Thursday, October 8, 2015


Myself and jet lag are really hanging around together longer than I hoped! Still struggling to sleep after a week of travel. I never understand how you can fall asleep on the couch whilst watching t.v then when you go into bed, your wide awake!! What is that about!
Either way, I have just bought a great book recently and I can't put it down so thats helping me get some shut eye. The book is called "I am Malala" and it is written by a young girl from Swat in Pakistan. She was shot in the head by the Taliban because she dared to speak up about their regime. In particular, their ban on education for girls. Its a marvelous insight into that world, and an eye opener for many who think that all muslims think alike. I strongly recommend it.

Since coming home it has been non stop. I have a series of concerts in Ireland in October and November. These are solo shows, and I'm calling it "The Great Irish Songbook". In the show I will sing songs that I think pay tribute to all the great songwriters over the years to come out of Ireland. Go as far back as Percy French and Thomas Moore, to modern day greats like Jimmy mcCarthy, Van Morrison,Brendan Graham and indeed Phil Coulter, to name but a few.
The challenge with this concerts is getting word out there. I have been Stateside for the past four years and prior to that I was spending a lot of time there too with Celtic Thunder. So reintroducing myself takes a lot of time and effort. Making sure posters and flyers are circulating as well as all media is just the tip. Learning lyrics and making sure all is in place for the actual gigs is most important.
I'm very much looking forward to them but always stress leading up to concerts. There's a lot to be said for being in a production like Celtic Thunder. You simply turn up, know your stuff and sing. However, I'm not complaining. For all info on tickets go to the "news and events section" on

On that topic, it was great being back with the guys last week for the gigs in Minot, and Oklahoma. Although I had met Colm and Emmet, I had never performed with them, so it was a real pleasure. I was delighted as we had similar interests and literally all made fun of each other from beginning to end!
It was a strange feeling, because although I had been away from the show for a long time, when I joined up again, it all felt like I had never been away. Certainly things have changed and there are personnel changes, but by and large, it was the same. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to do it again sometime soon.

Upon arriving home, my little dog Bradley nearly lost his life when I walked in. It always amazes me how excited he gets each and every time. Whether I'm away for a few hours or a few weeks. The reception is the same.
I got home on Dominique's birthday and as it was a Monday, we didn't really get to celebrate it. So I will make it up to her this weekend as its a special birthday this year! My mother always said you should never divulge or ask a women's age! Needless to say, she's not in her 20's anymore!!!!!!

I love routine, and for someone who travels a lot, that may seem strange. When I'm home, I am up everyday around the same time. 8.30am I'm out the door for a walk with Bradley, then we come home and have our breakfast. After which, I sit at the lap top for a couple of hours doing work. Lunch, walk, do whatever other bits and bobs need doing, (like developing my new online store, which is close to completion) then I head off to Crossfit at 5pm.
Fitness has become such a huge part of my life as I know you all know. I go nearly everyday to crossfit and even on "rest days" I'll head for a run. Why so much? It's great for the head and body. You never leave the gym or come in from a run in bad form. whatever is bothering you, is gone for the few hours you are working out. Aside from that, in many respects its like a drug. Once you start seeing results you want to keep going. What I've learnt more than anything is, your never too old to start. I can safely say, I am fitter at 36 than I was when I was 21! That's just mad!!!
So being able to balance my career and fitness is a real pleasure for me. Your health is your wealth!

Tonight I'm heading off this evening to take my nephew in to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin to watch Ireland take on Germany (the world champions) in a very important soccer match. We call these kinda outings "the lads day out". No women allowed!!! I'm certain it wont be long till he's too cool to hang out with his uncle, but in the meantime, I'm gonna take every chance I get!

Keep well and chat soon
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  1. Lovely blog Paul, as always. I struggled with some jetlag myself after your tour so know what you're talking about. I'm always encouraged by your fitness regime and understand completely. Of course I'm more aerobic in nature with my cycling, but I never come back from a ride, even one where I've had difficulty, without feeling better about myself and everything around me. Have a great weekend with Dominique and give her my best Happy Birthday wishes. Looking forward to hearing about Come Home to Ireland II in the near future. Also best of luck on the Irish Songbook tour. I know after hearing so many of the songs that will be included it will be a resounding success!! love always, Pat

  2. Lovely Blog Paul. I was so very disappointed to not be able to catch the CT shows this year. To far away. I have traveled 5 hours in either direction since the beginning. Sorely missed you and Damian when you left, but have kept up with both of your careers. So very happy for you all. Congrats on your marriage and all of the success you have so diligently earned. Looking forward to hearing more from you and your many talents. You are a staple in the Christmas Music playlist.

  3. Love the blog,Paul I enjoy exercising also especially in the fall, although I prefer bicycling.I never realized how important exercise is at every stage of your life until my mom got Parkinsons.Now she uses exercise to control her symptoms.

  4. Love the blog,Paul I enjoy exercising also especially in the fall, although I prefer bicycling.I never realized how important exercise is at every stage of your life until my mom got Parkinsons.Now she uses exercise to control her symptoms.

  5. As always you write a great blog... I can't wait for your new online store opens .. I hope to get your calendar and you Cd you made when you were 21 "I hear you calling " ... I will buy them also for my daughter in law Karyn for Christmas ..she keeps asking me when you are going to have another show at Sellersville , Pa ...Again I'm hoping you do more shows with CT near Philly, Pa ..would love to see you perform with them again .. Hope you and Dominique have a great weekend celebrating her birthday ... My son Keith on Karyn's birthday he took her for a ride on a air balloon .. They had a blast ... I wish I could be there at your Irish Songbook tour... Best a luck with it wish you could bring it to the States so we can see it here ..
    As always God bless you
    Love Charlotte Patton

  6. I always enjoy your blogs, Paul! As always thank you for sharing some of your life with us! I hope you and Dominique have fun celebrating her birthday :) good luck on your Irish tour. I know it will be amazing! I hope to see you in concert here in Michigan. It would be a dream come true :)

  7. Awesome blog glad your home safe and sound. Wish Dominique a belated Birthday wish.
    Stay True
    Jeannie Rose

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