fans and understand your success has a lot to do with that. We all believe in you and are behind you 100%! Though I am disappointed you won't be coming near me, I totally understand why you're not and will hope that in the Spring you will be. But I'll be at your shows in spirit wishing you much success and sell outs. In the meantime I'll be wearing out your cd, LOL. Maybe I should buy more than one ;) Wait, of course I should they would make perfect Christmas gifts!

    But seriously, we all love you and appreciate you taking us on this journey with you. I wish you nothing but success in your future.

    Love ya,

  15. Just wanna say I love you too and I will stick with you wherever you go!
    I will wait (im)patiently until the day I will see you in Europe. ;) Take the path which you feel is right for you.
    Looking forward to your CD!
    Big hug from Germany!

  16. Paul, you are so right when you say tell the ones you love that you love them because they can go in an instance. This was the case with my grandfather, he died in his sleep. I am so very thankful that I got to kiss him on the cheek and tell him that I loved him that night! I am sad that you will not be visiting North Carolina. I love you Paul!

  17. Hey, you didn't mention wanting to come out west. I would love for you to come out west and come to Utah. I can't wait for the other guys to come out this November, but I really want you out here too. And if I have to write another essay/letter to do it, as I did with Celtic Thunder, I will.