Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time to air !

Well, Its finally here!! The moment. 
Tomorrow is the day that I have thought would never come. D Day! When my first solo TV special goes to air. "All of my dreaming, scheming and screaming become one". Where I feel like Im letting my baby face the world for the first time. I know a lot of you were at the filming, but now its going out to all and the rest! 

I have been told August is a poor month for pledging and therefore can be tough to air a special. That if it doesnt go well, it has knock on effects to further stations airing it and so on and so on. However, I have every belief in what we have put together, and every belief in you, my friends and fans. 
I have received many letters, emails and pigeons wishing me well. I truly believe i have a set of fans that any artist would kill for. Loyalty, love and well wishing has been shown to me in abundance. For that I will always be grateful. 

I say it in my special, and I say it again tonight. This is YOUR special. YOU made this happen. When I was feeling weak, you made me strong. When I was blind to hope, you showed me the way. When it was dark, YOU shed the light. Through days of doubting, YOU reminded me that the dream was possible. That I wasn't wrong to take the road less traveled. Now we stand as one, ready for everyone, believers and non believers to see what we have put together. What all the efforts were for. In that, we trust. Although it may have been tough for other artists and stations to pledge in August, they didnt have an army like I have. They didnt have YOU. Those who believe in a dream. In the American dream. Going alone and swimming upstream....and getting there. 

Although we have achieved a lot, there is much to do. More to achieve. This coming month will determine a lot. If we pledge well, then more and more stations will come on board. Remember, just cause your local station has signed up yet to air it. Fear not. It is available again in NOV/DEC and ALL stations can get it if they want it. You need to tell them how much you want it. Convince the unconvinced and leave the converting to me. Last thing any of us want is to hear..."you should have told us"!! 

In the meantime, I ask, if possible, to pledge during my airing and show your support. Tomorrow I will be live in Grand Rapids, MI answering phones. Its also airing in Austin,TX  I believe. Lets do this folks. 

August 1
Grand Rapids, MI  
WGVU 8:30pm (Eastern time)
Station Visit, Live
Can make pledges online now
Direct link to pledge: Scroll Scroll down in the box marked "Television Selections" to find Paul Byrom's program pledge gifts.
*This station offers the option to break up the pledge into 2, 4, or 12 monthly payments.*
August 1
Austin, TX  
KLRU 10:00pm (Central time)
Can make pledges online now
*This station offers the option to break up the pledge into 12 monthly payments.*

Thank you all so much for EVERYTHING. It will NEVER be forgotten. EVER. I am nothing without your support. 

Keep well my loves
                 my doves 
                 my eggs!! 



  1. It's going to be Great, and the Pledges will come in...August is a Wonderful month!

  2. Already pledged for 1 copy & plan to call in tomorrow while you're on the air. So excited for you i can barely stand it! Sending much love & many good wishes!!


  3. Have to wait til September here but still can't wait!!!!

  4. We are behind you cause we know how much you care about us! I can't wait to see it. This is Your moment!!!

  5. i have already made my pledge to the Austin station.
    i have since heard that Baltimore will be airing the show on Sunday. i'll get my second copy from MPT! :) so excited that it's here!!! so proud for you Paul

  6. Although I'm in Australia I'm really excited about your TV special. I know it will be a success because you are a fantastic entertainer and you have many loyal fans that help you make all your dreams of success come true. Good luck for tomorrow
    Linda (PBSCS)

  7. Paul,
    Great blog as usual ...I already pledged in Grand Rapids ... Hope to pledge again if WHYY in Philly airs it .. They tell me in September ... But not sure when ..Keeping figures cross ... Best of luck tonight in Grand Rapids

    As always
    God bless you Paul
    Charlotte A Patton

  8. Can't wait to see it. Have asked my station to air it. I'll ask again soon. Have fun!

  9. Thank You, as usual for a great blog. Hope and pray all your Fans are behind you and have and will support you in any way they can.
    Guess I will call Grand Rapids (I lived there for 2yrs)tonight and pledge as I am so anxious to see your First Solo DVD :)I think you are the Best and have been since that first Remember Me :)Good luck tonight in my home state of MI. Always,
    Love and Hugs,
    Jean O.

  10. Thanks for the blog. I am excited for you and will continue to support you in any way possible. Bless you and all of your endeavors.

  11. I've never known a performer (of course, haven't known too many, lol) who is so appreciative of his fans! I'm very excited about hearing about the Stations that are airing your special. We here in NC have been and still are contacting ours. Oh, I hope UNC sits up and takes notice of your incredible talent and contacts you!!